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  1. He's pish. A one in 5 scoring ratio throughout his career and what appears to be some serious attitude issues following him around. I'd be amazed if McInnes was daft enough to take him on. There's a reason he's had 9 clubs in 8 seasons.
  2. Would Aberdeen really need, or want, Tony Watt?
  3. Winter Olympics. Official thread?

    6 Olympic races and she's been disqualified from 4 and crashed out of 2. I think the lassie maybe needs to look at her tactics (and that's speaking from my vast short track speed skating experience!!).
  4. Wigan v Man City

    Yes. He had a bizarre exchange with Nathan Redmond after City played Southampton.
  5. Winter Olympics. Official thread?

    If it does I'm getting the missus some.....
  6. Isn’t Tony Fernandes still bank rolling them?
  7. I had you in the sweep to see who would respond first to that!!
  8. If he keeps up his current form he might get his dream move to Rangers!
  9. Liam Miller

    I don’t get that from it at all. I take it as they are adding to the tragedy by pointing out how good his life was prior to his illness. Think a few folk are getting worked up about not much.
  10. I’m not a Celtic fan so I didn’t see the Rangers game this afternoon.
  11. Football Films..

    I'm led to believe the Canadian versions of Green Street Hooligans 1, 2 & 3 are quite inspiring.
  12. I watched a Rangers team with Emerson Cribrari and Kevin Kyle in it so this isn't even close to the most pish side in history. The only pish thing is your use of punctuation!
  13. Gigs 2K18

    That in Glasgow? (or nearby?)