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  1. So, who is going?

    getting tickets will not be an issue. I would expect a bigger allocation than folk travelling. Potential for another 100% pick up again. No issues with it in Hungary except the location but everyone got and got in on time.
  2. Travelling to Budapest on monday

    not going via Prague but we arrive about 10.30 Monday night,
  3. Areas To Stay

    Think I will booking there too.
  4. hi Davy. It was 2 seats for Neil Davidson cheers
  5. Hi can I get 2 places under Neil Davidson Cheers Neil
  6. Any spare Scotland Tickets

    you will still need a Hungarian ID card to get in the home end.
  7. Boat Trip

    any one thinking about going and unsure I would recommend going. Zander does an excellent trip and superb value for money. Gutted i'm arriving late Monday night and missing it.
  8. march to the ground

    or not expecting a goal.....................
  9. Allocation

    I would probably guess Monday now. I'm sure there is nothing stopping you contacting the SSC yourself to find out? Or go on the website and check if they are on sale.
  10. march to the ground

    Maybe a bit far for this one. 51 minute walk going by Google maps from the city centre.
  11. Digs

    got a 3 bedroom apartment mon-wed £91 between 3 of us. city centre
  12. Allocation

    if only 400 people replied to the poll then to get a larger allocation than that is good work.
  13. European Nations League

    fixtures are announced at 3pm

    thank god I'm staying in Zagreb then!
  15. Seeing as the England game is past there should be less harvesters this time round.