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  1. Home end tickets

    There is segregation immediately outside the gound. A metal fences separates the home and away sections. Most countries are quite lax about their segregation. That doesn't mean that Hungary has to be lax too. They don't want to give us more tickets, and they have no obligation to do so. I don't think Scotland fans will have any chance of getting tickets for the home end, never mind getting in the stadium.
  2. Home end tickets

    Sigh. We have the entire away section of the stadium. They can't increase the allocation as to do so would compromise their security arrangements.
  3. Random ticket pick ups

    Many people don't think names are printed on the tickets. You should post a pic of your ticket to prove them wrong
  4. Random ticket pick ups

    The SSC won't send the tickets if they won't arrive in time
  5. Random ticket pick ups

    Passport or membership card.
  6. Allocation

    Why would they bother? They sold us their allocation and made their money. They won't care if some folk can't make it and the ticket can't be used.
  7. Still Game

    Just watched the second episode from series 8. Wasn't impressed with either episode.
  8. Any spare Scotland Tickets

    good luck to anyone trying to use them
  9. Allocation

    Doubt there will be many gaps in Scotland end. Probably around 50 empty seats
  10. Allocation

    How would that work? When buying in advance you need to register. Your ticket has your name on it, and needs to match your passport. If buying on the day you need to show your passport, and they're unlikely to sell any to Scotland fans.
  11. Allocation

    They're not making it easy! I assume you have to register via their site. I was thinking about going to their Friday night game too.
  12. Allocation

    The away section is 'E'
  13. Allocation

    I'm not suggesting people are harvesting every game. Hungary tickets are £9, and that gets you two points. Throw in Costa Rica at £15 and you get another point. By the time Israel game comes round you have 3 points more than someone who didn't harvest.
  14. Allocation

    Think it was around 25% for Sweden in 2010.
  15. Allocation

    Depends on the game It'll range from 5-20%