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  1. Joshua vs Parker

    I think Parker is durable and may hear the final bell.
  2. NFL Thread 2016/17

    Did anyone who post here attend the NFL live event in Glasgow last night? I went along and thoroughly enjoyed it. Neil Reynolds presented and was joined by Coach Reinebold, Scott Hanson from RedZone and current players Josh Norman and Emmanuel Sanders. Was good to hear them talking ball and they mixed up the proceeding with some fun and games. Not a bad way to spend a rainy Monday night in Glasgow.
  3. 6 Nations - Who’s going?

    No you wouldn't - you'd keep the curtains open so you could gawk.. Actually you'd open the window so you could make smart comments, much in the same manner as you've done with this thread.
  4. 6 Nations - Who’s going?

    France at Murrayfield for me. Hope we continue to build on autumn performances and with a bit of luck we could be in good shape going over to Dublin for what will be a serious test. Can't wait.
  5. Surely with his dual role in the media he shouldn't be walking into traps like that. Then again
  6. Rugby Autumn Tests

    Got a France ticket on Thursday. Not sure how many were on sale but waited in the queue about half an hour and got a good seat. I'm not sure if England tickets are all sold or if there will be a sale for them at a later date. Didn't register interest for that game as have work that day. Mind you not sure I could've afforded it anyway. Those prices, Sacre Bleu!!!
  7. Rugby Autumn Tests

    Damn, but thanks for the info. Added my details to the list
  8. Rugby Autumn Tests

    Great day out on Saturday. Scotland playing a high tempo, attacking game was great to see. It was clear from about the 49th minute onwards that we had the game sown up, it was just a case of how many so it was a delight to see up rack up 50+ points. Atmosphere was superb and so many players who prior to these game would've been considered reserves have put their hands up to start in the 6 Nations. Depth in the squad is improved, reasons to be optimistic looking ahead to Feb/March. On another note does anyone know when tickets for the France game will go on sale or will they all be snapped up already. I fancy this one but there isn't much info on the SRU site.
  9. Rugby Autumn Tests

    Scotland played well on Saturday, ran the All Blacks close. The drama at the end was superb, when Hogg made that break it was a maybe this will be our day moment. Alas not to be. Can't believe how many times we set the table but then didn't eat. The offload from SB Williams for what turned out to be the winning score was worth the ticket price alone, kept him quiet in the main but that one split second was the difference. Looking forward to the Australia game next week now. Hopefully we can play at the same level, they will be looking to make a statement after their hounding at Twickenham.
  10. italy

    Yeah interested in this one tonight. Will watch. I was working on Friday night so didn't see the first leg. I'd expect Italy to win but if Sweden score then they could end up drawing on agg and going out on the away goals rule. The slating they would get over there for missing the World Cup would be biblical. Ibra has already said he wouldn't be coming out of International retirement if Sweden qualify.
  11. Josh Taylor v Miguel Vazquez

    Yeah Micky Josh's body attack is quickly becoming one of the best in the sport. He is so comfortable mixing it up on the inside also. A supreme talent. I was impressed with Vazquez - he came to fight and had his bag of tricks with him - it was so good to see Taylor coming through that challenge in the manner he did. As for Easton's opponent yeah he had a ridiculous style of holding his hands down low and doing some half baked Mayweather shoulder roll. He took some big looking shots and kept coming back for more. Tough guy but he needs to learn to defend himself properly otherwise he will get hurt. There's something about Easton I don't like. It might be his lack of head movement as I think he absorbs too much punishment also. All in all a good night at ringside. - Leigh Griffiths was sat just along from me - he was there supporting his Edinburgh boys Taylor and Easton and was gracious with the constant requests for pictures from people. Back to the boxing - Cyclone showcased some of their other Scottish talent on the card. Lee McGregor made his pro debut. Just 20 years old he impressed me and is being talked about as one to watch. Also heavyweight Martin Bakole moved to 10-0. He is from DR Congo but now living, training and managed in Glasgow. He KOd his man with a beautiful left hook to the body in the opening round of his bout and may be one to keep an eye on moving forward.
  12. Josh Taylor v Miguel Vazquez

    That is a nice story, was terrific sportsmanship at the end between the two fighters. I wrote up a ringside report which my editor published while he was working the fights in Long Island overnight. Here it is for anyone who is interested http://nyfights.com/latest-boxing-news/taylor-masters-puppet/
  13. Josh Taylor v Miguel Vazquez

    Shame you can't attend Micky - it should be another good night. I will be ringside as I decided to work this fight to get a closer look at Taylor as he works. Vazquez is interesting also - very unique style that presents a whole host of challenges to his opponents. I attended the Davies fight in July and it was a superb performance from Josh that night. I though there may have been a few more replies to this one considering it involves a Scottish sportsman who looks like he could go far - anyway here is the preview I wrote for the boxing site I write for, it just published an hour or two ago. http://nyfights.com/latest-boxing-news/josh-taylor-risks-experienced-vazquez/
  14. Aye that was it. Outstanding banter. Here's what really happened https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jerren_Nixon
  15. Was there not a quote attributed to Golac along the lines of "Jerron Nixon is the best player in the world"?