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  1. I agree about letting them run around restaurants, unless of course it’s that kind of establishment, but if they’re crying/acting up it’s probably worse for the parents, they not only have to try and deal with it, but also whilst getting dirty looks from the likes of yourself and thinking they’re a bad parent. ironically people criticise folk for handing them tablets to sit in front of too, which are great for keeping them quiet in their seat. Personally I go for the compromise of having the tablet in the bag for later on when they start getting bored/restless.
  2. Not 70s and 80s, but near enough,.. Everytime I hear Nessum Dorma I see in my head Toto Schillachi doing the same celebration mentioned above, Roger Milla dancing at the corner flag and Gazza crying in a montage that for sone reason brings a tear to my eye. a relatively short summation of my my mebory...
  3. A more interesting stat might be “what percentage of the population regularly attend Football...?” Id say 5+ games a season? Scotland would win that out the park i my anecdotal experience!
  4. It’s an awkward science, as a Motherwell fan I’d love to claim the moral high ground, but for most of my life I’ve lived nearer Parkhead than fir park, Albion rovers and Hamilton Accies have always been closer too...
  5. Not a bad gig, it’s a decent squad, definitely good enough to stay up and he’s got 3 weeks to plug any gaps. im surprised he got the gig, but I like him and think he can do a job...
  6. Seems fair enough for that alone.
  7. EPL players price tags?

    Completely bang average players at West Brom get £30-40k a week. It’s insane!
  8. I think if Rangers were top you (collectively) wouldn’t really give a shit about the state of the rest of Scottish football. I don’t remember a lot of concerns during the 90s or 00s. For what it’s worth I think overall the standard has consistently dropped since the mid 90s when everyone was bankrupting themselves to try and keep up with Rangers who ironically enough were bankrupting themselves too, we just didn’t realise. Year on year playing budgets and squad sizes are cut and cut, which inevetibaly is going to reduce the quality of player. You could make a case that As squad sizes reduce their may be better players playing lower down the league rather than in bloated reserve squads I suppose?
  9. Rangers massively underachieved in Europe through the 90s and 00s. Financially they were probably on a par or at least on the same planet as most of the top sides through that period and we’re only interested in humiliating Celtic.
  10. Nadir Ciftci to Motherwell on loan confirmed. Would be great if he could rediscover his Dundee United form!
  11. Going vegan.

    I’d have to presume vegans don’t swallow...
  12. Going vegan.

    I can’t imagine a world without meat and dairy!
  13. I’ll send them my CV.