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  1. First Scotland games

    Germany at home in 2003. Was great seeing the likes of Kahn, Klose, Bobic and Ballack playing against Scotland.
  2. New jerseys?

    You can still use your old membership card to purchase the top.
  3. New jerseys?

    The new Germany away shirt is a classic.
  4. Squad and new players

    Jack Hendry called up.
  5. Costa Rica

    Anyone got their tickets yet?
  6. Autumn 2018 Friendlies

    Decent friendly that.
  7. Squad and new players

    Barry Douglas to be called up.
  8. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Could see Bain signing a permanent deal in the summer with Celtic and taking over from Gordon as first choice.
  9. Squad and new players

    McGeouch deserves a call-up for these upcoming games.
  10. Regan Gone

  11. Football Films..

    Time for Heroes.
  12. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Charlie Nicholas speaking some sense on SSN.
  13. SSC Renewals

    No email received for me.
  14. Scottish Player Transfers

    Tbf I would take that if the cash was a good amount.