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  1. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Has Dave King taken over at the SFA?
  2. Next Scotland Manager ?

    The SFA doing a grand job of sucking away any remaining enthusiasm the support have left. Hopeless!
  3. In your opinion. Mind you can always hit the report button if anyone upsets your wee sensibilities on the board over the weekend. Enjoy 👍
  4. If you are referring to the spat with Rossy which sheep on here often do, then you would do well to remember he was the one issuing challenges all over the place. I merely called him out on it. As for my history on here...I've never had a warning never mind a suspension which blatantly points to you talking shite frankly. 👍
  5. Utter nonsense. You've blundered into a disagreement that had nothing to do with you in your rush to back up one of the flock. Never at any point did I suggest Celtic were doing Aberdeen or anyone else a favour, on the contrary Mr McCoolJ was suggesting the opposite. I apologised to him for getting abusive and he accepted but that's obviously not enough for the likes of you. Have a lie doon 👍
  6. Disagreeing with sheep on here tends to get that response, standard tamb fare 👍
  7. Awww have I offended your wee sensibilities snowflake? I think you'll find Mr. McCoolJ gave as good as he got, albeit using more flowery language 👍
  8. The last image lays you bare...... pathetic 👍
  9. A toothless Joe Jordan, fist clenched in celebration. Wish I knew how to post a pic 😁
  10. Yeah that's what I've seen and heard about him as well. Fair play to him for gubbing the Elvis impersonator guy though, hate they kvnts! 👍
  11. It doesn't really matter, but to me it's a clear case of two managers currently in a strong position overstepping the mark. You say AFC took legal advice and clearly that advice was they had no case. Maybe both will stick to procedure in future.
  12. Where is Stokes going. He really is a dick of a boy!