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      Just to provide an update on the future of the Tartan Army Message Board. To be clear the board will not be closing and instead will be staying open and will hopefully go from strength to strength. Who Are We? We are a group of Scotland supporters who have varied skills and expertise, along with experience of  being involved in football and running football message boards. When we heard the TAMB faced closure, we contacted the old team with a detailed plan which involved financing and running the board. After speaking to the old team on a number of occasions they have allowed us to put our plan into action. While speaking to them and going on their experience and that of those before them, we have elected to keep our identity private, however rest assured we have the best intentions for the board and those on it. Our Plans. Our plan will involve a number of stages which we hope will not only keep the board going but help improve and rejuvenate it. Our first step will be to do a bit of a clean-up of the board. This will involve some downtime for a few hours where posting will be disabled. We plan to do this early next week, a full notice will be posted on the board then. Once that is completed we will be upgrading the current board platform, both behind the scenes and hopefully aesthetically too. There will be an ongoing process of board improvements which we hope you, the user will help us with, so you have a board you will enjoy We thank the old board team for all their hard work, dedication and their help during this handover and hope you will all help support our plans going forward.


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  1. Modern football - 2 bad showings = a manager getting binned. I remember when the UK media used to rip the pish out of Spanish/Italian clubs for stuff like this back in the day. Now it is normal in the EPL and is sadly spreading into all levels of domestic football on this island. Obviously you are way more qualified to comment on the Dundee Utd situation than I am but I just think this is an example of the madness of modern football. I hate modern football
  2. Irrelevant and Alarming

    Just thought I'd highlight this as it now appears as a main forum/sub thread on the main screen. May be an insight into the background of the new custodians. I think the history of this board proves that the folks who like to discuss betting are more than capable of creating their own threads etc. The fact that this has been manufactured quickly under the new regime has me asking some questions. We are bombarded by gambling advertising every time we watch a sporting event - those that want to seek it out on here can do so by creating/visiting the "coupon" thread or whatever. We don't need a separate space highlighted on the homepage for this. For me it cheapens the TAMB experience
  3. That lad Fraser 89 or whatever must be totally shocked. He couldn't see any way Rangers would lose today at the start of this thread. Came across as a dismissive ##### so pleased his team got beat. 5 words for him moving forward - Professional Sport, Anything Can Happen
  4. Edinburgh Rugby

    straight on the vodka at full time to celebrate that
  5. Edinburgh Rugby

    Is there a bevvy culture at the club or is it just general discipline?
  6. Next Scotland Manager ?

    his second spell went well
  7. NFL Thread 2016/17

    That was all a bit of a mystery but I think initially they were unhappy with him for wanting to take time off to promote his book so they effectively axed him. As you said he returned for a few playoff games but was then permanently replaced for the following season. I remember the Thanksgiving games last season they sent him out to interview folk watching the games in a boozer and a table of people held up a "Bring Back Kev" sign every time the camera was on him. Good laugh because lets face it the girl they brought in to replace him may have been pretty but she was a hopeless presenter.
  8. NFL Thread 2016/17

    I don't think it is. Here's why - the division looks wide open especially now with Rodgers going down with a bad injury in Green Bay. Yes those teams are ahead of us but I've seen nothing to suggest any of them can go on a tear and get to 11 or 12 wins. From the Bears point of view the switch to Trubisky has been done at the right time. Kid looks good. He needs slightly more consistent play from the O-line on passing plays and the receivers need to get open quicker for him but as the weeks pass and they get used to working more with each other I think this may happen. Defensively we are just above average and probably can't afford any more injuries there so if we get some luck in that respect then yes I think avoiding last place in the NFC North is possible.
  9. NFL Thread 2016/17

    Yes just saw that a few minutes ago. Must've been some shock for his friends and family. Used to enjoy his presenting style and for many he would be the face of NFL coverage in the UK. He coached a basketball team in Falkirk in the 1980s also. RIP big man.
  10. Rugby Autumn Tests

    Yes bought the two match package to attend the NZ and AUS games. Very much looking forward to both and seeing how Scotland deal with the challenge both of those teams will present us with.
  11. So no game till march 2019 then.

    Jesus. Not really possible but FFS what a laugh
  12. Scottish Premier League v English Championship

    yeah the yard stick of playing in England = a good player has sickened me for a while. A serious flaw in the mentality of Scottish fans/managers recently. Even if a few of our players moved to lesser teams in Italy, Spain, Portugal that would improve our team if the guys were getting regular game time in those leagues but I guess that is an entirely different conversation.
  13. NFL Thread 2016/17

    Good win yesterday though. Defence and running game look not too bad. Hope they give a good account of themselves against Green Bay on Thursday but not expecting a win.
  14. NFL Thread 2016/17

    It's kind of a moot point as there are a number of teams who would never give up a home game to play over here as they are guaranteed to sellout. The Bears are on the list along with teams such as Dallas, Green Bay, Pittsburgh as well as a few others. The only way you'd see Da Bears is if it was a scheduled road game such as the one they played over here in 2011 (I think it was) against Tampa Bay. The 'home' teams for the London games are the ones with little or no juice in their home market. Outfits like the Jags, Rams, Chargers, Dolphins etc are generally the home teams in these games. Mind you if Da Bears keep serving up the tripe they have been during most of the Pace/Fox era then the Chi Town fans may actually thank the NFL if one of the home game did get played across the pond
  15. Gary Mackay Steven

    Considering the amount of people that go out on the sauce every weekend in Glasgow how many of them end up in the river? Less than 0.5% I'd venture. You offer reasons for how it could have happened which is fair enough but it's still a strange/rare occurrence