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  1. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Luiz Felipe Scolari
  2. Michael O Neill

    Barry Ferguson and Alan McGregor as back up team. Would make the away double headers interesting. Is Andy Goram available?
  3. Malky's Squad

    Just butting in to applaud your use of language that appears to have gone unnoticed. Pulling up trees at Forest. I like it.
  4. Squad for Netherlands game

    Any Buddies think Lewis Morgan could be ready for full squad. Looked our best forward player v ingerland in u21 game recently.
  5. The final World Cup game at Hampden?

    I think the horrible c&&t also made reference to a ‘triumphant Aryan stock’ when referring to some commotion involving Chinese people. As many of us are aware the UK has great expertise in propaganda .
  6. Sam alladyce

    Is it no 100% at international level? Please do not interpret this as me wanting big Sam though.
  7. Match thread

    Yet, in terms of progression in major tournaments, the bold Herr Vogts remains our most successful manager this century.
  8. History - Glorious faulre

    Semantics I know but this term 'glorious failure' arose in 70s I believe - for the record, when GSTQ was played for us when we lined up before game. 74 and 78 world cup finals when we qualified but did not progress beyond group stages. 74 in particular when we were unbeaten and went out on goal diff. It became a bit oif a monkey on our backs going into 80s and 1998 when we played reasonably well against alleged better sides but f****d it up against supposed minnows. Now, of course the promised land is mere qualification for final stages and 'glorious failure' has become synonymous with the Scotland football team. In my opinion, is used far too readily and would rather just hear 'failure'. Because that is what it is. I also believe that Scots commentators use the term 'glorious failure' in a mildly kind way whilst their English counterparts use it in their usual smug way, barely able to hide the schadenfreude that oozes from their every pore if they have been unfortunate enough to be assigned to a game that does not involve England but where, thank f##k we do not progress. They would much rather be waxing lyrical about the 'world class' of Kane, Ali, et al. Another good one is how they always go on about how great it would be if Scotland qualified. Apparently the TA adds colour but half the c##ts are not old enough to remember when we last made it and they do not mean it anyway. Patronising tossers. If and when we do the term 'glorious faioure' would be waiting in the wings for when we go out, much to their joy.
  9. I have a question

    Or, even better, look at Iceland- again.
  10. To stay or go?

    You being a Hibee reminds me of another thing about being club- neutral. I fully appreciate passionate or 'proper' fans as I call them. Sunshine on Leith being belted out at Hampden cup fijnal for example. Listened to Taffies belting out their anthem tonight on radio. Really impressive.
  11. To stay or go?

    Take it easy, comrade. I am perhaps fortunate in that I no longer have strong feelings for a club, saving all my footballing passion for my country. Easier as I now live abroad but go to club football games and do not care who wins and can thus enjoy the game. Sad to say that I have made Scotland games so important that I am not sure if 'enjoyment' is fitting word. Love going to the games though but by f##k it puts blood pressure through the roof!! Should not mean so much but it always will. Like millions of others I suppose and it is probably true to say that the large majority of us support unsuccessful teams. Funny old game............... ?
  12. To stay or go?

    This is one of reasons that I think he will walk. We may look back with regret. Big yellow taxi and all that.
  13. To stay or go?

    Don't disagree and would never question the wee man's commitment and love of Scotland. I believe that he has improved us. If forced to be critical of him, it would be his loyalty to certain players and what appears to be reluctance to play likes of McGinn and McGregor, in form players. However, he is in charge and on the spot and he has my respect. I also like his patter which offends many on this board.
  14. History - Glorious faulre

    There is no real point in what I am about to write but it won't stop me. Given we are /were on such a roll, had we qualified for Russia, how long before the expectations exceeded the reality, setting us up for another huge disappointment? Lose to Costa Rica, draw with Syria, then beat Germany to lose out on further progress by goal difference. We'd probably take it now but that is what used to happen in so called good old days.
  15. To stay or go?

    Not sure but old enough to remember my astonishment at first Roxburgh then Brown appointments. Different era right enough.