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  1. The Facebook Tamb Goup

    What's that about, how much is he making on the buses? We wouldn't expect someone to be making money off of fellow footsoldiers, I take it this money isn't going to charity? We're on buses with one of the bars (Erins Isle), seems pretty reasonable to me at 15 Euro, if they are making anything out of that then fair enough, it's a business. I'm expecting they're probably mostly expecting the extra trade!
  2. The Facebook Tamb Goup

    It's a shame he doesn't realise it's all about getting along and everyone being equal! Odd guy!
  3. The Facebook Tamb Goup

    It's pretty amusing how it's gone!
  4. The Facebook Tamb Goup

    So the TAMB admins have no intelligence? And I'm a girl! And if I was it would be very insulting saying girls cry! Good one! You're missing the point entirely and you're insults are humerous at best. Was it you that wanted points from home games? No need to answer. I'm out, it's been fun!
  5. The Facebook Tamb Goup

    Whatever dude. The fact is he's removing people's posts and people don't like it. You can attack me if you want but that is the truth! He's also making a bad name for the TAMB which was the original point
  6. The Facebook Tamb Goup

    I am merely saying it is a bit odd but as I don't know the facts I'm not going to incriminate myself.You're the zoomer!
  7. The Facebook Tamb Goup

    I cannot confirm him making money or what the chat was with taxi's. I can only confirm his mein fuhrer administration of said Facebook page. The HD similarity had crossed my mind though!
  8. The Facebook Tamb Goup

  9. The Facebook Tamb Goup

    Someone has said he's making money out of TA but I can't confirm that. He could very well be giving any money he makes from running busses to the charity!
  10. The Facebook Tamb Goup

    Nope he's posting over on the Gib travel!
  11. The Facebook Tamb Goup

    I'm just surprised people are still on his page with his bullshit!
  12. The Facebook Tamb Goup

    Nah that's the Facebook tamb, mein furher telling you what you canny do!
  13. The Facebook Tamb Goup

    So you're not in real life?
  14. The Facebook Tamb Goup

    I couldn't tell you if this guy is a bawbag in person but he certainly is online!
  15. The Facebook Tamb Goup

    That's not his name!