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  1. Tartan Army Ltd Statement.

    Haha, NAW!!
  2. Tartan Army Ltd Statement.

    Not allowing my attachment.
  3. I was up at court last June for this case, the judgement was today! This will be in the national newspapers tomorrow. Court.odt
  4. Tartan Army Tm?

  5. Tartan Army Tm?

    Maybe it was just an excuse to go to Glen Affric, love the place.
  6. Tartan Army Tm?

    HD. Before i go into the TM stuff i would like to apologize to everybody who was booked on my Wales/Belgium trips, i hold my hands up, it was my fault and i take full responsibility, i only had one option available and that was to pay the people back with monthly installments, i got a job and paid half my wages into paying back the unfortunate fans who had booked the trains, a lot of the supporters who booked the Wales only train have been fully paid back, the Wales/Belgium train was a bit more expensive therefore the fans who booked up on that train will be totally squared up by May, also, 2 or 3 people who booked up did not want to give me they're bank details due to the circumstances, i can see your point, you will also be paid fully in May. My apologies. Don Lawson/Bob Shields v FTAM Don & Bob are getting a lot of stick about this so i thought it was only right for me to come on here and put everyone right. I am the founder of the Famous Tartan Army Magazine, i gave the current owner the opportunity to come in with me as an equal business partner. After i organized my epic train trip to Paris myself and the current owner decided to let a 3rd business partner into our business, 2 weeks later i was shafted out of my own magazine and to rub salt into the wound he told people the reason he did what he did was because i stole off him, believe what you want. As soon as this happened i drove to Inverness and asked Don Lawson and Bob Shields if they could help me and this is the moment they took action against FTAM, as far as i'm aware Bob and Don have never stopped anybody from using their TM name Tartan Army, When i did the Paris trip i contacted Bob and Don to let them know my plans, they had no problem what so ever, the thing that changed was FTAM doing there own thing and not bothering consulting with the TM owners.
  7. Tartan Army Tm?

    Maybe once the court case is over HD you will learn the truth about this whole affair and you will see why Don & Bob have taken FTAM to court.