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  1. Mindimoo

    Royal Baby

    In the interests of sustainability I thought we could just recycle this thread
  2. U2 at Hampden - can't remember what year. Dire.
  3. Mindimoo

    Avici dead

    Jude is off her face and listening to anyone but Avicci. Don't wake me up 😆
  4. Mindimoo

    Avici dead

    I think you're mistaking the bible for Tolkein Jude.
  5. Mindimoo

    Avici dead

    Care to elaborate on 'good'? You're so passive aggressive. My full user name is Mindimoo btw.
  6. Mindimoo

    Avici dead

    FFS all I said was FFS! Jude, if it's all written before then you know better than me! I'm a big fan of Jesus btw but don't need to spout shite about it. I'm sure that would be his preferred choice.
  7. Mindimoo


    Yorker and 11 are pretty decent sketches.
  8. Mindimoo

    Avici dead

    Oh ffs.
  9. Mindimoo

    Songs you hate.

    Danny Wilson - Mary's Prayer largely because it's shite but mostly because it's never off Absolute 80s.
  10. Mindimoo

    Summer holiday's.

    We went to Naxos for years and had to fly form Glasgow to London then London to Mykonos then ferry to Naxos. Worth every minute of travelling time!
  11. Mindimoo

    Summer holiday's.

    We're trying Lanzarote this year.
  12. Mindimoo

    Summer holiday's.

    It's beautiful there although a little expensive compared to other islands.
  13. Not only does that look like me but that is a great painting. Wonderful.