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  1. ibelieve!!!

    Russia 2018

    Looked like the linesman put his flag up, so it wasn’t even needed!
  2. ibelieve!!!

    Russia 2018

    Or players that play in their domestic league (whether playing or not). Germany match I think Sane got talked about more than players on the pitch.
  3. £10 sent, I look forward to coming last!!
  4. ibelieve!!!

    Series Worth Watching

    I’m about halfway through it at the moment. great viewing, as already said fuck with getting charged with anything in US of A.
  5. ibelieve!!!

    Wanky Phrases

    2K18 instead of 2018. Whats that all about?
  6. ibelieve!!!

    Huns new gaffer

    Kilmarnock striker Kris Boyd has predicted that Steve Clarke could be lured away from Rugby Park by a larger club, including rivals in Scotland, if the manager continues to do well there. I saw it on BBC gossip column, story in herald but not read the full story.
  7. ibelieve!!!

    EPL players price tags?

    Saw something on twitter earlier saying how Man City were a much better team this year compared to last without the squad changing much. They spent over £150 million!! How can that not be changing much?
  8. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/cycling/42335916 Chris Froome tests being questioned now!
  9. ibelieve!!!

    Huns new gaffer

    What countries do that?
  10. ibelieve!!!

    Huns new gaffer

    They would just be put on “gardening leave”. Why shouldn’t you be allowed to sack an employee who’s not doing a good job. Players can be dropped, not like you can drop a manager to get him to up his game.
  11. ibelieve!!!

    New jerseys?

    http://www.scottishfa.co.uk/scottish_fa_news.cfm?page=2986&newsID=17364&newsCategoryID=1 £55 for the youth sizes?!!!
  12. ibelieve!!!

    Hampden pre game entertainment

    Thought Alan Rough and Tosh McKinlay were very good. The young lad not so good at the quiz!
  13. ibelieve!!!

    Hampden pre game entertainment

    Do you need your membership ID? We're maranta to be going but I can't find my SSC card, surely any ID would do?
  14. Did Naismith not give his Everton signing on fee to Killie youth set-up?
  15. ibelieve!!!

    Team for Malta

    He's a booking away from suspension, think it's almost guaranteed he'll pick a yellow up at some point.