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  1. RAH Ward 15 closure

    Spot on Scunnered. Robison had the final say. And as you point out she declined one of the other recommendations from the panel. This is a major SNP own goal in area they have only just got control of. Makes we wonder why local activists should bother helping campaign when the party don't seem to care.
  2. RAH Ward 15 closure

    Any clinical expert on that panel will be cognisant of the budgetary impact of any vote. Their vote was already influenced by the budget not being large enough to keep the RAH. And if you can't cope with the way the normal person in the street thinks then you shouldn't try and argue the toss. That is how folk in the local area see this decision. Robison is a halfwit. She's already said she doesn't have a problem with the cost of children's football in this country and now this. She's a bad news story for the SNP.
  3. RAH Ward 15 closure

    I fully understand how the Barnett formula works and how the cuts South of the Border impact here, however as I said I don't think money should be a key driver in this decision. How much is a child's life worth to you?
  4. New scottish tax bands

    I'm fine with this change but only if it's used wisely. The current cuts in services are not going to look good next to higher tax. Unless it can be shown what the increase is paying for its going to be a major vote loser.
  5. RAH Ward 15 closure

    This isn't the first major feck up by the SNP, obviously just in my opinion. I cannot agree with the release of the PanAm bomber and that was why I joined the party. Sadly the direction they are going in is not the one I agree with. Not really sure how to quantify the "rules" for closing a ward but the first must be risk to lives. Cost is way down my list of priorities and I'm happy to pay more tax to back up these sorts of decisions.
  6. RAH Ward 15 closure

    Yes. Have a look in the relevant websites. It's all public record. Or you could talk to the parents of the kids that had to go to Edinburgh. I hope to God that isn't required today since we've now got a heavy layer of snow and it's still coming down.
  7. RAH Ward 15 closure

    On the face of it, it's an obvious decision as we've got the new fancy hospital just up the road but that's all it is. The new fancy hospital isn't coping. It's had to pass patients out to Ward 15 at the RAH and even Edinburgh recently and alarmingly regularly. There are children in the local area that need treatment quickly when required. They will die if they are transferred to Edinburgh. It's not a maybe or a possibility, it's just facts. The new hospital can deal with a lot more serious issues but if the less serious ones are clogging up it's beds then it won't cope. Shona Robison has already made a few questionable decisions since getting this job and I just don't think she is up to it. I'll be making my point to both Derek and Gavin but I doubt it will do any good. I just can't forgive this lack of consideration for children, especially the ones that need this service.
  8. RAH Ward 15 closure

    The announcement yesterday by Shona Robison on the closure of the children's ward at the RAH is an utter disaster on lots of levels. The new children's hospital is already unable to cope and just the other week had to transfer children to the RAH because of this. Now the next nearest children's hospital is Edinburgh. Children will die because of this decision. The excuses being touted are just disgusting. The fact that the staff found this out via the media shows the absolute rank hopelessness or Robison. She's out of her depth and should either be sacked or resign to hopefully let someone with a brain take over. I'll be contacting my MP and MSP as well as my local Councillor to point out that they have definitely lost votes because of this and they have also lost a family's worth of campaign helpers from my house. I won't support them if they can't support the weakest in our community. Raging doesn't come close.
  9. First half there was absolutely hopeless defending especially from the Saints. The left back was a shambles and cost 2 of the 3 goals. Aberdeen were in total control in the second half sadly, and GMS goal was an absolute screamer!
  10. Iconic images

    The picture of John Collins reminds me of the opening game in 98. I was in London on a training course and had to watch the game in a pub with a pile of Englishmen and a Moroccan. Took some stick after the early Brazil goal but when we got the penalty and I saw it was Collins taking it I started celebrating before he even kicked it. In the line ups before the game, when the camera was panning along during the anthem, the bold John Collins gave the viewers a massive confident wink. There was no way he was going to miss. By the of the game the English lads were gutted that we hadn't got the draw. Also at some point in the 90s Rangers played Dortmund in the CL at Ibrox and it ended 2-2. We'd scored first then conceded 2 and Goughie scored a late equaliser. I was on holiday in Corfu and hadn't realised it was a mostly German pub. The locals had enthusiastically celebrated their teams goals after my early minor cheer for 1-0. So when we got the final equaliser I had a major cheering session including turning to face the Dortmund supporters.. Needless to say a quick exit at full time was required. 😀
  11. Iconic images

    The big images I have are of Peter McCloy swinging on the crossbar, Tam Forsyth scoring from about 6 inches out to beat Celtic, McCoist's overhead kick against Hibs not long after he returned from a leg break. Also vividly remember Marco Tardelli wheeling away to celebrate scoring in the World Cup final, calling Brian McClair a wanker for missing a sitter of a header against Brazil in the Rous Cup and him hearing me and giving me a death stare. 😀 A snowy St Mirren game against Dunfermline which ended 2-2 while sitting behind 3 of my Rangers heroes (McCloy, Mcdonald and McLean). Game was very poor but exciting anyway.
  12. Frankly if he's capable of beating people and doing nothing with it, he's not worth the 750k. I'd say our evaluation is much more accurate. So, assuming your summary is right I'd prefer if we just promote from our own youth setup. Ive seen nothing of the boy in question so don't have an opinion of him.
  13. Stuart Cosgrove

    Agree with most of this but Paddy Bonner? 😀 He's every bit as bad as Derek Johnstone.
  14. Stuart Cosgrove

    So we can child abuse to his charge sheet then? 😉
  15. Stuart Cosgrove

    Have to confess that I did click on it at first with some trepidation along those lines.