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  1. I'm sure Jesus will be delighted with this news. Just hope it's not put a spanner in the 'goodwill to all men and peace on earth festivities ' works.
  2. Idiots guide to modern politics, Trump,Flynn, Russia.

    Democratic has always interested me. For example the GDR, which apparently wasn't. So it either wasn't, or wasn't by 'our' democratic understanding, or was 'democratic' and just used the word as explained by George Orwells doublespeak thing, who I thought was wrong about lots of stuff. Or maybe was democratic, not the same as our proper democratic where we vote for privelidged individuals and have other unelected religious loonies and wealthy powerful landed gentry overseeing everything. Tell me?
  3. Shut up, you're scaring me.
  4. The full thing. Yeah, to be honest, I've always had a bit of an issue with that. However, I think it's fairly accepted that Christmas is a christian hijacking of various pre christian celebrations. I've certainly made my peace that christmas for me is the celebration of the winter equinox (21-23 dec). The fact that I've got to the darkest day of the year and will hopefully see the dawning of a new year means a lot to me (getting old does that), I can live with the fact that I'll celebrate it a couple of days late.
  5. I'm all for a party. However I'm not going to have one for (googled) ' a person acknowledged as holy or virtuous and regarded in Christian faith as being in heaven after death. ' He/they can go fcuk themselves with ther made up shit.
  6. Idiots guide to modern politics, Trump,Flynn, Russia.

    Yep got that, other bogeymen would be Saddam, Mugabe,Gadaffi, Ghandi,Castro,Sitting Bull , Kim Jong-Un, Ho-Chi-Minh. Which one is the bogeyman, Trump, Flynn, Putin. Surely they can't all be.
  7. Chances of me celebrating a saint very unlikely. Shurely Scotland has an old history free of religious iconisism. (Possibly just made up the word 'iconnisism') I'd like to think I'm the guy up the back listening, thinking, you've just made that shit up.
  8. Anyone care to explain this simply. It used to be so easy, USSR bad commies, USA the free world. UK better version of the free world. Africa, middle east, bongo bongo land, fair game. Lets start with Russia, are they democratic?
  9. Gardening.

    So, was planning to plant some apple tress over the Christmas period when I've got a bit of time. Informed today by someone who I presume knows about this stuff, that in Scotland, it's a springtime planting period? and that I'm looking at a only a couple of varieties, James Grieve and Laxtons Superb or Fortune?
  10. Egypt, that's sorted then

    wheeeeeee...... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-42122809
  11. Egypt, that's sorted then

    So some religious loonies bomb some other religious loonies. Egypt then bombs said perpetrators. So they knew where they were before, but they weren't bothering anyone so they let it lie. Then they did bother when they did a bad thing, Is that it?
  12. Zimbabwe

    Oh and the military didn't take over the country, they just seem to have mobilised some units, parked a few tanks, made some announcements on telly, and had a word in a few peoples ears. They seen very proud of their British heritage of fair play!!!!!!!
  13. Zimbabwe

    Yeah fair enough. Maybe it's just a political,come on your 90+ your desicion making is not what it was, we'll give you a bit help. Thanks for the memories. It's all been very civilised so far. I think the Zimbabweans can be pretty proud of themselves.
  14. Zimbabwe

    Kind of hard to understand how you can have a politics forum and not discuss this. Another thing I know nothing about, other than Magabe was a great guy till he started doing things we didn't like, when he became another bogeymam. See when someone was part of an organisation that got rid of an repugnent government and ran a country for 30+ years with most of that time fighting against western colonialism they can tell us how Mugabe got it all wrong. Be careful what you wish for.
  15. Source? Failing that I'll translate ' some fantasists with an interest in WW2 that have managed to get someone with lots of money to finance their tour of the world', good luck to them. My expert sources have revealed to me that the 128 year old brain of Hitler is still viable, in fact it's quite keen on Morrisseys latest album.