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  1. Sorry, but my heart has been taken by another ...
  2. Probably a combination of all of the above. The current rating system needs overhauling as it is based on topline ie turnover, so say I put in Sky / BT which would increase my turnover as I'd attract sports trade, I'd need to shift quite a bit of beer etc to cover the £12k a year it would cost me, my staff costs would also increase so though my bottom line would increase I'd probably lose most of it as my business rates would increase
  3. the curse of journalism in small ( ish ) town newspapers, I sometimes feel that unless you write it for them word for word, they will get it wrong
  4. We`ve got a fire but had to stop using it many years ago, replaced it with a gas effect one which people are still happy to sit round
  5. You got me thinking there so I had to google, The Stag changed its name many years ago and is now Dunnings Bar, I know where it is but never been in it
  6. Montenegro

    We did a 7 night trip on a Gulet last year, booked it late, knew nothing about Montenegro and half expected it to be a bit run down. More than pleasantly surprised by Tivat where we started and finished with £300 million plus boats moored alongside our wee `pirate ship` , Perast was lovely and the trip through the bay to Kotor was stunning http://www.montenegroholidays.com/tours/gulet-cruise-itineraries
  7. http://www.watfordobserver.co.uk/news/14143803.Three_cheers_for_the_Three_Crowns/ http://www.watfordobserver.co.uk/news/15257597.Hundreds_of_fans_bid_a_sad_farewell_to_George_Michael_in_former_hometown/
  8. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/202436 I am a publican, survived the bad years when pubs were closing right left and centre and still closing in our area, since I took the lease on 14 years ago, 8 pubs within a one mile radius have closed with the latest closing last night. So, on the assumption that you like visiting pubs, please clicky and sign Thanks Michael
  9. Home end Slovenia ticket link

    After all the pre-match scare stories and tickets being cancelled all over the place I reckon everybody got in ok as that section to the right of where we were located seemed to have a few of us in there. Getting into our section was chaotic, the groundstaff were attempting to body search everybody then a guy came across, looked at the numbers waiting to get in and just opened up the gate and in we flooded. I wouldn't have fancied getting on the wrong side of the Slovenian police boys on duty
  10. march to the ground?

    just booked a taxi for 7 of us from downtown to the stadium for 9 euros ( total - yes I did double check ) #signof oldage
  11. Venice

    Sounds as if there`s enough of us flying into Venice to organise a march from the airport to Ljubjana
  12. Home end Slovenia ticket link

    Anybody had any luck ? Just looked at availability and based on sales so far I reckon it`s heading for a crowd of 7,500 http://www.eventim.si/en/tickets/slovenija-skotska-ljubljana-stadion-stozice-989263/performance.html
  13. Looking for tickets

    Update to say we are sorted, it`s good to communicate and help each other out
  14. Ticket pick up

    Mine just arrived - noticed that there was no post code on the address label - checked my SSC account and my post code is on there. Must admit I've never checked this before
  15. Home end Slovenia ticket link

    Lithuanian address ?