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  1. Huns new gaffer

    Unless of course that isn't actually how it all played out behind the scene...
  2. Huns new gaffer

    Shouldn't that be Hullo Billy?
  3. I was reacting to a lot of posts I was reading on twitter saying that Jack had time to pull out of the challenge but didn't then responded on here saying that I didn't expect it to get recinded but then continued with my reaction to the twitter posts. The good thing about losing this appeal is that it will likely save us money on future appeals as he can't get sent off in the next 3 games
  4. Huns new gaffer

    Probably reading a script written by Traynor.
  5. Only on Tuesdays. But what is wrong with what I said? People are saying Jack has time to play the ball and get out of the way, but then surely May has time to get out of the challenge? For me there is not enough time for either player to do it, it ends up a sore one for May and a justified red card for Jack.
  6. Where did I say it was May's fault?
  7. Didn't expect to get it overturned. However people suggesting that Jack had enough time to take his foot away are at it. Even in the slo mo replays there is about half a second between Jack playing the ball and making contact with May. If there is enough time for Jack to get his foot away then why is May still attempting to make the tackle so long after the ball is gone?
  8. Huns new gaffer

    I don't think it is a coincidence that we made the move just a few days after the AGM where resolutions were passed that allowed loans to be converted to equity and opened the way for a new share offering.
  9. Huns new gaffer

    McInnes not taking Aberdeen training today accoridng to journos on twitter
  10. Huns new gaffer

    One of the only posters on follow follow that's actually worth paying attention to said McInnes actually quite yesterday and it was all sorted yesterday. It will be interesting to see if it plays out like that.
  11. What are peoples thoughts on this tackle?
  12. Can you call it a tackle? He had possession of the ball and then played it then made contact with May after he had passed the ball. May was never going to get the ball so should he have attempted the tackle?
  13. Certainly doing our bit for both ends of the table, helping you extend your league at the top and giving much needed points to Hamilton Killie and Dundee at the bottom
  14. Huns new gaffer

    Glad all the resolutions passed at the AGM which has paved the way for more investment otherwise we might have struggled to pay that
  15. Having watched all of our games this season I can confirm that this is absolutley not the case