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  1. First Scotland games

    TV - Costa Rica 1990 (I think). AWAY - Norway in Bordeaux (France '98) What a beautiful occasion; one of the best ever; the Scots, the Norwegians and our French hosts; what a day... night... and next morning. "Were you in Bordeaux?" HOME - Sweden at Ibrox 1996......... 'The Jim Leighton match'. What a night he had; absolutely outstanding.
  2. The Pub - Scam

    The woman I encountered wasn't young; definite MILF age. Very attractive, mind.
  3. ... Not to mention you'd be too busy banging her like a drum on your hallway carpet!
  4. I quite like that... especially the Claire Sweeney / Carol Vorderman looking lassie... I'd happily unzip her red Postcode Lottery fleece.
  5. The Pub - Scam

    I'd heard about this before I visited Budapest a couple of years back. Was she a glamorous blonde MILF type? If so, I've met her. I'm not entirely sure what the scam is, but I knew to be weary of her. She promptly asked me if I'd buy her a drink, which I refused to do simply because I thought there was a scam coming - plus I saw the expression on the face of the waitress, which indicated, 'don't trust this woman'. There was a story about waiting on a friend who would be there in 2 hours. Like I said, I don't know what the scam is, but something didn't seem right. Ignore her and she'll soon piss off.
  6. KenDoddDeid

    I've only seen/heard bits and pieces from him (An Audience With... for example) and to be honest I thought a lot of it was clever rather than funny. Going back to my previous post about the advert promising a 4 hour long show last year and the long tours; I must admit I was intrigued by that... Intrigued at how he could have 4 hours of fresh material and intrigued at who his audience might be; a loyal, long-term-fan audience was my conclusion. Dara O'Brian tweeted today that he had attended one of Dodd's shows and it was 5 hours long (!)
  7. They play 22/23 songs now, so 2 hours. Saw them in '95 on the Voodoo Lounge tour. I was right down the front and they were absolutely outstanding. Had tickets to see them in Barcelona a few years later, but Keef fell out of a coconut tree (if you believe the tabloids) and the gig was cancelled. Seen them on TV and online since and they are still absolutely fantastic - but the cost to see them now is outrageous. I've been lucky enough to see them - at a sensible price - and were it not for the astronomical cost, I would urge anyone and everyone to go and see the dinosaurs in the zoo before they become extinct.
  8. SSC Renewals

    Ah, the STC tie... I still have mine - still in its cellophane wrapper. They gave you a choice of a scarf or the tie and I already had a scarf. Little did I know when I opted for the tie that it was so old fashioned (even then) and I would need to wait another 50 years before I could ever wear it. It will come in very handy if I join a bowling club in 30 years time.
  9. SSC Renewals

    Hit or miss? Yes, very. There have been some good gifts... the DVD of the 2006-2007 qualifying campaign and the cotton 60's and '78 style shirts spring to mind, but there has been a lot of tat (for example, the plastic pin badges and the polyester scarf we received). They've reduced the price (good news) but for the price they have set, there should probably still be a gift. To put it into context, I pay about the same to a band for access to tickets and today I received a pack of 4x10" vinyl's, which are only available to members; even if you don't have a record player, you get the downloads too and the vinyls will fetch a handsome price in 5+ years. I've no problem with the SSC ditching the gifts, but I do wonder if the cost of membership could have been reduced further.
  10. SSC Renewals

    Have they scrapped the gift/s?
  11. Who decides on Scotland Kit?

    Sunderland had a pink kit recently. That was quite good. Better than ours. I was not happy with ours being pink, but the design - or lack of - with ours, is my main problem with it. It may have sold well, but was it a great design of a football shirt? I don't think so. it was bog standard. I could do better than Adidas... I could design the best selling kit Scotland has ever had. At times, these kit manufacturers lack imagination.
  12. Who decides on Scotland Kit?

    They don't often strive to design something f*cking awesome; the fans could do better. Re. the pink kit: forget the colour for a moment and think about the design... There was next no no time spent on it.
  13. Who decides on Scotland Kit?

    The question is WHY on Earth did Diadora/SFA do that? There is simply no logic to it. Why did Adidas/SFA put white sleeves on the last kit? It defies logic. It doesn't make it interesting; it makes it flawed; ruined, shyte. Sometimes you see a kit and you think, that's class; some thought went into that... Then you see some which look like they were designed in a fag break. By way of a football shirt, I could design something of pure class which would be the greatest seller we've ever had; why do manufacturers not strive for that? Do they not strive for it simply because, 'The fans will by any shyte, so let's not spend too much time on it'.
  14. Who decides on Scotland Kit?

    It wasn't a Diadora logo. It simply wasn't. A Diadora logo has curves in it. Have a Saltire or don't have a Saltire, but you don't do what they f*cking did.
  15. Who decides on Scotland Kit?

    What? Had It not been bright pink, it would have been boring as f*ck. It was one of most bog-standard, off-the-peg kits in the Adidas range, which any pub team could have bought for £13 Websites like Clubline sell these kits for such prices, but stick a professional or national team badge on it and they charge £50. By way of design, no thought went into it for Scotland. As for the colour, I'm convinced it was an in-joke at the SFA.