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  1. theweestevie

    Europa league qualifiers

    Aberdeen have Burnley
  2. theweestevie

    Europa league qualifiers

    If Rangers win their first round they face NK Osijek of Croatia or CS Petrocub of Moldova.
  3. theweestevie

    Europa league qualifiers

    The Rangers fixtures might be switched as all 3 Macedonian teams were drawn to play at home on the same day and they all play out of the same city.
  4. Jason Holt to Fleetwood on year long loan
  5. If there was going to be a bid for Dembele I would have presumed it would have been after his first season where he tore the place apart rather than after last season which was significantly worse than his first season
  6. Decent player but not sure about £9m. This can't be far off their record signing?
  7. Probably, unless he is the striker I was on about brining in....😮
  8. And with McGergor in goals hopefully we should be conceding a lot less than last season. Would be good to see a striker coming in next.
  9. theweestevie

    North America 2026

    Sad to find this thread in the non-TA section. It is probably the right palce for it right enough
  10. theweestevie

    Welcome to Scotland

    The only issues with this post is that the club shop doesn't sell the club ties (much to the annoyance of some fans) so they might not even have that ready for him.
  11. theweestevie

    SSC Renewals

    Also got my card through yesterday with the white lines through the picture.
  12. theweestevie

    Berwick Rangers v Hibs

    There was a pub in Berwick called the Elizabethan but I think it closed a few years back (maybe even longer)
  13. It's not like Clyde would select calls based on a developing story or anything
  14. Apparently Cummings has been told if he stays at Rangers he will be likely be 4th choice so he has opted to stay down south unless something else comes along.