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  1. Decent enough start anyway.
  2. Seems there is still no decision on this...
  3. As manager, or next to comment on McInnes?
  4. 3 draws in 4 games in their group for Apollon Limassol.
  5. Wings Harassment

    Not the same as ELECTED members.
  6. Junior Cup 2017/18

    That was a decent result for them. They then destroyed Huntly in the following round.
  7. Junior Cup 2017/18

    Not a very good day for the North teams. Some beatings dished out.
  8. Junior Cup 2017/18

    I did wonder when this thread would appear
  9. That was the police who made that decision.
  10. Hibs response to that on twitter was pretty good
  11. There's nobody exactly I could whistle blow to. Thanks to the Tories, you need two years service before you have any legal protection. I found that out the last time I was bad. At a previous employer who I'd been with for around 18 months, I received a written warning whilst signed off with depression. I checked it out, and as I didn't have two years service, I had no rights. This time around, I've four weeks service... I left and then quit in writing. Given how small the business is, there's no way I'd want to be able to remain employed there for the sake of my health. The person I got the rubbish from was my line manager, who also owns the business...