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  1. The snp came out very early saying two msp's were being investigated, i sense a bit of politicking here,, i have heard through the grape vine that other party's are up to their kneck in it, so if the snp come out with lets face it "trivial" allegations then It will force the hamd of the other holyrood party's.The steady trickle will turn into a flood i have nea doot
  2. How was the drinkink culture pre-"carry out" where people relied on going to the pub to get drunk? My dad said the pubs used to close at 10pm but that everyone came out earlier. Now it seems everyone gets steaming before they go out, end up down the road the back of eleven.Maybe just my dad reminiscing on his youth but he says it was far better and busier than it is nowadays, no question that the carry outs have been detrimental to pubs, but have they made our drinking culture worse also?
  3. I hope this legislation goes through as Scotland culture around drink needs to change, will this help change this? Probably not but its still worth a go
  4. Indy Ref 2

    The worrying thing is that there are a lot of "JIMS" out there.. it was always going to happen
  5. Oil

    I can bet my left leg this discovery is ten fold bigger than is stated, just like the buzzard, lancaster, claire ect..companies always underestimate their discoveries mostly because it keeps the government away to an extent with regards to taxation,, and it suites the governments agenda just now not to call them out on the true reserves of the feilds
  6. Just down loaded his album Erratic cinematic,, good little album with a few cracking tunes,, seems to be making a bit of a steer just now.
  7. Ruth Davidson

    A very angry lady is ruth,,, she needs to be held to account by the media for her party's policies,, for a while she was getting a free run but that's starting to change of late...Nicola needs to keep doing what's shes doing"the day job ?" for the next year or so and we will see a lot of supports returning.. three of my local northeast constituencies will return to yellow i have no doubt,, just let the torys drive the voters away
  8. I see they have name Neil Oliver as the new president, a very poor choice IMHO. it's not that he has a different political persuasion to myself more to do with the fact his political persuasion seems to infect his outlook on historical accounts.His take on the highland clearances was an absolute disgrace and could have been written by an absent landlord.. poor decision
  9. Goodbye Runrig 1973-2018

    I will away give it a bash if the dodgy wifi lets me do so ?
  10. Goodbye Runrig 1973-2018

    Tickets sold out in no time, never got a ticket, a bit gutted
  11. Goodbye Runrig 1973-2018

    I relate a lot of their music and political views,, this has a lot to do with my affinity with the band. They carried the Gaelic culture at a time when it really was in the doldrums,, also their music relating to the highland clearances has extra meaning to me as it's something i am passionate about.basically what i am saying is that they are more than just a music band. I probably like what they represent more than their music if i am honest
  12. Goodbye Runrig 1973-2018

    I really hope donnie returns for that gig however unfortunate his political persuasion is
  13. RunRig announced their fair well tour today which will fimish with a concert in stirling,this is a must for me,, grew up listening to them as my mother always had them playing in the kitchem/car ect..after donnie left i lost interest to an extent.my interest was reignited when inpicked up a book called "A dance called america" in the airport,, this book started my interest in the highland clearance's and with that name i thought i would download a few runrig albums of my youth. i always have them playing. A great band who stand for somthing that goes past music,, a truely brilliant band
  14. https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/news/moray/1329733/tributes-to-speyside-landlord-who-manned-the-bar-for-nearly-60-years/ always fancied going into that pub when passing,, the owner seemed a rare lad,,
  15. Was the time we had the playoffs against holland,,i caught the bug and havnt found a cure