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  1. Winter Olympics. Official thread?

    Someone just did a 'nose press and then popped it on it's tail. Apparently the scientists at CERN are going to have sore heads trying to figure out that.
  2. High ceilings WTF

    Does Budapest look better than the mess that is our defacto Capital. I've seen Dalry and Gorgie and Leith and they are horrible. I can't remember the new town area that's ultra desirable, but I've been there and it's the same as those I mentioned previously with less beggars.
  3. Winter Olympics. Official thread?

    It's all kicking off now. Chris Corning did a '540 with roast beef'.
  4. Winter Olympics. Official thread?

    I've learned that optimum for your slopestyle (male) competitors is under 5'6, however there is a larger 'timber' competitor that would like to disprove that, fascinating.
  5. Winter Olympics. Official thread?

    Unless I missed a previous one? Anyway, appears to be Slopstyle tonight. Lots of bggy clothes and well, snow. Not seen anything so far.
  6. Gardening.

    Nothing to report so far. I think I have to throw some fertilizer at the trees come the start of spring which I think is March. Throw down some wildfower seeds at the front again, March. Any info re planting berries, strawbberries, raspberries, others. Really, if there are any gardeners on the site, could they give a message when planting times, pruning,harvesting times come along.
  7. High ceilings WTF

    Yes, well googled.aircon was never a big deal here. I'm guessing the psychological thing was the main deal. Peasants liiving in their low build hovels with their animals and the gentry in the high build mansions with their servants. Another reason for levelling these ancient un-green dwellings that are basically cash cows for landlords.
  8. Just changed some light bulbs in an Edinburgh 'townhouse/ flat/ tenement (for the weegies). Why are the ceilings so high? 'kin m3 of empty space doin nothing, teetering on the top of tall steps just to change a light bulb. Come the revolution, they're going. Surely some scumbag landlord has sussed if you lower the ceilings you could squeeze in another floor to fleece some more mugs. Before anyone says it 'historic my arse' dump.
  9. Space X Launch

    That was fun. Have they lost a bit?
  10. And the argicultural crop industry is cruel to plants forcing them to grow under artificial lighting and heat, never been allowed to feel the sun and the wind on their leaves, force fed chemicals to improve their size and appearance and then chopped down in their prime, horrible.
  11. Initial blind test carried out. New version correctly identified, however an absolute triumph for the Barrs company. They have produced a new version of Irn Bru that is almost undectable on first taste from the original and only a very small artificial sweetener aftertaste. 9/10.
  12. If you can't wait for an answer I'll fill in. Weight=mxg is a false assumption based on false science created by so called scientists who are part of a worldwide plot to turn us away from baby Jesus. Don't think density is a function of gravity even in false science its a function of mass and volume. Weight is simply the tendancy of things to fall down, imagine how ridiculous it would be if things fell up, madness. You've not been paying attention to Scottys previous answers and you tube vids have you?
  13. I'll think you'll find your 100% correct there. Organised religion is a devilish plot to corrupt us all and lead us from the path of Jesus and heaven and make proper Bible believing Christians look bad. See all this God bothering is easy peasy.
  14. It's like a sort of mentally deranged 'late call'.