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  1. Yeah that was the only way I can see it working = I was trying to find another way which works - there isnt one. When that finally sinks in the Brexit fruitloops will not be happy.
  2. Surely the Tory right will go nuts now ? Could still bring them down.
  3. I thought someone was to take him out by now ?
  4. Indy Ref 2

    Aye I suppose its like looking in a mirror.
  5. Indy Ref 2

    But to what end ? (it made May look like an idiot and the DUP like arse-holes [both valid views]). Just cannot see what purpose was.
  6. Arlene Foster

    You need help... Or a new lab.
  7. New TAMB Logo

  8. 70's

    Thats my ex's chastity belt..
  9. Booing your own players

    Nonsense - silence means you can let it pass. NOT approval.
  10. Under 21’s

    I'd agree with overhit crosses but could comment any defenders as they had nothing to do.
  11. Under 21’s

    1-1 on my #puter
  12. Under 21’s

    Still on no ? Never seen a more one-sided game.
  13. Booing your own players

    Why ?
  14. New TAMB Logo

    Like it - perhaps darken the shade of blue a bit ? Well that upload messed up the image/white should be as was - limit of 12k upload ? Anyhoo you get the idea.
  15. Malky's Squad