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  1. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Surely the SFA have to appoint a chief exec first then let them get on with appointing the manager. Just let Malky Mackay do the two March friendlies if they can’t get anything sorted before then
  2. Euro2020

    No, think it says at least two games at home, if two teams in group are both hosts, whoever has the home game between the two teams will have all 3 games at home, for example, in our case, with the group being at Wembley and Hampden, if Scotland were playing England at Hampden the other two teams in the group would be playing their fixture that day at Wembley, as England would be guaranteed their other two games at Wembley, the other two games in the group would be at Hampden giving us 3 home games
  3. Euro2020

    Would mean if Scotland & England both qualify, whoever gets the home game between the two will get to play all 3 games at home as if it was at Hampden, England's other two games would be at Wembley so we would be in the alternative fixtures those days at Hampden, with the 24 team format and possibility of 3 home games won't get a better chance to qualify and then even make the knockout stages
  4. European Nations League

    Think the higher ranked team gets to play the semi at home but final is at a neutral venue
  5. European Nations League

    Meant to be updating the rankings tomorrow after the final round of World Cup qualifiers tonight
  6. nations league - just replaces 3rd place play offs?

    would surely need to wait until after the play-offs to do the draw. Not just Scotland but other countries that are hosting group games could be involved in the play-offs and think anywhere hosting group games that qualifies is guaranteed two home games in the group stage so UEFA couldn't put teams in groups until they see who finally qualifies

    If the home tickets are going on sale on Tuesday they must have decided on Scotland's allocation by now
  8. A different sport but jockeys are banned from betting on all horseracing and you don't hear many stories of junior flat jockeys betting on the gold cup or grand national even though they wouldn't have any chance of riding in it or affecting it. If the rule for professional footballers is no betting on any game and they all get reminded of that by the players union at the start of the season surely they all know that they can't do it, if they are that desperate to get their coupon on can get a family member or friend to stick it on at the bookies or through that other persons account
  9. Broony is back!

    The England game is only 2 weeks after the Scottish Cup final, he can surely just keep himself ticking over with light training for a couple of weeks then have a break after the England game, 1 extra match in his season won't make that much of a difference, sure all the players will be available to play in June next year if we manage to qualify
  10. Family Section

    think it used to be the East but don't think they have an official family section anymore - you can buy child tickets in any area of the ground now and no restrictions on adults being able to buy tickets in the East stand, previously you could only get adult tickets in the East stand if you were also getting child tickets
  11. Malta Match Thread

    according to commentator, the two centre halfs have only played two games between them for their clubs this season. If they still aren't playing by the October fixtures, will need to look at a new pairing - even if it is two from Berra, Greer 7 Mulgrew
  12. Claude Anelka at Raith Rovers - absolute disaster
  13. Planning on coming through to this before the game with my son & his pal - do you need to book seats on the buses down to Hampden or just put your name down on the day?