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  1. March 2018 friendly rumour.

    Whats the chances of there being a charter flight for mexico
  2. Coldest you have been..

    Killington, Vermont, stuck on a ski lift for 1 hour at -25 degrees, bright side was given a free hot chocolate while being escorted to the medic room
  3. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Norwich and is a regular starter, wouldn’t rule him out
  4. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Goal for Snoddy
  5. Villarreal/Valencia

    Due to cheap flights me and a few mates going over for the Villarreal-Maccabi Tel Aviv europa league match. Spending a night in Villarreal then got a full day in Valencia was wondering if anyones been before and has any tips as to where to visit in Valencia
  6. Scotland v England Tickets

    How much does the top tier even hold? Anyone know
  7. Scotland v England Tickets

    Will the top tier tickets be released at a later date?
  8. Ignore me, just read it for 3 nights!! 

  9. Hi mate, looking at flights just now for Lithuania. Can you confirm you still have hotel room and if so is it booked for 4 nights, we are looking at going Thursday morning and coming home Monday morning. How much would you be looking for? Cheers

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      Ok thanks. I will keep in touch, trying to sort flights first. Is it double room/bed and breakfast etc??


    3. Slide Tackle

      Slide Tackle

      Yes it is mate double room bed and breakfast and no problem just message me if you need any proof of booking etc



      Hi, finally got my flights booked. Still interested in the room, would you accept £120. 

  10. Slovenia Bus

    5 of us derek and few more to confirm
  11. Room for sale

    Thursday-sunday mates no longer going and room in non refundable. Comfort hotel vilnius paid £188 for the 3 nights but would let it go for less than that if anyone was interested
  12. Facebook Hall of Fame

    Sitting reading the FB pages i see he is arguing and banning another load of people. Also he is no longer organising his london gig due to being 'threatened' in Slovakia
  13. Scotland Players In Action 2016/17

    Charlie mulgrew on sky sports 1 left back
  14. Yeti

    No yeti sighting in 30 years. Personally believe that at some stage they did exist but have died out now, maybe due to the lack of mating partner