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  1. That statement could legitimately apply to any of the last three regimes. Its deja vu.
  2. Ronaldo

    Haven’t seen it but Michael Oliver consistently proves he’s high amongst the worst referees on the history of the EPL. So it’s unsurprising to hear it may have been a poor decision, he does love a headline with him in it.
  3. Ronaldo

    Just like his antics in Euro 2012 penalty shootout when he insisted on going last so he could grab the glory of scoring the winning spot kick. Didn’t turn out so well for him that day. He’s a fantastic player no question and one of the best ever, but also a preening, narcissistic, complete and utter bellend who sees himself as far more important than the team. And when things aren’t going his way he’s a whingeing, diving, play acting little tosser.
  4. Golfers Forum.

    Yup I think most players wouldn’t have been able do overcome all that at such a watershed moment in their career. This could yet be the catalyst to him winning a major. He didn’t lack self belief before this, he must be brimming with confidence now.
  5. Golfers Forum.

    Was gripping viewing I have to say. The thing is despite having a 4-shot lead whittled down to nothing then finding himself one behind with three to play, Poulter never put a foot wrong all day. His bogey on 9 came despite a very good tee shot which took a hell of a kick forward on the green. This resulted in it settling at the back of the green very much in three-putt territory and he honestly would have done superbly well to get down in two. Hossler then birdied four in a row to lead by one. The only green Poulter missed in regulation all day was at 15 where he fluffed a chip and had to settle for par versus Hossler’s unlikely birdie, having played the hole rather poorly. Poulter also saw a handful of 50/50 putts slide by shaving the hole, the kind of putts he sinks time and again when he’s on a streak. 16 and 17 saw solid par golf from both players and when Hossler played a superb draw from the bunker on 18 you felt Poulter had just run out of steam and his chance had gone. Lesson to the wise: never write him off and as long as he’s still fighting he’s got a chance. When Hossler’s lengthy putt on 18 looked very closely at the hole before saying “nah” you just had that feeling that Poulter would sink his and sure enough, in it went. Nailed a pearled of a drive down 18 again, but we all know he’s got bottle. Hossler again went in the bunker then blocked his second into the right hand bunker leaving a very, very tough bunker shot with Poulter in the middle of the green in two. Hossler caught too much of the ball trying to carry and spin it back and into the water it went leaving Poulter three for it. Slight anti-climax at the end with Hossler handing it to Poulter in a demonstration of what can happen under intense pressure but overall it was terrific stuff to be watching. Delighted to see Poulter make it to the Masters especially after the embarrassing cock up of telling him last week he was in in, only to tell him 10 mins before teeing off his next match that he wasn’t and now needed to win the next match to qualify. Coupled with the “you’ve lost your card, oh no you haven’t” debacle last year he really did deserve to make it and to do so by winning his first ever strokeplay event in the States when nothing short of a win would do really does say a lot for the character of the man. You'd want him on your team every time and I’m glad he’s European not American!
  6. Callum Paterson

    He's been awesome this season and if City go up it will be a lot to do with him. At 1-1 and again at 2-1 yesterday I wasn’t worried and said to the guys beside me that we’ll be fine as Paterson hasn’t had his goal yet. Sure enough up he popped to fire in the third.
  7. Argentina Memeries

    Brilliant article and a great read. Brought back so many memories. Sat here now thinking “What if...” Cheers for posting 👍
  8. 7 players that made Hampden roar!

    And you certainly won’t believe what he looks like now!
  9. Sevco vs Celtic

    Impressed with Murty’s interview and his brutal honesty. Should he had been offered the Scotland gig? He’s done very well with Rangers since taking over.
  10. Sevco vs Celtic

    If you’re a neutral I’m guessing you’d have loved a Rangers equaliser and a 3-3 draw in a game that had pretty much everything. And if I’m honest it would’ve been hard to argue that it wouldn’t have been a fair result. Rangers will be kicking themselves as they had a real chance there today. Celtic continue to be below par and did well to come away with three points through sheer determination more than anything else. Need to freshen up in a few areas and get the likes of Sinclair, Dembele and Armstrong back on top form again. Defence needs some work and Boyata needs a rocket up his arse. On current form there will be no ten in a row. Rangers aren’t a great side but they’ve shown they are very close to competing again. I’d worry about how Celtic might react to a genuine challenge as they've been used to pretty much zero pressure in recent years. Celtic have allowed Rangers to close that gap and they could close it completely if Celtic aren’t careful.
  11. Sevco vs Celtic

    Been a long time coming but it was worth the wait 😂😂
  12. Sevco vs Celtic

    It’s a fairly well known fact he was a nasty bully in school who was pretty much despised by everyone.
  13. Sevco vs Celtic

    You know what, if it was any other official I’d put it down to incompetence but Ross’s well known love of all things blue red and white leaves me finding it very hard to believe if he had a heart it wouldn’t have skipped a wee beat or two when he saw his chance.
  14. Sevco vs Celtic

    Boyata particularly so. For as long as I can remember Celtic have had a bombscare defender in their ranks. This era, its Boyata.