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  1. Indeed, although Neil Peart had only joined a couple of years before. They were only aged about 22 when 2112 came out, pretty incredible!
  2. I'm guessing that would've been the 2112 tour. Still early days for them, their best stuff was yet to come. I agree you either dig them or you don't, especially the singing! But one of the best live bands in history IMO.
  3. Is it true he's been lifted?
  4. 'Incel' Rage

    Horrific stuff. Thoughts are with the Torontonians Scotty.
  5. Yeah saw that, his failure to grasp the point Hitchens was making was extraordinary.
  6. Noel's handwriting is that bad?
  7. They say there are two types of music fans, those that like Van Morrison and those that have met him.
  8. Royal Baby

    They fecked up a bit on the name front there...
  9. "We are chalke gong, we are chalke gong..."
  10. I don't think demonising Westminster as the root of all evil is the best way to persuade those unconvinced by Scottish independence. Anyone who thinks a future independent Scottish parliament would be immune to corruption is being incredibly optimistic.
  11. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Well he plays for Scotland for starters.
  12. Give 'em a break, the drummer's only got one arm Talking of drummers, I'd say the sloppiest show I've seen was the legendary Alex Chilton (RIP) from Big Star at the old 13th Note. We feared the worst when we turned up for the gig and you could hear they were still rehearsing downstairs. Turns out he had a cobbled together band with Francis from Teenage Fanclub on drums. He's a great drummer but was struggling to learn the material, song after song verged on the edge of collapse with a few trainwrecks thrown in. However I saw Alex a couple of other times and he was storming.
  13. For the record Aberdeen still need to beat Hearts to be in the hunt come next Sunday.
  14. Unfortunately they never wait that late in the season for the decision to be made.