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  1. Rich NATA

    Iceland is a Nice Land

    Your know the rules... Photos please.
  2. Rich NATA

    Haifa... Jerusalem... Tel Aviv...

    I think there are places between the stadium and the centre... Firstly, The Duke... Then Frankies... Then The Bear and then Charlies... All in a row... However, according to Google Maps, you don't hit The Duke until you've been walking an hour :-(
  3. Rich NATA

    Haifa... Jerusalem... Tel Aviv...

    What's Haifa like at the bottom of the hill?
  4. Rich NATA

    Haifa... Jerusalem... Tel Aviv...

    Your post seems to tie in with my thinking i.e. Tel Aviv is a nice place, but when it comes to sights and experiences, there is no contest; Jerusalem wins hands down. By way of daytime culture, I need no convincing, but what's Jerusalem like by way of nightlife? I know I keep saying this, but with a population twice the size of Tel Aviv, I suspect you can enjoy a night on the lash in Jerusalem just as much as in Tel Aviv.
  5. Rich NATA

    Haifa... Jerusalem... Tel Aviv...

    FFS, only just realised you had a post preceding mine :-)
  6. Rich NATA

    Haifa... Jerusalem... Tel Aviv...

    Having just read the Tel Aviv chapter in the Lonely Planet guide... I've absolutely no doubt Tel Aviv is a wonderful city, but by way of daytime sights, Jerusalem beats it hands down. The question is; what is Jerusalem like for a night on the lash? With a population twice that of Tel Aviv, I suspect it is just as good as Tel Aviv... Where there are people, there are pubs! Haven't even mentioned visits to Bethlehem, Nazareth and the Sea of Galilee! No doubt Wanderer will arrange such a tour ;-)
  7. I always make a point of staying in the host city for 3 nights and will do the same with Haifa... Obviously want to add Tel Aviv (seemingly TA HQ) to that, but it would be criminal not to allow substantial time for Jerusalem... So, ideally, it needs to be a 3 city trip for, but fitting it all in... taking into account the Sabbath... getting back for the match at Hampden... it's all proving problematic. Seriously considering ditching Tel Aviv for Jerusalem... Tel Aviv, may be party central, but Jerusalem ought to be allocated time (incidently, Jerusalem is twice the population of Tel Aviv). Anyone on here have any experience of staying in Jerusalem - especially the 'new city' as opposed to the 'old city's. Obviously, I'm trying to combine daytime culture with nightime drinking shenanigans... is that possible in Jerusalem?
  8. Rich NATA

    Albania v Scotland

    Aye, but there's no where else you'd rather be come match day.
  9. Rich NATA

    Gigs 2K18

    I liked Oasis, but I didn't make any effort to engage with Noel's solo albums... Then saw him as a support act 3 times last year and thought he/they were excellent
  10. Rich NATA

    Gigs 2K18

    Saw them in the relatively 'intimate' surroundings of Southampton St. Mary's Stadium last week... What the fuq The Stones were doing in Southampton, I don't know... Same with Dylan 3 years ago... Fell on my feet; bought an £89 pitch ticket off of a genuine fan on the day and he only wanted £70 for it. Anyway, they've still got it. They were as great as ever, so if you can, go and see the dinosaurs in the zoo before they become extinct.
  11. Rich NATA

    Albania v Scotland

    https://www.skyscanner.net/ ... is s good website for researching flights.
  12. Rich NATA


    I don't get it either. Seen one, you've seen them all.
  13. Rich NATA

    Songs you hate.

    I've always disliked 'Help' and can only think it's because my earliest memory of that song is a French and Saunders Comic Relief version of it.
  14. Rich NATA

    Songs you hate.

    Absolutely. As for Steve Wright... I have absolutely no idea how he has a prime time radio show on a 'national' channel. He's like Colin Hunt from the Fast Show.
  15. Rich NATA

    Songs you hate.

    I did mention the radio in the office, did I not?? Sometimes I get overruled by other people. That said, I've got my own way in recent weeks.