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  1. Given that the majority of people pay their season tickets up over 4 or 10 months then they won't be getting the money up front regardless. Next!!
  2. Well that doesn’t make sense to you earlier point as they’ve actually got Gerard. He’s not an unobtainable name thrown out to create a buzz that they’ve no chance/intention of getting (which was your point re Skrtel).
  3. They’ll probably sell a lot more of the full season tickets than they would of the partial ones so there should definitely be a financial gain. Not sure how much mind you. It’s juys posturing from King. I also believe that the orange strip is happening which is fucking cringeworthy, regardless of how much revenue it brings in.
  4. I doubt very, very much that anyone will have renewed their season ticket based on the possibility that we MIGHT shave signed Martin Skrtel.
  5. No shit Sherlock. So by not spunking money we're trying to live within our means which is what people have been banging on about for 6 years, no? And JJ's comment "What part of not finding 5 million Euros.....suggests a transfer budget" suggests to me he doesn't understand what the word budget means.
  6. Current - Resource Planning Manager (😫) Preferred - Music Journalist
  7. Fairbairn

    Welcome to Scotland

    I was thinking more "hands across the water"!
  8. Plus the bumper pay off. Either way he'll likely be set for life after this.
  9. Rangers linked with 33 year old defender at inflated price and wages = Rangers get ridiculed for signing policy. Rangers don't sign 33 year old defender at inflated price and wages = Rangers get ridiculed. I'll give you boys your dues, you're consistent!
  10. Fairbairn


    I once camped at Glencoe on Hogmanay. It was fucking freezing. I was NOT properly prepared!
  11. Logic tells you the exact opposite.
  12. Ah go on, just say what you want to say. You can just activate one of your sleeper log ins if you get banned!
  13. Fairbairn


    Who is Spurs current left back?