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  1. RAH Ward 15 closure

    Not sure if that can be criticised TBH, everyone and their dog knows labour F###ed it up, and when the snp picked up the batton i dont think they had any other options than the path they went down. But you’re right there needs to be some sort of shuffle regarding advisors/strategists somthing is missing ATM
  2. RAH Ward 15 closure

    The snp are definitely making progress its just gonna take time, the snp good storys dont stay on the MSM sites long and always contain a “BUT” http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-42777017
  3. RAH Ward 15 closure

    100% agree, as if the proposed closure weren't bad enough, the timing is dreadful!! right in the middle of the toughest spell for A&E, it was like the buisness rates changes being announced right before the council elections, it just would not have happened under salmond.I wish salmond would come back in some form maybe as an advisor of some kind, just to guide the ship that little bit better. Alec is up to something, i have heard rumours that his house in strichen is away onto the market. For the record i hope the ward does not close for social and political reasons
  4. RAH Ward 15 closure

    Its not all Westminster’s fault but its part of the ptoblem, you must see that? You must also must see the contrast between wales NHS(labour) england NHS(tory) and scottish NHS(SNP) with scotlands nhs consistently outperforming the rest, and when it comes to protecting the vulnerable the SNP although not perfect do a good job with what they have. Whats the alternative?
  5. Yes very much pie in the sky, however i am a great believer in never ruling anything out because it is over ambitious, we need to have confidence when approaching projects of such magnitude, granted this would be to big a stretch with not enough reward,
  6. I seen on the news earliers on that following boris’s insane idea to bridge the chanel between France and England, that folk are now speculating whether a bridge between ireland and scotland would be possible or feasible. I have to say the idea of that is very appealing but would it be worth the 15bn estimated to build it? Iam not so sure, i dare say it would be great for business, tourism ect. It will never happen although the idea is very appealing . There was talk of tunnelling from caithness to orkney back in 2005 but that never got off the ground, it would be great for the islands and their economy had that gone ahead, i am not sure if it had ever been discussed for western isle’s but it would be great if the far flung islands were connected to the main land however much a pipe dream. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-42772343
  7. RAH Ward 15 closure

    Chill ally, renfrews upset at a local level, rightly or wrongly The government will never please everyone, its just impossible,, the main thing is we all head towards the same goal of independence, its a long game and a up hill struggle against the hostile media.Its somtimes hard not to get overly onvolved in it, sometimes better to take a step back for a while or it does get the better of you. A referendum will be called 2020 and my guess is that the SNP will make all the unpopular decisions just now so that time heals any upset caused,, its a long game so don't burn yourself out
  8. New scottish tax bands

    Yer right renfrew, need to see results which i am confidant they will achieve, heres hoping the extra money generated will go to the right places
  9. RAH Ward 15 closure

    Behave yer self ally it’s obviously somthing renfrew cares about so you cant blame him for being against it, in the grand scale of thing i see where you are coming from however renfrew is entitled to be pissed, i would actually say more members of the snp should stand up when they dont agree with specific party policies, it save the party from going in the wrong direction IMO
  10. RAH Ward 15 closure

    I hear you, just dont lose faith, not yet anyway until you see the outcome and whether the decision whatever it may be is the right call, i had the same dilemma a while back, i did not agree with a few decisions being made, instead of going well f### it, i decided to get more involved to insure the local party did not make such a questionable decision again.My thought was that its my party as much as those making the decision why let them drag a party which have done brilliant things for the country in a questionable direction. Out of interest what would be the underlying issue be for closing a small ward like that? Money,hospital conditions access ?
  11. RAH Ward 15 closure

    So whats the ins and out’s to this, the pro’s and cons? I always get a sinking feeling when i see lads like yourself losing faith
  12. Indy Ref 2

    It’s sticking a lot more than it had previously, throw enough shit and some will stick, unionist local authorities seem to be a huge problem
  13. Indy Ref 2

    I have never seen the media so relentless and organised at constantly smearing the SG it day after day
  14. Indy Ref 2

    I did see that there was a new hospital just along the road, so why the “uproar”? Is it just political jousting?
  15. Indy Ref 2

    I see theres been a decision regarding the childrens ward in paisley, i dont know the ins and outs of the decision, is it just me or could they have timed it a lot better? With all the bad headlines regarding the NHS it just seems that it could have been timed better, gives the press another bone to chew on, a bit like the buisness rates fiasco being announced right before the local election, madness! I can guarantee if salmond were still at the helm the timing of both these decisions would have been better.