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  1. Scottish Labour

    That's better odds than you can get on her joining the SNP by the end of the year - 16/1.
  2. Scottish Labour

    If that were the case then I would have thought you would have said something like "it'll be a change for her to be eating rather than talking bollocks". I can't think of why you would use "bollocks entering her mouth" without intending it as a reference to fellatio.
  3. Scottish Labour

    I am and I didn't misunderstand the point which was that as a Lesbian, Kezia Dugdale will not be used to having male genitalia in her mouth.
  4. Scottish Labour

    Why do you feel the need to bring her sexuality into it?
  5. Scottish Labour

    What's unusual about this is that while she'll no doubt be aware of what the reaction has been to her going on the show before she goes in, while she's on the show, she's completely cut off so will have no idea what the reaction is to her "performance". What's interesting is that while there was a load of bile being spewed from various Labour types initially - and surprisingly she was getting more support from the SNP - senior figures in Labour, i.e. Corbyn and Leonard have railed back from demanding she's suspended from the party. I suspect that's because there might be some ambiguity about who knew what in advance of her plans - I see Jenny Gilruth is saying she spoke to both Anas Sarwar and Richard Leonard in advance. She also seems to be suggesting that it wasn't someone from #TeamKez who leaked it on Friday night, which caused it to overshadow the leadership announcement and which seemed to cause the major upset - my money would be someone from Sarwar's camp. The other part of that is that if they suspend her then it lets her totally off the leash. Presumably she'd serve the remainder of her term as an independent and so would be free to say what she thought. Kicking her out might make her more vindictive. I doubt she'd cross the floor and join the SNP but stranger things have happened. I've always thought she was equivocal on Indy, I doubt that its what gets her out of bed in the morning but I suspect she was at best a soft-No. Given the way things have gone post 2014, I wouldn't be surprised if she'd changed her mind - assuming that in the secrecy of the polling booth she didn't actually vote Yes. I also think she's a lot friendlier with Nicola Sturgeon than either lets on.
  6. I think that poll is UK wide and those who "support" Scottish Independence aren't Scottish Tories who think it would be beneficial to Scotland but rather English Tories who want to get rid of Scotland.
  7. Scottish Conservative and Unionist party, the clue is in the name. What's more, until they merged with the Conservatives in the UK in 1965 they were a completely separate party called the Unionist Party. The short answer is no.
  8. Scottish Labour

    Kezia Dugdale going in the jungle for I'm a celebrity. You couldn't make this shit up.
  9. She'd go for a safe Tory seat in the Home Counties somewhere which would get around both your points. Oh shit, I've just had a really bad premonition. Theresa May stands down as PM and an MP, causes a by-election in Maidenhead and the Colonel literally parks her tank on my lawn.
  10. Approach for O'Neill made

    Chris Coleman going to Sunderland apparently.
  11. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/16-year-old-girl-died-9864006
  12. I'd be absolutely amazed if you can buy a bottle of wine for much less than £4-50. I just looked on the Tesco website and the cheapest bottle of white wine - 75cl - was their own brand Lambrusco Bianco. It was £2-50 but at only 4.1 units, it would only have to cost £2.05 under MUP. The law is targeted at the high alcohol/low price brands which very few people drink other than to get as drunk as they can, as quickly as they can.
  13. Yes but that's for a three litre bottle of super strength cider that has 22 units of alcohol. A standard 0.7 litre bottle of Vodka has 26 units for comparison.
  14. It's not a tax increase the retailers keep the additional profits, presumably the manufacturers and distributors will also be looking for their cut as well. The Scottish government couldn't put a tax on alcohol even if they wanted to as that's a reserved matter. Whether the government looks to recoup that in some other way is another matter but not part of this act. This isn't a silver bullet, I don't think anyone is suggesting that it alone is going to solve all of Scotland's alcohol problems. That doesn't mean that it shouldn't be tried though. I also don't think it's directed at alcoholics - it's clear that they need special therapy and assistance - but more people who drink more than is good for their long term health and specifically amongst the young. There's quite a bit of evidence that policies like this can have a positive impact on people's choices, it's not just about the cost but there are other more subtle behavioural nudges in play.
  15. Scottish Labour

    Second leader this year gone. Presumably it will be the latest Jackie Baillie pish at FMQs tomorrow although I imagine this week we not see a repeat of her question from last week about people standing down from ministerial positions resigning as MSPs as well. You just knew as soon as she made this party-political, there was a Labour skeleton just waiting to jump out the closet. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-41995175