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  1. Skiing + 1 for give it a go, you don't have to be super fit or even fit. You will have years of skiing ahead of you. If you can do it a weeks holiday is the way to learn as you really progress doing it everyday. As above private lessons will bring you on faster sometimes abroad private lessons are the same price for one or two people. I dragged my wife into skiing over the last few years and she really enjoys it, doing a bit of skiing and then sitting in a mountain restaurant having a coffee (or red wine). Winter olympics starts at the weekend just to get you in the mood....
  2. SSC Renewals

    Another odd email, might as well just said "please wait". Do they not know how much they are going to charge yet ? "As 2016-17 members, you will be the first to find out when the renewal date is announced" Lucky i'm a member, I will know when I have to renew first. Those non-members will have to wait to hear when members can renew !
  3. SSC Renewals

    That last survey was odd, saying things like honestly and asking if we would re-join over and over. Will be renewing as I feel I have to if I want easy access to tickets. I do feel that change is in the air, maybe different levels of membership, gold silver etc ? We'll find out the day before renewals start anyway !
  4. Huns new gaffer

    No reason managers should not get the sack if not doing their job properly. Players/managers moving between clubs in the same league during the season their could be a conflict of interest. Same as loaning players to teams in the same league.
  5. Huns new gaffer

    He would be following in the long old firm tradition of buying up other teams best players to weaken other teams and strengthen thier bench. Personally as mentioned above he's not going to win the league with Rangers at the moment so on a hiding to nothing. If he wants to go, get it done. Still seems to have taken a long time to identify and approach a manager.
  6. Beards

    Saw Jeremy off big brother was getting a beard transplant ! Thats how important a beard is.
  7. Approach for O'Neill made

    Did I dream this last night I am sure I saw something on social media saying he lost his first 18 games in charge. Canna see it now though ?
  8. 15K

    If 18K that will be a good turnout, mid week, this time of year with no competitive games coming up and on tv. Kudos to anyone travelling far for this game !
  9. 15K

    Aberdeen saying only 2k left.
  10. 15K

    15K tickets reported to have been sold for tomorrow nights game. Canna work out if thats good or bad all things considered ?
  11. Rugby Autumn Tests

    Hopefully start with a win. Read that Samoa Rugby is bankrupt but host teams aren't obliged to split the gate money.
  12. Rugby Autumn Tests

    I'll have to check, pretty sure I got my ones for the Aussies months ago.
  13. Huns new gaffer

    He'd be on a hiding to nothing going to Rangers now. Leave it until Rogers on his way out at least. With what he has done in spl I think he would have enough currency for his name to crop for the rangers job again and again in the next couple of years even if the dons don't win anything else. If Aberdeens new stadium does not get approval he may be on his bike sooner though.
  14. Rugby Autumn Tests

    Heading down for the Aussie game. Anyone know what the west stand fan village is all about ? Says music and food or similar. I assume beer will be available ?
  15. Match thread

    Excellent result and deserved. However it was frustrating. Parklife touched on it above, attacking was a bit one dimensional. Also seemed that we had 4 at the back when we were attacking but 3 at the back when we were defending. They were a decent team though so trying to keep on the positives. Roll on Sunday !