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  1. Lairdyfaeinverclyde

    Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Agree. Will take my post back....
  2. Lairdyfaeinverclyde

    Liverpool vs Real Madrid..

    Got a link, not English commentary, sorry http://www.hesgoal.com/news/30560/Real_Madrid_vs_Liverpool.html
  3. Lairdyfaeinverclyde

    Scottish Players in action 17/18

    They will still be talking about Leigh Griffiths in 50 years time. He will be remembered as the man who boosted the population of Scotland.
  4. Lairdyfaeinverclyde

    Champions League

    Forgot about Darren Fletcher. Worked beside Paul Lamberts sister and remember her leaving work to go to the final.
  5. Lairdyfaeinverclyde

    Champions League

    Looking forward to the final tomorrow night. Not really bothered who wins. Just hoping Andy Robertson play's well. Great experience for him. The first scotsman to play in a champions league final for over 20 years, i think? Good luck to the young man. I know it's not the champions league but good luck to all the scotland players playing in the English league play off finals over the weekend.
  6. Not really my thing. Just trying to lighten up a message board that takes life and football too seriously.
  7. I think the only bang relating to Rangers is the sound of drums when the marching season starts.
  8. Lairdyfaeinverclyde


    Some do talk shite tho. used quote instead of edit.
  9. Lairdyfaeinverclyde


    People seem to forget that on Christmas day, hogmany, New years day. early hours of the morning (if there is no bus service) people would be fucked getting anywhere without taxi's. Deserve a tip.
  10. Lairdyfaeinverclyde


    I always tip the taxi driver because i worked in the job for years and know how little they earn for the hours they put in.
  11. Lairdyfaeinverclyde

    Play offs

    Thanks for correcting me.
  12. Lairdyfaeinverclyde

    Play offs

    Apparently so. Only going on what the commentators said on the telly. Could be wrong tho
  13. Lairdyfaeinverclyde

    Play offs

    Thistle getting relegated, deservedly so. Just proves a team with less resources can win games by being organised and determined. Livingston had the lowest budget in the championship, not even enough players to fill the bench. Punching well above their weight. Well done David Hopkin and Livingston. Thistle being backed by the multi millions of the Weirs (Lottery winners)
  14. Lairdyfaeinverclyde

    Scottish Cup Final

    Don't want to get in to a debate on this, the boxing is coming on. I believe it's down to good coaching and scouting. Who had heard of Rogic before he came to Celtic? Good coaching, scouting and ability made him the multi-pound player he is.