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  1. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Because when you get the foot in the door, it then encourages the those who don't have the interests of Scottish Football to try and push it open. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/40884525
  2. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Here's one - very good way in which having GB Olympics team in the Olympics would impact on the Scottish National team. For the London 2012 Olympics it was a fairly easy option as the host nations automatically qualify by right and due to money and the need for a host nation competing to make a success of the competition I believe the SFA, FAW and IFA were basically told by FIFA, you can protest and not take part if you want but don't try to stop it. For any other Olympics not held in the UK it becomes a lot more problematic and this is where it starts to become a threat. For the men's tournament - because it is an underage tournament - the qualification route is via the UEFA under 21 tournament whose finals are in the year before the Olympics - so for the 2016 Olympics, these were the 2015 U21 championships played in the Czech Republic with the qualification games being played in 2013 and 2014. The top four teams in the finals qualify for the Olympics. Of the home nations, England qualified for the finals but were knocked out in the group stages. Had they got through to the semi finals, they wouldn't have been able to qualify for the Olympics - as England do not compete in the Olympics - and so would another team would take their place. For the Women's Olympic tournament - as this is a full age tournament - then the qualification for UEFA teams is the Women's World Cup which took place in 2015, where the three top place UEFA nations qualify for the Olympics. England finished third in the tournament and were the top UEFA nation but they couldn't qualify for the Olympics as again, England are not IOC members. UEFA had a mini tournament to decide who took the extra UEFA slot. So there's the problem in a nutshell - outwith the exceptional circumstance of a home nation qualifying automatically - there is no method for GB to qualify for the finals. If the Olympic tournaments were so important then that would mean that all four home nations would have to scrap their Mens U21 setup - which probably means scrapping the whole youth system - and their entire Women's set up and compete as Team GB at all levels. That would inevitably and very quickly lead to all associations merging. The other "fudge" that often gets mentioned is "well, if one of the home nations qualifies then let them represent Team GB", there is something in that except it means that the UK has four chances to qualify for the Olympics where *every other* nation taking part only has one and in no way can that be considered fair. Of course the media will gloss over that as "It's only England who are capable of qualifying", however going back to 1992, the Scotland U21 team finished fourth and so under normal circumstances would have qualified for the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. Any attempts to resurrect Team GB in football should be resisted by anyone who cares about Scottish Football should be resisted at all costs. I've actually a huge degree of sympathy for any of the Womens players as the Olympic Tournament is probably on a par with the World Cup in terms of its importance in the game, so I have no real ill will towards Kim Little and Ifeoma Dieke for taking part. For the men its a different story.
  3. Mcleishs management team

    As much as I hated him as a player, Grant has a lot of experience as assistant and could probably bring a lit to the team. Eric Black would be worth considering as well.
  4. Mcleishs management team

    Christian Dailly's coaching experience is exactly what? Stability wouldn't be a word I'd associate with Colin Hendry in recent years.
  5. Mcleishs management team

    Barry Ferguson's got to be in with a shout. McLeish's captain at club and country, bought him at Birmingham. Will have the respect of the players.
  6. Next Scotland Manager ?

    He's the new Scotland Manager not the new First Minister. If you were to poll all the former and current players you would find the vast majority would have voted or supported No.
  7. Belfast

    The Italian Job was filmed at Kilmainham Jail in Dublin but would be a similar vintage to Crumlin Road. Crumlin Aroad would have been fully operational when it was made.
  8. Angus Robertson Quits as SNP Deputy Leader

    Blackford has said he doesn't want to be considered. James Dornan so far is the only person to throw his hat into the ring. Tommy Sheppard seems to gathering a lot of support and is reported to be seriously considering another bid.
  9. Belfast

    Presumably you got a pass being originally from Larkhall then? I've been to Belfast a couple of times, last one was a couple of years ago and while it was fine and the people very friendly, I did get the impression that a lot were trying to work out, well, what school you went to. Crumlin Road jail is well worth a visit.
  10. I can see how you could take it either way, but that was my first impression when I saw it. I think a big part of the problem these days is that - certainly in online, print is probably different - there is very little editorial oversight in the papers. I suspect that journalists - like everyone else online - just write something, hit publish and then it's up for the whole world to see. That means no-one's looking at it to say "are you sure that's what you want to say?" I suspect the tweets are probably automatd as well.
  11. Comes across to me as implying that he somehow deserved it because he was giving it the big one sending pictures to his mates. Whoever was responsible should get the sack or a boot in the baws.
  12. Belfast

    What school did you go to?
  13. Some pictures at the end of this piece of him doing the mini jump and also throwing a golf ball the length of the pitch. Always though McKenzie was a great player back in the day.
  14. Want to try answering the question seriously? It may still be in the city limits but it's demonstrably not in the city, as if a few hundred yards one way or the other makes a massive difference, i can't believe that Aberdeen fans haven't been more vociferous in demanding that Pittodrie is redeveloped. Theres only one winner here and that's Stewart Milne. Presumably AFC are going to sell Pittodrie to part finance the deal. I wonder who might be the preferred bidder here? Anyone want to take a bet that it's not Stewart Milne Homes? Who will then presumably build houses or flats on the site, so he'll be profiting from both ends of the deal. Be careful what you wish for is all I say.
  15. Genuine question - can anyone name a major club that's moved from their traditional town or city location to an out of town one that's actually benefitted from the move?