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  1. First Scotland games

    Tv - Scotland 1-1 Germany, Miller with the goal. live - Scotland 0-0 Slovenia under Vogts, I remember Berti waiting till 10 mins from the end to make a change because he knew 0-0 would be a stay of execution and a defeat would have sacked him. Also remember Craig Gordon making his debut and nearly fumbling one over the line 😂
  2. McTominay starting again.

    Darren Fletcher was speaking the other week, saying the biggest hinderance to his Scotland career was the Scotland fans expecting him to be creative and attacking because he played for Man Utd, when he was in fact a destructive midfielder. let McTominay give us a base to play from, make simple tackles and simple challenges and let others be creative, let him do what he’s good at.
  3. Angus Gunn

    I’m sure Portugal, France and Germany were all shamed beyond belief lifting international trophies with players born in another country. They should have cancelled the celebrations and given the cups back actually. Or... we could be like all the other associations and try to have as large and high quality a player pool as possible, especially when other countries have taken some of our own players away.
  4. Scotland game on sky sports mix

    Nope http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b045kd58 Cant recall a Scotland game ever being on Itv4 either as STV would just broadcast it via our main channel anyway so it would be on stv as well as Itv 4.
  5. Angus Gunn

    I don’t care what he said, I’d take Harry Kane if there was a loophole and he’d play for us. we need as many good level players as possible.
  6. Scotland game on sky sports mix

    FYR Macedonia 2-1 game in 2013 with the Maloney free kick winner was definitely on the BBC. So was the draw with Nigeria at Craven Cottage in 2014 actually.
  7. Players we have given up on

    Really good informative post! And enjoyed reading it (Minus the cheap shot at Cummings).
  8. Squad and new players

    I was thinking play Tierney in his natural position in the first match because I’d like to see McKenna next to an experienced Centre half, then play Robertson at full-back and Tierney at CB in the second game. I’d like to see McKenna but should be next to an experienced player and not KT IMO.
  9. Squad and new players

    Would be quite happy to see, —————-McGregor———————— Paterson—Mulgrew—McKenna-KT ————McTominay—-McGinn——— Forrest————Armstrong—Fraser —————Cummings/McBurnie——- Have a sneaky feeling he might start Murphy after watching his interview though, he watched him against Hearts and he was terrific to be fair that day.
  10. Squad and new players

    Barry Douglas can hit an outstanding dead ball. wouldnt be averse to trying him as a left sided midfielder for this reason.
  11. Squad and new players

    Really happy to finally see a Scotland manager picking players in form rather than because they play in the over rated EPL. Happy to see young players from Aberdeen, Hibs and Rangers rather than the previous crop. Northern Ireland qualify for tournaments picking Scottish premiership players.
  12. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Jack Hendry couldn’t get a game for a woeful Wigan side that used to play Rob Kiernan at centre half, and had 2 woeful loan spells at Shrewsbury and MK Dons, yet your own St Brendan saw fit to pay a significant fee for a player that had 6 good months at Dundee. My point is that Scottish players can make bad moves to English clubs at League 1 or League 2 level and look worse than they are because the style of football and structure of the league is so different, having a poor spell down south doesn’t mean you’re not cut out for a certain level. im not saying O’Donnell is international level but writing a player off for a poor spell at Luton is silly and with the trip to Central America coming up in May there’s worse right backs we could give a shot to in the squad.
  13. First job for mcleish....

    In fairness Mackay said he turned down the chance to play for his side against Holland
  14. First job for mcleish....

    I wasn’t overly enthused with McLeish’s appointment to say the least but got to give him huge credit for securing McTominay, we’ve lost numerous players over the years to other nations where the manager clearly didn’t convince them. The merits of him as a player can be discussed further down the line but big credit to Alex McLeish and anything that increases the player pool and depth can only be positive. Hopefully more young players will follow suit when faced with similar decisions.
  15. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    You can’t believe Cummings got called into a squad where our midfield consisted of Hibs and Aberdeen players and Matt Phillips started as striker?