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  1. Lembit Opik was debating Russia Today with that utter bawbag Alex Massie on Radio Scotland this morning. Opik tore him a new one, although I'm sure Massie and his Massi[v]e ego won't see it that way. Massie's argument was that RT is the propaganda arm of the Russian state and Opik and Salmond were being used by appearing on it. At least we have the BBC he was arguing. Until Opik came back to say he was shut down by the BBC when he opposed the Iraq War.
  2. Watched Downsizing last night. Strange film that starts really well and then starts to drag. Could have been great, but wasn't.
  3. If in my grief I'd committed suicide yeez widnae be laughing... Or mibbees yeez would :-(
  4. Lying it on a hit water bottle now. Completely motionless. Not looking good. I think if my son had woken me last night we could have done something. But he wasn't to know. :-(
  5. That's what I thought re the weather. Although we have a pretty warm house. My son telling me it was twitching and making noises when it was in that state gives me some hope! Away home to place him on a hot water bottle.
  6. We always make sure it's stocked up with food, although we suspect it saves lots in its little house. Swithering whether to ask for a half day. What a saddo lol.
  7. My son noticed it last night, but I was in bed so didn't find out until this morning. It wasn't particularly cold when I touched it this morning, and it's leg was moving freely (no rigor mortis).
  8. So we got our son a hamster for Christmas. I didn't particularly want an animal in the house, but have grown pretty attached to her. Woke up this morning and she was lying lifeless in the cage. I thought it was dead, but was reading about torpor and how it might be in this state because it was cold - basically looks dead but shuts down to conserve itself. On texting my son he told me its whiskers were twitching last night. My question is - nobody at home right now, can it survive in this state for long? I'll try to heat it up when I get home from work around 6pm.
  9. Same age. Just got my first varifocals. Took a bit of getting used to. And I think I have tinnitus!
  10. Three pages and still no mention of Absolutely! Dearie me. "That's C for Callum. A for... Allum." "Stoneybridge. We've got a stoney bridge".
  11. I'd love to stop paying. The two recent Saturday night programmes - the wedding programme and that singing shambles - did it for me. Well, that and the anti-indy bias. MOTD is the only regular programme I watch, and I could easily live without it. My worry is this. Yes, you can stop them coming in to your house, but what if they can see what you're watching from outside?
  12. Saw American Made with Tom Cruise. Awful film - watch Blow or Narcos instead. Watched My Name is Lenny, a film about Lenny McLean (Barry the Baptist in Lock, Stock). Pretty good wee film. Worth a watch. Put on Geo-Storm. It kept buffering so I turned it off after about half an hour, but won't go back to it. Pretty dire.
  13. Feels like it. West Wing was the biggest culprit with the last two being awful. They should all take a leaf out of the Breaking Bad book - end at its peak.