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  1. Doubt I could cope mate. Spent years working there (and having to be polite- now? funk em - arseholes). No way could I go back to work without daily losing the rag.
  2. Rev Billy Graham

    Saw him (parental push) approx 72 in Falkirk I think. Load of shite then as now.
  3. Well done Iceland.

    Been trying to rub mine off for years..
  4. Can I just bring this to the top ? Corbyn's hypocrisy comes to fore as usual in his latest Scottish visit . 2 faced git.
  5. SSC Renewals

    View this email in your browser Scotland Supporters Club Renewals Scotland Supporters Club renewals will open on Thursday, 8 February, with some new features for 2018-19 membership from 12 noon. Over the course of the last year, we have been asking members to tell us what they think about the SSC. We held several focus group sessions across the country and all asked of our members for their thoughts on the current set-up. We spoke to 4000 members and non-members and found out what you would like to see done differently, and how we can make the SSC the club that loyal Scotland supporters deserve. We’ve listened to all the feedback and have made some changes – changes that we believe will ensure that the fans’ needs are the focal point, giving our members value for money and the best possible match day experience we can provide. To take full advantage of the new loyalty points system, members must renew their membership before 31 March 2018. Get more information on the new loyalty points system here. Renewing members will need to upload a new photo, so please have one ready, if you intend to renew. Renewing members will also be prompted to change their password, upon renewal. Thank you for your continued support. Available from 12 noon on Thursday Copyright © Scottish FA 2018 unsubscribe from this list update subscription preferences
  6. Davy Bus - Tel Aviv to Haifa/Jerusalem

    Paypal - on other thread. Now get on with it... :-)
  7. Davy Bus - Bus list & payment details

    Aye prob. Not booked yet tho.. I'll be there..
  8. Davy Bus - Bus list & payment details

    Done * 2 - no doubt see you before then.
  9. Bids to replace Hampden

    I was there..
  10. Davy Bus - Tel Aviv to Haifa/Jerusalem

    Cheers old bean. Not even booked any trips yet anyhoo..
  11. Davy Bus - Tel Aviv to Haifa/Jerusalem

    Put me down for 2 pls - I will pay up-front.
  12. Next Scotland Manager ?

    quite enough agitation young Bankin-ya
  13. Bids to replace Hampden

    Why go to the trouble and cost to reduce it ? That is madness. Any money spent should be for the obvious improvements. No to Murrayfield (despite it being much easier to get to).
  14. Indy Ref 2

    The SCO Gov should tell them to shove it. Regardless of what is returned by the FOI the BBC will just spin it anyway.