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  1. Jacques Hunt

    Centre Backs.

    Anyone remember Davie Robb? He had the lot. Got capped too I think.
  2. Jacques Hunt

    Centre Backs.

    He scores goals too. Just potted another v Burton Abion
  3. Jacques Hunt

    Argentina Memeries

    For me, the best team won that WC, even though they probably got help with a likely prearrangement with Peru. They had fantastic players, really exciting as I recall.
  4. Jacques Hunt

    Centre Backs.

    Don't agree with this. I thought Mulgrew made a positive difference when he came in during last campaign. Also feel Berra's experience can be an asset, especially if if we play younger players such as Hendry. McKenna looked good in last two games so has to be in next time. I know I am virtually on my own with this next one but I repeat that I would like to see Calum Paterson play centre back.
  5. Jacques Hunt


    Unthinkable indeed but we are very capable of finding a way to miss out. Bloody Hell, surely not?
  6. Jacques Hunt

    Match Thread - Hungary

    'Kinell. Is that how it works? That would be absolutely sheeite.
  7. Jacques Hunt

    Match Thread - Hungary

    I take your point Parklife; good one, well made. I just feel that Cairney, judged on club form reviews should be given another chance in a more familiar role. Also suspect that the league in which he currently excels is not your favourite barometer for gauging international suitability. Good thing is that there is competition for places. Interesting games ahead and hope that all players go to Mexico and Peru but bet a few call off.
  8. Jacques Hunt

    Match Thread - Hungary

    Agree 100%. Good performance tonight and McGregor outstanding in midfield. Delighted for Phillips and feel he has a part to play for us but not as main striker. He is strong and held it up and may compliment Griffiths in some games. It is settling our main team and fitting them all in that will be the issue IMO. Hendry and McKenna also impressed.
  9. Jacques Hunt

    First Scotland games

  10. Jacques Hunt

    First Scotland games

    Ha ha!! Nice one. First time I have seen that and I watched that programme often. Cheers👍
  11. Jacques Hunt

    I dont watch friendlies

    To qualify my earlier post above, I do not regard any game vs England as a friendly.
  12. Jacques Hunt

    First Scotland games

  13. Jacques Hunt

    First Scotland games

    TV Remember TommyGemmell booting a German player up the backside and getting sent off. Mid/late 60s. First game v England was 1973 at Wembley. Superb Shilton save from Dalglish shot that was postage stamp corner bound. We lost 1-0. Never missed an England game after that until Euro 96 as I was working offshore. In my heyday as younger man in 70s, 80s and nineties and even now, you just didn't /don't miss England games without a very decent excuse and a doctor's line ( a la Birnie in Rab C) is not really enough. This was possibly due to the difficulty in getting a ticket; indeed, it felt like a pools win if you got a ticket. Even if you didn't, you still went, especially to Wembley. Looking back, I was pretty fortunate as I lived in England and managed to get a ticket from various club sources who I think must have had allocations from English FA.
  14. Jacques Hunt

    I dont watch friendlies

    Yes , a wee bit worse than the usual Scotland home friendly. Cannot remember us performing well in a friendly at home for a long time. As has become the norm for this type of game, poor atmosphere too. All the usual criticism applies. Should have been Easter Road, Rugby Park, Pittodrie, etc,. Then the double edged sword comments would have been trotted out; it should have been Hampden . Andy Robertson was good, McBurnie decent but no threat to a fit Griffiths. Do not want to judge any of them on this but Tom Cairney really disappointed me. Probably out of position. McTominay made at least 3 errors when losing ball or man. This was not our A team rather an opportunity to give some new faces a chance. Personally, would liked McGinn to have had much, much more game time. Friendly- wise, I think Nigeria at Craven Cottage was the last one I genuinely enjoyed and in today's world that may well have been regarded as our home tie. Cannot remember who was at home but remember great support, Ground was jumping and leaving in very positive mood.
  15. Jacques Hunt

    McTominay starting again.

    I really hope he does well for us and becomes a first name on the team sheet player. Not least because he has a four syllable surname which lends itself readily to songs about him. eg: to Robbie Williams song, Millennium There's a star (or Scott) directing our play, McTominay, ay, ay Yellow Submarine We all love Scott McTominay, Scott McTominay, Scott McTominay Even Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah Scott McTominay, Scott McTominay, Scott McTominaY Scott McTo-o-o-o-ominay This post from a man who , on another, earlier post was urging us all not to overburden a young man with too much expectation. We Do need some new songs but mebbe a wee bit early for the above!!