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  1. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Regan’s position is now wholly untenable. If he wasn’t already the biggest embarrassment to Scottish football, he is now. He’s got to be fired. But he won’t be.
  2. The prick wants to take over the show. Now he thinks he’s the presenter instead of Hayley. And talking mostly posh as well. Arsehole who just loves the sound of his own voice. He’s in the minority of one on that count.
  3. Next Scotland Manager ?

    I had to have a wee chuckle at the fact that “O'Neill impressed the SFA delegation with the level of his preparation during a lengthy meeting.” What if they hadn’t been impressed with his preparation? What if is preparation had been a bag of shite? What if they thought “Oh dear we’re not impressed and maybe he’s not our man?”
  4. Graham Rix

    Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. He’ll need to join the Tory party first to secure some protection from investigation/prosecution. THEN they can give him a knighthood!
  5. Graham Rix

    A paedo and a racist scumbag If the story is true, he should be thrown in jail for good and left to rot Piece of shit
  6. EPL players price tags?

    EPL wages for the average Joe are equally as bonkers. Apparently there’s one young lad at Man City who’s just dropped 2.25 million cash on a house. He’s never yet played in a premier league game. Astonishing.
  7. Next Scotland Manager ?

    It’s strange how it happens, but sometimes a manager will take a job that on the face it makes you scratch your head and wonder what on Earth his thinking was. Mostly it is because the club/association chasing him has massaged his ego and made it clear how much they rate him and how much they want him. Something the SFA has spectacularly failed to do and this is why Michael O’Neill will not be our next gaffer.
  8. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Seems the utter incompetence and amateurism of the SFA has finally come home to roost. Look at what the Irish have lined up and the clarity they have shown in letting O’Neill know exactly how much they want him to stay, what plans they have and time he will get to see them through. Now compare and contrast to the total shambles, lack of plans and complete lack of any cohesion or professionalism demonstrated by the SFA and it’s virtually impossible now to see O’Neill swapping Northern Ireland for us. Why the hell would he even consider it? It would appear highly likely we’ll now end up with Lambert or, worse still, McLeish. No decent manager with any modicum of a reputation to protect is going to touch us with a bargepole given the (lack of) actions of the SFA since they sacked Strachan. The question of whether Strachan should have been sacked or not will always be a polarising one, but what cannot be argued is that they pulled the trigger with virtually no clue what they were going to do next. That was criminal and showed a complete abdication of responsibility and dereliction of duty. Where are we now then? Three months down the line and no further forward, in fact we’re actually further back with O’Neill having gone from hot favourite to being highly unlikely now to be appointed. The sad fact is I’m not sure I’d want any manager crazy enough to accept the job to actually be given it. It is now time for these cretins at the SFA to hand back their blazers and get as far away from our game as possible before they completely destroy it beyond any hope of repair (if they haven’t already). I’m utterly disgusted.
  9. Next Scotland Manager ?

    I just don’t get this “has to be Scottish” thing at all. Looking at the Scottish managers in the game at the moment, frankly none of them excite me. McLeish - already proven that he’ll up sticks at the sniff of a better offer should he even be marginally successful. And whether or not he’d even be successful is a big doubt. His track record of late is poor to say the least. I’d say he’s far more likely to fail than succeed. McInnes - I think one day he could be the man but not now. Still has a lot to learn and I’d worry about his ability to lead the team in crunch games against similar or better opposition. Lambert - Not good enough. Did well at Colchester and Norwich but it’s been a downward spiral for a number of years now. Neil - Just watch a rerun of Cardiff v Preston last night. Long ball hatchet merchants. Dreadful to watch. No thanks. Moyes - just taken the West Ham job so no chance but again he’s struggled lately although seems to be doing ok so far in East London. Maybe if he can rediscover a bit of success he might be one for another day? Strachan - Ironically would probably be favourite if it wasn’t him being replaced. Were we too hasty getting shot of him? Is it a case of be careful what you wish for? Any others - no other names spring to mind really, and any I can think of are in no way equipped to manage our national team. Lets not be under any illusion. There aren’t any Scottish managers out there right now who are capable and would fit the bill. I get the impression the SFA want someone currently not working. That thought fills me with dread. We should go foreign and go big. Prandelli or Bilic would be my choice. Would they take it? By all reports Prandelli would be interested not so sure about Bilic though, but Christ it’s got to be worth making an approach surely? We have to get this appointment right and we can’t be appointing someone because the price is right or just because they’re Scottish. Nor because “it would suit me nicely”...
  10. Completely unacceptable in this day and age that a goal like this isn’t given.
  11. New jerseys?

    The tartan army mctartanface one. Looks bloody awful.
  12. New jerseys?

    From what I’ve seen on the Facebook page this morning, the lettering is best avoided!
  13. Damian Green sacked

    He was only sacked because there was absolutely no other option and he couldn’t possibly not be sacked. If there was any way to not sack him, she’d have taken it and he’d still be in situ. Weak and pathetic piss poor leadership and governance. It’s one rule for them and another for the rest of us. I do believe we accept it meekly as it’s pretty much what we’ve come to expect from this bunch of dirty, disgusting, squalid rats.
  14. Mo farah

    He does have a personality. Just not a very nice one. And if Michael Owen can win it then anything is possible.
  15. I’d say there was slight contact but I honestly don't believe he had enough of a grip to pull him back. If football was a non contact sport it’s a penalty all day long. But a certain level of contact is to be expected and would remain within the laws of the game. I don’t think it was enough to warrant a foul.