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  1. The Split

    They could keep this an more traditional league format without a split as well if they wanted to. If they based the fixtures on the previous years league positions then they could have the top half all play each other in their final games and the bottom half all play each other in their final games. While this wouldn't be 100% guranteed as some teams might do significantly different one season to the next I'd hazard a guess that the bulk of the games would still seem teams playing those around them.
  2. Alan Hutton

    I am glad you said number 2 for Coisty rather than number 9.
  3. Celtic vs Zenit...

    Saw this on twitter, apparently it was in tribute to Zenit's Uefa cup win when they beat Rangers.
  4. SSC Renewals

  5. SSC Renewals

    If you are copying the password from the email make sure an extra space at the end doesn't get copied over.
  6. What did he do, have a viable business plan to fix Scottish Football?
  7. Hungary

    Edinburgh, sorry bit of key information to miss out and it's the Edinburgh to Eindhoven flight which has been pushed back.
  8. Hungary

    If anyone was traveling via Eindhoven with Ryanair on the Monday check your flights. Ours has just been pushed back 5 hours so doesn't work with the connecting flight.
  9. SSC Renewals

    It takes 24 hours for the points to be updated so don't panic just yet.
  10. Anything in particular you want me to look into?
  11. Not really, every other club has a banking facility which will is secured against assets, we're just catching up with the crowd.
  12. Accoridng to Keith Jackson Aberdeen are confident that they have secured him on a 6-month loan but it won't be finalised until after Newcastle's game tonight.
  13. Apparently Ricardo Goulart has just left them and is no longer registered with them which takes them down to 3. Emphesis on the apparently.
  14. Going on our form of massivley overpaying players I wouldn't be surprised if that was already the case