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  1. Toepoke

    Russia 2018

    Result for South Korea, 10 seconds from elimination!
  2. Toepoke

    Russia 2018

    Germans oot as it stands...
  3. Toepoke

    Russia 2018

    That attempt at playing him offside
  4. Toepoke

    Russia 2018

    Another Friday night cracker here...
  5. Toepoke

    Russia 2018

    What are they going to do at half time once England are out?
  6. Toepoke

    Russia 2018

    Ah right I thought head to head took priority.
  7. Toepoke

    Russia 2018

    Nigeria winning means Croatia win the group so they might rest some players. Hoaching penalty. Good VAR call again though.
  8. Toepoke

    Russia 2018

    What a finish from Musa there!
  9. Devolution certainly has its flaws as proven recently, but it's still way better than what we had before. It would be utter madness to put a gun to the electorates' heads over it.
  10. Toepoke

    Russia 2018

    I think that's what the Argie fans were calling him. What a strike from Modric!
  11. The guy down the street kindly cut down his massive tree yesterday, so I can now tell how far the sun travels up ma back garden.
  12. Toepoke

    Russia 2018

    They've got Willy to assist them