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  1. Iconic images

    Standing at Hampden in 1989 at the under 16 World Cup final and looking at the Saudi Arabia team and thinking, some of they Saudi boy's could be doing with a shave?????????????
  2. Scottish Players in action 17/18

  3. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Great performance by Andy Robertson. The new manager, whoever it is, has a problem. He must accommodate Robertson and Tierney. Huge fan of KT but Robertson proving himself at a higher level.
  4. I feel really insulted at you calling my hometown a shitehole, how dare you!
  5. The all new Irn Bru

    Were is your evidence of this or is it just your opinion?
  6. Ginger wine

    I remember my grannies homemade ginger and strawberry wine. Couldn't go the ginger wine. Used to sneak the odd Warnink's Advocatt or if i was game enough a Babycham. (Early 1970's) All the best to everyone.......
  7. SFA website?

    Cheers, remember the email now. Surprised we haven't heard anything since.
  8. SFA website?

    Has anyone been on the SFA website lately? Noticed it's been tarted up. I have tried to access the SSC section to check my away points, can't remember how many I've got but can't get in to it. Any direction would be appreciated.
  9. Forgiveness

    Who's talking sense?
  10. Forgiveness

    Who's talking sense?
  11. EPL players price tags?

    Another huge transfer fee paid. Van Dijk £75 million. Will be interesting to see if it was money well spent.
  12. Boxing day, time to relax??????????

    Feel your pain. Didn't know what was in the grandsons gifts. Boxes of lego. 30yr old stepson having more fun with the lego than his nephew
  13. Ah well, another Christmas day over with. Just up, house a mess, dishes to be done, left overs to be nibbled at. Day to relax and watch the football and horse racing. I wish, grandson coming over at lunchtime, not seen him yet. Let the carnage start again. The joy's of the festive holidays. Hope everyone had a good day. All the best..........
  14. EPL players price tags?

    Some clubs have money to burn...... Manchester United have wasted more money than any other team in the Premier League, research has found. A transfer review by the Prime Time Sport consultancy released at the Soccerex global convention in Manchester found that £474.81m worth of players signed by Premier League clubs over the last three seasons were used in 50 per cent or less of the total minutes of their club's season. At the top of the list of culprits were United, with a total of £117.61m, followed by Tottenham Hotspur £100.81m. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-3225400/Manchester-United-wasted-money-expensive-flops-Premier-League-joins-throwing-cash-drain.html#ixzz51k4bI8E9 Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
  15. EPL players price tags?

    Yeh, timing wasn't great......ah well