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  1. You might well find a fish supper up there, so you could maybe end up getting the best of both worlds.
  2. 10 years since.....

    Luckily Michael Mols never has been nor is likely ever to be Scotland manager. Gives the others a shot at this prestigious title...
  3. Mark McGhee

    He needs to understand how football works! Gordon Strachan could have led Scotland to winning the World Cup ‘had results gone his way’
  4. Approach for O'Neill made

    Imagine if he took them to the Euros in two years’ time and O’Neill failed with us....
  5. Are the play offs on tv?

    Pretty sure Greece would’ve been the ones to miss out had we got the win in Slovenia?
  6. New jerseys?

    I remember buying the home top in 2010 and paying £40. That's the last time I bought a home top until 3 weeks ago when I got the one just replaced for £15.
  7. Are the play offs on tv?

    Any Spanish referees free on Monday?
  8. Are the play offs on tv?

    Has to be one of the worst penalty and yellow card decisions ever. For a game of this magnitude to be decided on a decision this bad is totally unacceptable and the referee concerned should be held to account and removed from the FIFA list immediately. Diabolical.
  9. New jerseys?

    Not sure it’ll look as good in Man City blue....
  10. New jerseys?

    And at least you can get your discount online now too which is an improvement.
  11. New jerseys?

    Pretty steep. £51 with your 15% discount but that’s still no cheap. Getting a bit mad nowadays.
  12. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Well that’s Bilic sacked from West Ham. I think he’d do a good job for us. Has managed at international level as well as premier league and did pretty well at both. We should sound him out and if he is interested give him a go. SFA need to be bold and make the move, not wait to see if he comes to us. We need to be not frightened of somebody saying No.
  13. New jerseys?

    Gets the thumbs up from me if that's really what we're getting. And the red socks are a massive bonus too. Actually looks like a Scotland strip.
  14. Should We Don Poppies On Our Kits vs The Netherlands

    This issue really needs to be kept out of football. If any player really wants to wear one then they should be allowed to, but it should not be an en masse decision. We're all individuals with differing views and to make an entire squad conform with one view is wrong and in all honesty completely unnecessary. No place in football for this.
  15. Next Scotland Manager ?

    I'd have Malky ahead of McLeish for sure. I'd also have him before Moyes too as Moyes by his own words would take the job as he has no other offers from any club which is his stated preference. I only want a manager who really wants to manage us, not willing to take it cos he needs a job. Malky Mackay is a damn good manager. I was a Cardiff season ticket holder for many years before during and after his time there. He had us playing some good stuff but also had us hard to beat as well. Not the full of flair stuff that some clubs produce, but in my time watching City his style was certainly the best overall we played. He took a relatively average squad and won the league in pretty decent style. There were better squads in the Championship than City had but Mackay got the best out of them. He'd have kept Cardiff up had he not been sacked I am convinced. He could be exactly what we need. Not the prettiest football on the eye but hard to beat, very effective and got results. Sounds like a good match for Scotland job to me.