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  1. Eisegerwind

    Songs you hate.

    The gatehouse has spoken.
  2. Eisegerwind

    Songs you hate.

    Yep, my mistake, picked that up from another poster,he is as you correctly state, the zookeeper.
  3. Eisegerwind

    Royal Baby

    Round the first turn and an amazing move by Flat as Earth, he appears out of nowhere pops up over the horizon and now challenging the leaders, although both rider and horse look a bit confused as if they're not quite sure which planet they're not on, they could disappear as quick as they arrived I suspect.
  4. Eisegerwind

    Royal Baby

    Over the second and Bold Prediction jumps onto the lead, the other leaders maintain their positions. Halfway down the field Lucky Guess remains in contention closely shadowed by It's All Foretold. Near the back End of the world is trapped against the rails by Big Bang and Gravity.
  5. Eisegerwind

    Royal Baby

    The runners and riders are mounted and they're off. clean start for everyone except for Common Sense who won't leave the stalls and doesn't look interested. It's Numerology for Dummies, followed by Conspiracy Allowed, followed by Bold Prediction with You're a Fecking Mentalist tucked in behind the leaders, followed by Hitachi Video Recorder the II and then the field. Over the first and You're a Fucking Mentalist unseats his rider, the loose horse is guided down the escape track
  6. Eisegerwind

    Songs you hate.

    It would really entertain me up if you could sign off your posts with 'gatepost has spoken '.Don't think much of the Sex Pistols stuff has worn that well, however it doesn't really have to, it was a moment in time. Dont know much about reggae.
  7. Eisegerwind

    Songs you hate.

    Thread title was songs you hate rather than genres.It was more a 'classic songs that everyone agrees are good that you hate' but that's a bit long. however can't think of any heavy metal song that isn't guff. 'Paranoid' nice tune but guff.
  8. Eisegerwind

    Songs you hate.

    The gatepost speaks.
  9. Eisegerwind

    Songs you hate.

    That'll teach you not to have so much shite in your collection.
  10. Eisegerwind

    Songs you hate.

    Jeez in the interests of fairness I just endured 6 mins of brick wall wank and it's definitely the worst lot of pish ever.
  11. Eisegerwind

    Songs you hate.

    Yeah but just pick one that really pisses you off. I'm gonna have listen to that brick thingy just to make sure it is absolute wank.
  12. Eisegerwind


    Naw it isny...... no it is not. You're just trying to to keep the thread going to get more traffic.
  13. Pink Floyd. Another brick in the wall. Starters, we do need education and for seconds I don't need some middle class twats.(I was going to say telling us we don't need no educashon but it reads better without).