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  1. buckielugger

    Gigs 2K18

    And a storming performance from Roy! Woooed the audience completely. Only disappointment was i didnt get his autograph at the end....
  2. Indeed. Privileged to have it in Glasgow. I have a print of it (inherited from my Dad) plus i also now have one of Dali's similar painting, Hypercubus. It depicts the 4 dimensional hypercube unfolded into a 4-armed cross which is then portrayed as the crucifixion scene. Sorry i dont know how to add a photo. I'll have a try though.
  3. The Hootenanny annoys the f@ck out of me. I live in Wales and cant1 get BBC Scotland new year's eve shows. There's NOTHING Hogmanay to watch whatsoever . Aargh.
  4. buckielugger

    russia poisioning

    Ultra insulting to the Russian people. They lost many millions of lives at Hitler's hands. And fighting on OUR side too. Possibly the most shameful utterance of Boris's flawed career.
  5. buckielugger

    russia poisioning

    It's half what I've been wondering. Key fact is this Russian spy was living in SALISBURY. A nice quaint English city by all accounts. But why would a Russian agent go there? Obvious answer is he was WORKING there. Or to be precise, just up the road...where samples of the stuff would have been created and stored...so.....perhaps???
  6. Spot on analysis, Clyde. And it is surely inevitable that the non top 4 nations will have to so something. The latest changes have left no alternative.
  7. buckielugger

    Squad announced and what it tells us.

    The "forwards" are a VERY depressing bunch! And Phillips YET AGAIN arggggggghhhhh
  8. buckielugger

    McTominay starting again.

    Appalled by Charlie Nicholas's comments on the lad.
  9. Well i HAVE stopped watching champions lge entirely (and i support a team still in it)...it has become utterly monotonous...its now a tv treadmill of billion pound club v billion pound club. The changes now made just make it even more ridiculous. MAYBE all the countries outside the top four should quit UEFA and form their own association with its own cup competitions...radical but its what this Is leading to ultimately
  10. I can't get enough of Eilidh Barbour !! Super foxy xxx And i would not object to pics
  11. buckielugger

    Next Scotland Manager ?

    Agree 100% and yes my "blood" remark was merely trying to make it as clear as i could, to someone who seemed very ignorant, that all of Allardyce's family cone from Scotland .... And given how frequently people complain so and so isnt Scottish etc, we do now live in a world where people move so much more often, and where more and more people will have two, three or more different national backgrounds in their make-up. It's why football allows qualification by country of birth, country of parents' birth, country of grandparents' birth, and even country grown up in. And if, for example, any refugees now in Scotland grow up as talented footballers, i will be totally delighted if they get a chance to play for Scotland.
  12. buckielugger

    Next Scotland Manager ?

    Steve Clarke won Prem Lge twice with Chelsea plus several cups. So yes he has. And again how do u define Scottish English or whatever? Fact is Allaydyce has two Scottish parents, four Scottish grandparents. So qualified to play for Scotland six times over. Zero English blood in his body (and his siblings could ONLY have played for Scotland). But i wouldnt want him as manager....
  13. buckielugger

    The Alex Salmond Show

    Well my message to the show must have worked ! Plenty more of the gorgeous Tasmina now keep it up Alex
  14. buckielugger

    Next Scotland Manager ?

    Of course Allardyce is Scottish! As said already his blood is 100% Scottish. Not his fault his dad moved south for work. And he visits Scotland a lot I've read, its where all his family are. That said, defo Steve Clarke for me (and he has won 2 Premier Lgs and multiple cups in his managerial career btw)
  15. buckielugger

    Angus Robertson Quits as SNP Deputy Leader

    Angus has always been a tremendous and very thoughtful speaker. And he 100% steered the SNP onto a firm committed internationalist position. Hope he makes a comeback in Holyrood where he would be a strong contender for next First Minister at some point. Meanwhile either my old student politics colleague Tommy Sheppard for new deputy or else the young superstar herself, Mhairi Black.