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  1. Armenia

    A new struggle for freedom?! Power to the people! ✊
  2. They spent more time talking about African poverty. I don't even even think they knew what city they were in. I remember leaving that gig raging! 😣
  3. Money = sporting advantage agreed. However, weighed up against European football, more games, increased expectation, Rodgers achievement shouldn't be downplayed {if its a double treble} That said, i would have no problem with Clark, Robinson or Lennon getting the award 👍
  4. Not quite sure what Mr. Rubber is so upset/amused about? Maybe his teams pathetic season? Or their local rivals getting some kudos?
  5. Great game. No complaints about the result. Too many of our lot wanted to play with the slippers on today. Ntcham and Hendry were brutal, there's no way that boy should be anywhere near a Scotland squad. The wee rollover to next week should be fun assuming the huns and/or the sheep do the business 😎
  6. Cracking game so far. Hibs pressing and defending a bit better than us but it could easily be 3-2
  7. Come on Celtic! Let's get this mob pumped and get the league won today!
  8. Who's all going to the march on May 5th? Crowd estimates seem to vary wildly but it'd be be great to see it get up to around the 17000 I saw claimed last week 😀
  9. Wenger

    Patrick Vieira being widely tipped down south. A gooner I know reckons Luis Enrique and Ancelotti are also on the shortlist
  10. Gigs 2K18

    Going to see Aslan in Dublin at the Iveagh Gardens. Anyone been to a gig there? It looks handily placed for a wee night oot in St. Stephens Green area afterwards 😀
  11. It's a shame some 'fans' were unmoved enough to boo him in a Scotland shirt 😏
  12. Celtic vs Sevco..

    If we had wanted 7-0 today it could have been. Even at our lowest we always presented a threat to them. Good times! 🤣
  13. Has anyone any experience of this? I know Ted Christopher decided on self publishing eventually. Anyone with any thoughts with particular regards to Scottish publishers?
  14. Absolute filth from Rogic. He's like a modern day Andy Ritchie! 😁