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  1. I think if I was an Aberdeen fan I'd be more worried about WBA pulling the trigger on Pulis than anything the Huns might do. McInnes would surely be amongst the favourites for that job.
  2. Haha. He came in the pub we were in and we all started doing impressions of him ' you know what I mean 'Arry' and doing the laugh. I went over to shake his hand and he turned and walked out lol. By the time we got home the story had grown some 'arms and legs' but that's how it happened lol 😀
  3. A quiet weekend for the board as the sheep Hibs it 😀
  4. It's in the realms of folklore now but........Frank Bruno heavyweight champion of the world once ran away from me in a pub in Bethnal Green pre Wembley! 😀
  5. Dundee

    Haha, gonnae go to the wine press m8. It's 2 mins from our hotel, looks good and we'll be dressed to impress 😀 I did fancy the tapas and Broughty Ferry pubs but it would've been a taxi job.....maybe next time 😉
  6. Dundee

    Haha sounds interesting. Anyway that's dinner sorted. The pub should be (a) warm (b) atmospheric and (c) no full of weans. If there's a few tunes on the juke box, some comfy chairs and mibbe even a wee dance floor for cutting shapes, ideal lol. I'm by the stage of hitting a club though.....I think 😵
  7. You just can't trust a team from Edinburgh to make a stand 🙄
  8. Wonder of ms Budge will issue a statement 😂😂😂
  9. Dundee

    Mrs Slasher likes tapas and seafood especially....I'll eat just about anything lol. I see there's a place called the wine press that does taster plates and a big selection of vino. Been in there? After that we'll be looking for a pub open late with music on (live or DJ doesn't matter). As long as it's no banging out the gbx and isn't full of kids I'll be happy 😀
  10. I know him lol. Just trying to get his Nat King. The Swedish birds met up with a load of TA in Malta when on holiday there and have been coming over for games ever since. Nowt wrong with it as far as I can see 😉
  11. Dunno if rainbow laces will do any actual good but it can't hurt. I'll say one thing though, its high time we had some female officials in the game..........they cannae possibly be any worse than the men! 👍
  12. Dundee

    It'll soon be time for my annual Christmas nite oot with Mrs Slasher. Had a great time in Aberdeen last year and this year Dundee has got the gig. We are staying centrally in the Hilton express. So, any dinner and good swally venue recommendations would be appreciated. 👍
  13. Netherlands match thread

    Yer baws! That pass was on the edge of their box, there's a whole pitch to negotiate after that. Fvckin idiot!
  14. Booing your own players

    I've said it before, there's no moral high ground for any of us. Just leave the club shite at home. Down the years I've backed them all from super Ally to Lee Wallace. What happened to we're all Jock Tamsons bairns?
  15. Booing your own players

    Stained tissue? 😂😂😂 What have I missed?