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  1. Hears weeks ago he was in talks with Hamburg and Fiorentina. Convinced the guy was on drugs.
  2. Haha. It's been ridiculous, but, it seems that there's this belief that Rangers get it easy. Despite missing 4 seasons in the top tier, they're still the team who've played away 3 times most. Teams can't have it both ways. I get the split is flawed, but it won't be changed. It's not Rangers fault the fixtures came out as they did.
  3. The last time this came up was pre split ( last game before) if memory serves me right. There was no bother that day. I couldn't give two fucks myself if we have to. In fact, I'd gladly play them the 1st game and play all 5 games away from home.
  4. SFA requirement for licensing to have it in by 31st March
  5. Debian

    Boat Trip

    You're a gentleman Robert! Enjoy Hungary and leave poor wee Diane alone this time eh.
  6. Debian

    Boat Trip

    Need a hand running a bus?
  7. Debian

    Boat Trip

    Where's my name gone?
  8. Debian

    Random ticket pick ups

    What ye on aboot? Can a man no open his mail before flying on holiday.
  9. Debian

    Random ticket pick ups

    I would but I'm in Gran Canaria
  10. Debian

    Random ticket pick ups

    Tickets arrived today 👍
  11. Debian

    Boat Trip

    @Robert Mcdermott is looking for 13 places @Z Tours if this is still going ahead?
  12. Debian

    Message from Hungarian Ambassador

    No, that was me! Stand by it 👍
  13. Debian

    Message from Hungarian Ambassador

    Bet it's no just cash you're giving him while you're there.
  14. Debian


    I'm on first name terms with a board member for one of the exec committees that the SSC feeds in to.