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  1. Not good news at all, but will at least provide some closure for his family.
  2. Nah, he's right. If Martin Canning finished 2nd in all competitions with the current Hamilton squad, he would only have done 'ok' and not really achieved much as he hadn't won anything
  3. Mick McCarthy, 18/1
  4. To be fair, the boy who sent him the message in the first place is clearly a bellend. Utterly stupid for O'Connor to respond though.
  5. Cove_Sheep

    Celtic vs Sevco..

    Final clashes with the Hewitt lads wedding, so maybe your club didn't want to win?
  6. Cove_Sheep

    SSC Renewals

    I had been holding off renewing, as hadn't done any of the last few away games due to losing jobs due to issues with mental health. Back in work, things seeming to be back under control, so renewed when I got paid a few weeks back and looking forward to the Nations League away games.
  7. If you want a stoppage time rammy, check out the other game...
  8. Where are you seeing that? A google search only brings up a post on Follow Follow...
  9. Cove_Sheep

    Eric Bristow dies

    His tweets about the sexual abuse scandal in football would suggest that he didn't "always come across as a decent guy"
  10. Cove_Sheep

    Overhead kicks

    Nobody going for Hans Gillhaus?
  11. Cove_Sheep

    Angus Gunn

    James "I don't feel very Scottish" Morrison is a bit different? Aye, ok...