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  1. Random ticket pick ups

    Got pick up message yesterday, not a problem, save me fae having to look after it for a few weeks 👍
  2. Allocation

    Got 2 tickets, wee bit of a faf about wi family & friends but probably down to me being a 💻🐴
  3. Boat Trip

    Hi, their flight gets in at 16:30 so probably to late
  4. Boat Trip

    HI my sons keen so I'll confirm 2 places, 2 others might be up for it but they don't arrive till the Monday so depends on timing. Cheers Gordon
  5. Boat Trip

    Hi sounds good, put me in for 2 places & I'll confirm when my son gets back to me. Cheers Gordon
  6. Booing your own players

    Think it came to Aberdeen as SFA didn't want the embarrassment of another half empty Hampden, Holland normally take a good away support but lucky if there was 40 of them so smaller stadium was the way to go, central belters just nae happy to travel for once. We should play most of home games in the nations capitol at Murrayfield. They should play the U21 matches at different grounds around the country.
  7. Booing your own players

    Condemned if we boo condemned if we clapped in response to the few numpties who did boo, can't win wi some folk
  8. Booing your own players

    Plenty of room at Fir park to stand, nae many there usually.
  9. Booing your own players

    Think that's more a govan thing.
  10. Inverurie T A flag

    Coz when we spoke with him we worked out that Peterhead was about 150 miles closer to Inverurie & were helpful people up north
  11. Booing your own players

    Does that include both glasgow club grounds where international games have been played in recent years or are they all saints there.
  12. Booing your own players

    Agree on both points, would be happy if neither got another cap as both nae where near international level. Thought Jack had a decent game tonight, seen him play full back for the dons & he never looked comfortable there.
  13. Booing your own players

    Some idiots did boo Jack but when it happened a lot of others started clapping him, tonight he played for Scotland nae his club team so should have been backed like the rest of the team. I backed him but next time he comes back I'll be giving him pelters. How the f**k does Forrest get near the national team, he's utter garbage.
  14. 15K

    17,850 home fans with 33 dutch in 2k away section so nearly a full house.
  15. 15K

    Just the misguided ones with short memories.