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  1. GHfaeGTA

    Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Cracking goal. One of defenders was Ashley Cole and Zlatan also playing for LA Galaxy
  2. GHfaeGTA

    Under 17s

    U19s currently beating Netherlands
  3. GHfaeGTA

    Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Yes but not from wing back. Playing (attacking) Centre midfield and obviously pretty effective
  4. GHfaeGTA

    Sam Gallagher

    He can’t get in Birmingham starting line up tonight. Can’t be much too shout home about
  5. GHfaeGTA

    McTominay starting again.

    Did nothing and never got into the game. Saying that not one United player got pass marks
  6. GHfaeGTA

    Scottish Players in action 17/18

    He’s on the bench
  7. GHfaeGTA

    Scottish Players in action 17/18

    On bench.McTominay starts
  8. GHfaeGTA

    SSC Renewals

    Home game tickets willl be first come first served are they not? Not based on points?
  9. GHfaeGTA

    SSC Renewals

    Is there anywhere you can currently look to check on how many points you currently have? It’s been a while since I last checked
  10. GHfaeGTA

    SSC Renewals

    I don’t but maybe Guernsey isn’t considered overseas although it is of course. Any way as far as I am aware there are still regular pick ups as some of our group have had pick ups in last couple of years
  11. GHfaeGTA

    SSC Renewals

    Of course they do. There are still regular pick ups for away games especially for some overseas members. If they don’t do infrequent pick ups for home games I think you’ll soon see harvesters especially overseas members who can’t get to home games
  12. GHfaeGTA

    Regan Gone

    Swap with Stephen Thomson?
  13. GHfaeGTA

    Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Some strike. My lip reading isn’t great but think keeper also says ‘wow’!
  14. Unfortunately At present I have to agree with you. Step up in class today.. All is fine in this lovely wee Island
  15. He did awight against us!