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  1. He has been a dirty cheatin bass for years, no surprised by any of this - no wonder he is always good for a red card!
  2. Still fishing for grammar police?!
  3. I know that at the end of the day this will most likely be a financial decision for Jack, but if he continues to improve as a manager then that day will come sooner rather than later - no need to drop down to essentially division 3 in England for a pay rise, even if it is a 'sleeping giant' of a club. Why not stay and see what comes of managing a team in the top flight of Scotland??
  4. shaggycoo

    Russia 2018

    Thought it was cringeworthy on Talkshite the other day as it was pretty much common knowledge that Joe Hart was not in the squad and Alan Brazil had every man and his dug coming on his showing saying Hart had to go, tournament experience vital, great player in dressing room, etc. Joe Hart has been pish for years and only Southgate seems to have noticed this.
  5. shaggycoo

    Welcome to Scotland

    Not wanting to dampen your mood... https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/2646472/rangers-not-bid-martin-skrtel-steven-gerrard/
  6. Atletico Madrid seemingly interested in Tierney: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/44133121
  7. Even more surprising was Aberdeen only finishing 9 points adrift of Celtic. This year not Celtic's worst season, in terms of points, in quite some time??
  8. And Liverpool finished 4th, 25 points behind City in the strongest league in the world...
  9. shaggycoo

    Play offs

    What was the story with the 3rd Cowdenbeath goal?? By all accounts Cove had their keeper fouled and the players went tonto...
  10. shaggycoo

    Welcome to Scotland

    Not that Parkie needs the help but is that not 2 words??
  11. Probably doesn't hurt when you have Fat Sam on Talkshite not denying that Rooney may be leaving Everton in the summer.
  12. Hadn't realised it was a US/Canada/Mexico bid, thought it was just USA...
  13. Making no attempt to live within your means as the fans, no doubt in his mind, would not accept that. Realistically, how close are Rangers to CL football??
  14. I can see why the ref never blew for the Forrst one as it probably looked like a 50/50 from his angle but the assistant must of had a good view of him standing on his ankle. The stamp on Brown was inexcusable