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  1. Feels like it. West Wing was the biggest culprit with the last two being awful. They should all take a leaf out of the Breaking Bad book - end at its peak.
  2. I'd definitely give it another try. Enjoyed it so much more the second time around. Once I'd accepted that it was a slower pace, with fewer firefights.
  3. The Pacific is brilliant, but my advice would be to not do what I did and go into it expecting Band of Brothers 2. I was disappointed with it, and I didn't really get it until I watched it a second time. Rami Malek is brilliant in it (on a side note he knows my niece, who is an actress, and got her a part in the upcoming Freddie Mercury biopic). It covers issues that Band of Brothers only touches on, such as post-traumatic stress disorder. There's only about 10 of the Band of Brothers guys left now. The last of the main one from the series, Don Malarkey, died last year. There used to be a Wikipedia page listing all those still alive, but it came down (or was taken down). A third series, about air crews, called Masters of the Air or The Mighty Eighth, has been mentioned for a long time but never meterialised. Hopefully it finally gets to our screens this year. https://www.warhistoryonline.com/featured/hbos-mighty-eighth-update-getting-close.html
  4. Not a film, but watched the first two seasons of Narcos. Brilliant stuff. Third season not so good, but worth it for Salazar's wife alone.
  5. NFL Thread 2016/17

    That was mental. I can see why they play - both teams have the same conditions and the best team emerges - but are the fans really getting value for money? I have friends in Wisconsin who had family members at the number one game on this list of coldest games ever, -13 degrees, with -36 wind chill. http://host.madison.com/wsj/sports/football/professional/the-coldest-games-in-green-bay-packers-history/collection_2bb8b30c-dab1-11e7-ba95-4f52b5e721cd.html#12
  6. Was that the one who had his hand on the back on her neck and was turning its head when he was talking to her? Bizarre. And his wife was, er, accepting. I'd put money on them having had a threesome lol
  7. Sad ending. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/girl-who-had-affair-with-brad-pitt-1007093.amp
  8. The List

    Was watching more about the harassment and groping tonight, and it reminded me if something I saw years ago in TV. Kim Wilde was on a Saturday morning programme, I think Saturday Superstore, and she was asked how she was and she replied with something along the lines of 'well I was ok until the guy putting my microphone on put his hand inside my bra'. She sort of laughed it off. I always thought the guy must have got his jotters, but maybe not.
  9. Agree with this too. These people are doing nothing wrong. Block their ability to do if it you don't like it, but don't berate them for working within the system. Anyone who's done a homer, or added a few extra receipts to their self-assessment is just doing this on a much smaller scale. And breaking the law at the same time. Maybe the millionaires should be outraged.
  10. Saw this a while back and it left me wanting just a little bit more in order for it to be a film that I'd say was one of my favourites of the year. Like a lot of Netflix stuff it had a small cast and was really well acted. Another one which is similar in that sense, and iirc a Stephen King adaptation too, is Gerald's Game. Couple to watch out for, which I read recently and were excellent books, are The Boys in the Boat, and Devil in the White City. Believe they're both being made into films.
  11. That Tim Willcox is another in a long line of BBC bawbags. At least pretend to be impartial.
  12. Catalonia, to my mind, have looked pretty weak since 1st October, always on the back foot, waiting to see Spain blink. They haven't. Indeed, Rajoy and Spain have come across as incredibly strong. Puigdemont must see this. He now needs to grasp the initiative.
  13. Play off table

    Not sure, but I guess for us to get to 20 would need every single result over the course of a month to go in our favour.