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  1. Joshua vs Parker

    My initial thought on this one proved to be correct. Wasn't a great spectacle, more tactical and the referee's performance was awful. Parker seemed to be hoping that Joshua would run out of steam. He may have done in a faster paced fight but the way it went Joshua was largely controlling things behind his jab. As a boxing fan it was an interesting watch (although the ref frustrated the hell out of me) but I can see the army of casual fans who latch on to these events not being entertained.
  2. 6 Nations - Who’s going?

  3. Stirling is getting extended opening hours for the nights that the two final Runrig gigs are on here if anyone is interested in that bit of info.
  4. Josh Taylor

    Attended at ringside and wrote it up for the site I write on. Not my best work but it seldom is when writing straight after an event http://nyfights.com/boxing-latest-news/taylor-makes-light-work-campos-glasgow/
  5. First job for mcleish....

    Is this player actually any use?
  6. Move to the wanky phrases thread
  7. Mcleishs management team

    I think John Collins would have something to offer in a coaching role.
  8. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Hopefully the approach to Ivanauskis will be made this weekend now that this Walter Smith distraction has passed.
  9. Next Scotland Manager ?

    I wonder if they have thought to give Valdas Ivanuskas a call. Could do a good job.
  10. 6 Nations - Who’s going?

    Thanks Biffer. Will look into it. May need to request an even earlier start on the sauce after the display today.
  11. 6 Nations - Who’s going?

    As I mentioned heading to the France game next Sunday. Can anyone recommend a place to go for some breakfast and a few jars. Aiming to be in Edinburgh about 10am - I know Sunday's can be awkward for getting a beer before 1230pm but I'm putting my faith in the Tartan Army Board's knowledge here.
  12. Joshua vs Parker

    I think Parker is durable and may hear the final bell.
  13. NFL Thread 2016/17

    Did anyone who post here attend the NFL live event in Glasgow last night? I went along and thoroughly enjoyed it. Neil Reynolds presented and was joined by Coach Reinebold, Scott Hanson from RedZone and current players Josh Norman and Emmanuel Sanders. Was good to hear them talking ball and they mixed up the proceeding with some fun and games. Not a bad way to spend a rainy Monday night in Glasgow.
  14. 6 Nations - Who’s going?

    No you wouldn't - you'd keep the curtains open so you could gawk.. Actually you'd open the window so you could make smart comments, much in the same manner as you've done with this thread.
  15. 6 Nations - Who’s going?

    France at Murrayfield for me. Hope we continue to build on autumn performances and with a bit of luck we could be in good shape going over to Dublin for what will be a serious test. Can't wait.