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  1. I think most people who watch EPL football live would agree with you.
  2. Genuine question. I can understand that he may no longer support the SNP but does he still support independence?
  3. Well done in reading the document in just 7 hours.
  4. Is any country 100% independent though? Given the interconnected nature of global trade, communications, etc., etc., any country has to trade off some levels of sovereignty to take part. On your basis, the only truly independent country at the moment is North Korea and even they are to an extent dependent on support from China.
  5. It doesn't. It recommends Sterlingisation which is different.
  6. So not even the most watched game on subscription TV.
  7. That's bollocks - the original point, not yours. I bet that the FA cup final would have the highest TV audience, followed by othe FA cup games and England Internationals. They were all on BBC and ITV.
  8. If it's only 5 times then he should definitely stay at St. Mirren.
  9. What do you think the difference between the wages that he's getting at St. Mirren and what he'll be on at Sunderland, I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't about 10 times as much. Its a bit of a free go really. Sunderlands reputation is such right now that if it doesn't work out and he gets binned it won't be career ending. New owners as well, fronted by the guy from Eastleigh who wasn't shy in splashing the cash about there. St Mirren should go for Ross Jack as replacement for a laugh.
  10. aaid

    Scottish Players in action 17/18

    I bet you they aren't.
  11. They're having to export more to counter minimum unit pricing - probably. See you can put an SNPBad spin on everything .
  12. aaid

    Squad for Mexico and Peru

    I'll grant you that players are fitter and stronger however, they have to be as the game itself is quicker and more intense. Teams might have bigger squads but the best players - the internationals - tend to play every week. How many games has Tierney played this season. It's got to be around 60.
  13. aaid

    Squad for Mexico and Peru

    We also used to play four games in a two year qualifying campaign and hardly any other friendlies. In 1978, Liverpool played 6 games to get to the final of the European Cup Final, to get to the final this year, they had to play 14. There's far too much football these days and it's just getting worse each year.
  14. Carney is just saying what he said in 2014, it's a political choice rather than an economic one. i can't wait for the Commentariat to start rubbishing the 400 odd page report as soon as it comes out.
  15. I'm not so sure about that, barring some major disaster or scandal then I'd say that there looks like a slight Indy majority in Holyrood for the foreseeable future and slight is enough. That's not nailed on and there is always the danger of the electorate simply getting fed up of the current government and fancying a change - but there needs to be a credible alternative and I'd argue there isn't one or likely to be one. That's all dependent on support for Independence remaining at the same level it has since September 2014 and that being the primary determining factor of how people vote in Holyrood elections. Neither of these look like changing any time soon over. The Holyrood voting system actually works in favour of the SNP and Greens to an extent and works against the Unionist parties. In 2016, the SNP constituency seats went up from from 53 to 59 on that basis you would expect the list seats to also fall - which they did - but fell further because of 2.3% reduction in the list vote. However, funnily enough the Green share of the list vote went up by 2.2% - which could only be a swing from SNP to Greens - but that was enough for them to pick up an additional 4 list seats and so meaning there was an Indy majority with 69 seats down slightly from 72 (including Margo) in 2011. The problem for the three Unionist parties is two fold. Firstly, they are almost obligated to contest every constituency and even if they put up paper candidates they are still competing with each other, the Greens however aren't as constrained and can focus mainly on the list, where - because of the dominance of the SNP in the constituencies - they can pick up seats usually at the expense of Labour, Tory or Lib Dems. Secondly - one benefit that the SNP has is that they don't need to concern themselves about the UK dynamic in respect of how they conduct campaigns in Scotland. For Labour and the Tories while they might be in tune on the constitution they are diametrically opposed on almost everything else and I'd say that with a Corbyn led party, that is gap is even further. In 2016, the Conservatives wanted to talk about *nothing but* than the constitution, Labour wanted to talk about *anything but* it. The problem is though that while the constitution remains the defining question in Scottish Politics, they are both fishing in the same pool for votes which is to the SNP's advantage where the constituency votes are concerned.