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  1. Mindhunter on Netflix - only 10 episodes. I'm halfway through and the story is really building. In a nutshell 1970s FBI Behavioural Science Unit.
  2. So are the other planets and the sun flat too? Are they all just discs floating about in space?
  3. Anyone who puts milk or sugar or sweetener in tea are for the watching IMO
  4. Flu

    I've had flu once and was totally floored. Didn't feel pain like it again until I got shingles
  5. Not so much a celebrity sighting but Jim Watt drove my wedding car. A very nice old Rolls Royce - a bit Arthur Daly 😄
  6. Forgiveness

    Kimba the White Lion.
  7. Hogmanay

    You just put in to words what I couldn't be arsed typing out!
  8. I'd agree most times, however some people just want to feel a bit of nostalgia. Don't underestimate it, it's way up there with that new Danish thing everyone is doing.