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  1. Bratislava

    Check these; http://www.welcometobratislava.eu/eventland-top-events-and-places-in-bratislava/ http://www.kcdunaj.sk/ Can't say I pay much attention to places with live music, however Michalsk√° and Sedl√°rska (both overpriced tourist streets) are probably your best bet. The majority of decent pubs/bars in Bratislava close between 11 and midnight.
  2. March 2018 friendly rumour.

    My proximity to these countries has no impact on my suggestion
  3. March 2018 friendly rumour.

    Hopefully we'll get an away game against Hungary or Romania as they're both in the same pot as us for Nations League.
  4. Rankings

    They are using the Nations League places to determine the pots for Euro2020 qualification The Four group winners from Division C will be in Pot 3 along with the two best second place teams (not sure if that's determined by UEFA rankings or results from Nations League). The remaining 9 teams will be in Pot 4.
  5. Rankings

    Don't think a victory wouldn't have been enough to lift us into Division B. Turkey would have had to lose as well.
  6. Friendly Next Month

    With a potential 19 competitive games between September 2018 and March 2019 a few friendly defeats isn't really going to matter in the grand scheme of things. We're not going to need any rankings for at least 3 years.
  7. Yeah, I imagine the draw will be after the play-offs. Could end up with a play-off final between Azerbaijan and Scotland, for example, with both countries having host cities.
  8. European Nations League

  9. European Nations League

    Yes, this is how they're doing it.
  10. European Nations League

    That would be acceptable; a very winnable group.
  11. European Nations League

    Here are the pots for division C. Pot 1: Hungary, Romania, SCOTLAND, Slovenia Pot 2: Greece, Serbia, Albania, Norway Pot 3: Montenegro, Israel, Bulgaria, Finland Pot 4: Cyprus, Estonia, Lithuania Here are the potential venues I'm hoping for Greece, Bulgaria and Estonia. Also keen to avoid Norway, Lithuania and a 3 team group.
  12. European Nations League

    cheers this one is updated after each round of games, hopefully it matches with UEFA one tomorrow http://www.footballseeding.com/national-ranking-uefa/ranking-2017/
  13. European Nations League

    Have UEFA updated their rankings yet?
  14. Wurzburg?

    Frankfurt is probably easiest, but there should be a direct train from Munich to Wurzburg too.
  15. Alternative format for Qualifying

    He makes some valid points, however it would shaft the fans.