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  1. New year honours

    I sort of read that too. Queen is still queen of jamaica though so presumably their prime minister can nominate Bolt for a knighthood (of course Bolt may himself said no to it). Several cricketers in west indies have been given the honour so mechanism must be there.
  2. Chester races

    Can also recommend NOT to stay at the Gateway To Wales hotel.... It burnt down just before xmas !!
  3. New scottish tax bands

    Yes totally agree, multiple tax bands, maybe even in 5% steps. There must be the demographic data of income levels and numbers of taxpayers at each level. So should be possible to devise a very progressive system. Good first step done here but needs to be much more ambitious i think.
  4. New year honours

    Whilst the honours systems is corruption personified, it's a major puzzle why Usain Bolt has not had the Sir-hood yet. Any clues anyone?
  5. World Darts Championship

    Sadly, i can't watch though as i don't have Sky...
  6. World Darts Championship

    Would be fabulous is Phil Taylor can win his final ever event. He's had a superb career. Love MvG too. And hope Peter Wright recovers fully from his illness. He is a superstar
  7. Should We Play "Unofficial" Games ?

    I'd go for a 4 team mini tournament with Scotland, Catalonia, Palestine and the Basque Country...💙⚪ ❤💛 🔴⚪💚
  8. Should We Play "Unofficial" Games ?

    Would love to see Scotland v Catalonia And Scotland v Palestine
  9. BBC sports personallity

    Clearly Froome has prospered greatly, until now. He seems to have thought he had taken not quite enough drugs to fail but this time has miscalculated it seems. How many times did he take things to just under the limit?
  10. Gigs 2K18

    Wouldn't mind seeing Deacon Blue once again, this time at Hebfest in July. Has anyone been to Hebfest? Is it ok?
  11. BBC sports personallity

    Odd set of nominees.... Why Johanna Konta?? Achieved nothing at all. Just wasnt as dreadful as other ones. Jamie Murray a far more deserving nominee. He has actually WON multiple grand slams plus a World Champion with his brother. Chris Froome, reasonable he was nominated when he was, but given his failed drugs test it's appalling he has been left on the list, let alone given an interview. Mo Farah..the questions remain. If clean, he is tremendous. If not, it wlll be another sad episode for sport. I hope it's the former.
  12. The Alex Salmond Show

    Interview with President of Lebanon was very interesting. A man who led the defence of Beirut against the Israeli invasion in 1982. Full respect to the guy
  13. Will be interesting what David Millar says about this...he has been very candid about the whole drug taking culture in cycling and very scathing of the continued cheating that still pervades this "sport". And for Froome, it seems his only attempt at defending himself at the moment is that he was taking a drug but aiming to keep JUST inside the legal limit...and has been caught out at last... Irrespective of whether he gets away with this or not, it has proven conclusively that he DOES take performance enhancing drugs.
  14. Why Has Phillips played every minute of the last 4 games ?

    Well i was not only staggered that Phillips played every minute of the final qualifiers, i was amazed he played even ONE minute. He contributed nothing from what i saw. And incidentally, whilst i am happy for anyone who has the correct Scottish ancestry being selected (if good enough of course!), in the era of multi-national qualification, i think once a player has been selected at any level by one of his possible countries then he should NOT be allowed to play for any other country. FIFA should bring that in as a rule.
  15. Michael O Neill

    Are the Rangers Board also taking part in the appointment of the next Scotland Manager? Both searches going stunningly well....3 more months and maybe 5th choice managers might get the jobs....