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  1. Squad and new players

    Pity as it did appear McLeish had plans on how to use him. Chances are he and other Celtic players won’t be in the squad for the June friendlies.
  2. Phillips

    Aye I’d imagine that is McLeish’s thinking. A couple of seasons ago he was flying for West Brom and there were plenty clamouring to get him in our squads. I’m happy for Burke to replace him at club and country soon though.
  3. Under 21 squad

    There is a footballer called Harvey St Clair? Is he not one of the experts on Bargain Hunt?
  4. Squad and new players

    Berra’s been struggling with injury. Burke has been struggling with his gaffer being a prick.
  5. Squad and new players

    I think we might have, Eck mentioned him in the press conference, that he wasn’t playing just now and the door wasn’t closed but there was no mention of having any great plans for him. Theres a lot of midfielders in that squad, I don’t think we really need him any more. With the emergence of McBurnie I’ll be really surprised if we see Chris Martin again also.
  6. Squad and new players

    I’m not so sure, I think it’s quite feasible that we’ve seen the last of the Fletchers, Morrison and Anya.
  7. Squad and new players

    Judging by his press conference Eck isn’t planning to play Tierney at right back, sounds like he’ll be in a back 3. I’d like to see McDonald getting a start in Browns position.
  8. Squad and new players

    Even though he’s been injured since last year?
  9. Squad and new players

    I find that pointless if true, he’s obviously a good player suffering a lack of international opportunities due to the amount of left backs we have but it’s wasting a squad place in my opinion. Its hard enough to facilitate Tierney and Robertson and they’re both much better than Douglas.
  10. Players we have given up on

    I’m not convinced either although he got his first start in ages yesterday and by all accounts was impressive.
  11. Players we have given up on

    He got his first call up prior to the last campaign, made his debut for us in the Czech or Denmark friendly. He made his competitive debut for us when he was still a Forest player. England were keen on him at that point but he was flying for Forest and definitely deserved a place in the squad.
  12. McKenna

    I didn’t think he deserved the pelters he received when he became a bit of a target for the boo boys. A lot of the names mentioned aren’t as good as Hanley, could McLeish get the best out of him? He wasn’t too shabby at centre half himself.
  13. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Graham Alexander, currently managing Scunthorpe is interested.
  14. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    I didn’t realise Harry Souttar had joined Ross County on loan. Not a great start for him but it’ll be good to see him getting game time.
  15. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Heard his chat last night, he’s obviously got a source close to O Neill.