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  1. Wenger

    It seems that fans of every team in the EPL seem to think they have/deserve a “brand of football” and aren’t willing to accept winning ugly. I don’t particularly like “Big Sam” and his brand of football isn’t the easiest on the eye, but you have to earn the right to play football (copyright Stephen Robinson) by 1st of all being hard to beat. They would’ve been trying to play like Barcelona in the Championship if they hadn’t brought him in. I’m sure there are cheaper more imaginative alternatives they could’ve looked at, but they’re comfortably in the top half of the table, what do the Everton fans want?
  2. Can you not use that word for listening? Every days a school day.
  3. Saw Oasis at Murrayfield just before they split up and they were rotten. Liam didn’t want to be there and hardly sang a legible word into the mic. Was an excellent gig too, Kasabian and The Enemy were supporting and both were great, just let down by the headliners.
  4. Ads

    The Motherwell forum uses the same software and it’s doing same. Every new page trys to open App Store for skybet app. I hadn’t noticed until it was pointed out a few posts back, but it’s only on mobile data, not via Wi-fi.
  5. The boy from Ross county’s going to win POTY next year, was a double prediction. motherwell and Killie top 6 and schalke gong
  6. He came in last March, and had to do a complete rebuilding job over the summer and lost his best player in January. His recruitment has been excellent so far. Main and Aldred came in in January and are arguably better than Moult and Hartley (long term injured). Tanner looks a find too, but unfortunately injured too. I can see both Motherwell and Killie in the top 6 chalke gong the city clubs next season if they can keep their squads together and maybe add.
  7. limmy

    I think you need to watch through too much weird shite to get the good stuff. Definitely has some funny/clever ideas though. Perhaps it improves as you get some of the in jokes?
  8. Is he religiously intolerant too?
  9. If it’s a league thing it has to go to Steve Clarke, the transformation under him has been amazing! Imagine he’d got in earlier, I believe they’d be a close 2nd if you extrapolate their form across the full season. Special mention for Robinson though, 2 cup finals, and I think all our knockout opponents have been Premiership sides, the only lower league teams were in the league cup group. If he wins something we’ll have done it the hard way.
  10. Wenger

    I always thought Alex Mcleish was lucky, but after winning the league Cup with Birmingham I had to reluctantly accept he had something about him. whether he still does is another topic, but I hope so. Benitez definitely has something about him, You don’t end up with a CV like his by luck. Wenger was a great manager, and helped bring English Football into the 21st century. Overstayed his welcome and had probably struggled to adapt. Stubbornness is great on the way up, but won’t win you many friends on the way down.
  11. You’re highlighting one specific incident to say there’s no racist Hibs fans?
  12. I actually don’t mind Alan Brazil, he’s (surely) a bit of a caricature? I heard that call, an Aberdeen fan.
  13. Im slightly ashamed to admit, I listen to a fair bit of Talksport at work, and the names Jim White and Alan Brazil are touting are ridiculous. Using the patter above. Stuart McCall, Ally Mccoist, he who has no surname... Its frightening how out of touch they are with Scottish football. Twice this week I’ve heard the “Scottish Football needs a strong Rangers” line.
  14. Have we heard from the Vanguars Bears yet? Only an official club statement from an angry Jim Traynor is funnier than a vanguard bears piece. ”No Surrender”