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  1. Do what you like fella. I couldn't give a flying one 👍
  2. Fantastic stuff 'Mr. 47 countries'. (who does that btw?) Patronising, condescending and of course not a hint of self awareness. No, as I said to ExglasASC you can find out for yourself and that's my last word on the subject.
  3. Agreed. Personally I hope tales of us moving for McGinn are wide of the mark.
  4. Feck all, you can find out for yourself. Scotty if you're going to be a smart arse at least own it. Don't try and backtrack by highlighting half your reply and leaving the cunty bit out.
  5. It's a shite hole, marginally eclipsed by Bradford. Mind you a walk through Motherwell precinct is like night of the living dead! 🤔
  6. slasher

    Russia 2018

    I think you overestimate. It's not a cheap date!
  7. Na, should have remembered you can't tell the sheep on here anything though. They already know it all. 👍 Hope they enjoy their trip to 1980.
  8. Typical cunty replies. 🙄
  9. I have some experience of Burnley. It's a bit of friendly advice, either take it or leave it. 👍
  10. Burnley is the bowels of the feckin universe. Any sheep making the trip should be prepared for bother. As has been said before by others.....hope they pump them! 👍
  11. slasher

    Russia 2018

    I think when England are able to play with the high tempo they started with last night they look a very dangerous side. However, at this stage of the season and in high temperature/humidity you can't possibly hope to sustain it. When a game slows down their lack of technical ability is shown up, also their back 4, Trippier apart is absolutely honking. The good thing about the late winner from Kane is that they will work themselves up into a frenzy over the next couple of weeks before their inevitable failure and subsequent street riots in English town centres. 👍
  12. Ackley Bridge currently on C4 is surprisingly good. New episode tonight and the rest available on catch up. 👍
  13. slasher

    Russia 2018

    Did the sheep not release Arnason? Jamie McLaren (Hibs) is in the Aussie squad, not sure if he got on against France the other day as I didn't see the game.
  14. I made a few quid on bitcoin earlier in the year. It's bombed lately but thankfully I had cashed out. I think crypto currency will eventually become mainstream but only once it's properly regulated.
  15. slasher

    BBC Documentary about Argentina 1978

    I ended up missing this, is there still a way to see it? I was a wee boy on holiday in Benidorm at the time. I can remember going into the Scotsman bar to ask the score as it was two days back then before you got the newspapers. They said 3-1 and I skipped out happy as Larry. I'm sure he shouted after me ' tae Peru' but I wouldn't have believed him anyway. It was another day and a half before reality hit me lol 😁