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  1. Fortunately we never hear of Scotland fans whinging about away allocations.
  2. wubbs


    Kosovo were playing their games in Shkoder.
  3. wubbs

    Hungarian GE

    True, although they've only been in government for a few years.
  4. wubbs

    Hungarian GE

    Sadly, that's pretty much spot on. Immigration always gets blamed for diluting a county, tradition or culture. However, these things will only survive if the younger generation choose to preserve them.
  5. wubbs

    Hungarian GE

    Many of those who critise immigration in Hungary are more than happy to go work in another EU member state. Same situation in the other 'Visegrád' countries too. Quite frustrating. There aren't any left wing governments in the EU - most are slightly left or right of centre.
  6. wubbs


    They're meant to be opening a new high speed line between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem (via the airport), but it's been delayed until October.
  7. wubbs

    Random ticket pick ups

    You asked for a panoramic photo as proof. Whilst this isn't a panoramic, it is a photo taken during the game, and shows plenty of gaps in the crowd. Are you suggesting the entire back two rows decided to go for a slash at the same time? SSC do a fantastic job. However that doesn't change the fact that there were at least 200 empty seats in the Scotland section, which is ridiculous given the number who watched the game in the pub.
  8. wubbs

    Random ticket pick ups

    The photo doesn't show anyone congregating down the front, not does it show how many were at kiosks or toilets. All it shows is the number of empty seats in a snap shot of the crowd at a particular point during the evening. The gaps are sporadic if you look closely. The photo was taken towards the end of the first half (I am top left, and moved further down as soon as the half time whistle went). If that photo had been taken at half time people would be sitting down, some would have food and drink, and I doubt anyone would be waving a flag, clapping, or looking in the same direction.
  9. wubbs

    Random ticket pick ups

    As I said earlier, 90 empty seats in the back two rows. That was 20 minutes into the game. If you don't want to believe that, that's your problem. SSC members who were in Budapest and didn't have tickets should be asking why there were so many empty seats.
  10. wubbs

    Random ticket pick ups

    Wasn't much space to congregate at front or on stairwells. I heard a rumour of 150 uncollected tickets.
  11. wubbs

    Match points change con

    Usually within 2 weeks of the game.
  12. wubbs

    Match points change con

    If anyone is struggling to understand the new points system, maybe worth having a reading the SSC site? https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/scotland/supporters-tickets/scotland-supporters-club-membership/ssc-loyalty-points/
  13. wubbs

    Random ticket pick ups

    Only the back two rows. There were a total of 133 seats - of which 90 were empty Plenty of gaps further down too. I would say at least 200 empty seats in Scotland end.
  14. wubbs

    Boat Trip

    He didn't go.