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  1. Las Vegas

    Expedia, and used Quidco for 12% Cashback.
  2. Las Vegas

    @Parklife, if you're not fussed about Politics, you should look at the Trump Hotel. We stayed there Oct 2016. The hotel is at the end of the strip and was cheap as chips, 5 star and treated you like a King.
  3. Docherty to Gers is a goer. £600k has been agreed.
  4. Greg Docherty from Hamiton to Rangers by the weekend. £600k by all accounts.
  5. Genuine question, when will the Oldco be liquidated. It is technically stopping that Old Company dying, if it ever does.
  6. Unsettle the player, get him to submit a Transfer request...
  7. Hope you hold out for it, and price us out of it. From what I've seen (2 or 3 times) of Jones, he needs space like O'Halloran, which I think he won't find for us.
  8. Stuart Cosgrove

    Tom English 😂😂😂 guys a blinkered twat.
  9. March 2018 friendly rumour.

    Woah is fucking you.
  10. I think you'll find they have already raised their grievances on that.
  11. I believe Dalcio is away and Nemane is kicking about with the youths still. I'd gladly see Herrera and Alves moved on. Think there is a player in Cardoso, but seems to be so far out of the picture now he's only going one way. Halliday, O'Halloran and Dodoo are all returning too I have heard.
  12. Robertson benched