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  1. Shouldn't that be "Hullo"?
  2. If you have a look on FF the vast majority of people can see through it.
  3. And buying players and immediately sending them out on loan (although that seems to be more of an EPL thing). You either want the player or you don't.
  4. Who could Celtic face in the Europa?
  5. Don't think any of the Aberdeen players would get in the Rangers team, would they...?
  6. To be fair to Rodgers he was also pretty honest in saying some of his players need to have a think if they believe they are currently Champions League calibre (or words to that effect).
  7. I know someone that's pumped Chick Young.
  8. You should see what they think about the possibility of Robson and Marshall coming as well!!
  9. It’ll go one of 2 ways. McInnes will either release a statement of sorts tomorrow saying he has no intention of leaving and has unfinished business etc, similar to what happened with Sunderland. Or, Rangers will come back with an improved bid and the Aberdeen bord will release a further statement saying after Derek approached us and informed us of his desire to join Rangers we have reluctantly agreed to let him enter discussions with Rangers. I think it will probably be the latter and he’ll be in place by the weekend.
  10. Not a bad header

    Brilliant! Rino's fair piled on the beef!
  11. With that centre half pairing I can’t see anything other than an Aberdeen win.