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  1. Aw that’s a shame after all celtics hard work in lying down for their reserve team it’s status quo
  2. another ceptic carve up trying to assist their wee team and screw Rangers and Aberdeen
  3. Thumb hooked after not trying
  4. Lot of home fans didnt know who to cheer so haven't turned up
  5. Centre Backs.

  6. Hopefully Killie can get 4th and save the embarrassment of hubz in Europe
  7. Shaw was clearly offside
  8. Congratulations to the Glorious top 6 again without trying and bring on the Edinburgh Harbour windae lickers for the natural order
  9. Random ticket pick ups

    No points should be awarded in view of number of no shows
  10. Match Thread - Hungary

    Sir Craig Levein’s 4 6 0 pays dividends he was a visionary
  11. WHeres the scotland fans

    In the hoose framing their ticket
  12. St Johnstone v Hibs

    Compliance Officer ? - its the hubz way https://mobile.twitter.com/sked21/status/974928686205079553
  13. St Johnstone v Hibs

    Mcginn diving at every opportunity