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  1. Corsica have just returned a Nationalist Govt.... hey currently dont want Independence , just more power.. Will be interesting to see what happens in Catalonia this week.
  2. Died at 60.... awfy young.....
  3. Mount Hope is the UK's Highest Peak. Ben Nevis is Great Britain's highest peak.. also the highest peak in the British Isles. The UK . ( legal term) constitutes the Countries of Scotland, and England, the Principality of Wales and the Province of Northern Ireland AND all other dependent Territories. etc etc....... It includes loasda a wee rocks and enclaves around the world as well as some of Antarctica... Hence Mount Hope is in ''other dependent Territories'' so is the Highest in the UK... and Ben Nevis is the Highest in Great Britain, and the British Isles .
  4. What one? I fancy a listen.. Cheers.
  5. Aye, not 2018....... that will be before Brexit actually takes place, and we will have the anniversary( Celebration no doubt) of WWI ending. 2020 if fine by me.....
  6. Pretty Solid on the NAW side as well unfortunately... I think this slightchangeis mainly down to demographics..( 1% a year). auld NAWs dying and new YESsers coming thru,, rather than a major switch in the right direction.. However slowly, slowly is good, once you are YES you dont go back, once you realise how you were fooled.... Also no Ref till Spring 2019... IMO...
  7. Aye, i thought it was more like.... '' So you give an answer that is the same as the Govt.. but you are not in the SNP....''. So it proves that people can give non Yoon answers and not be in the SNP... The Yoons see everything thru SNPBAAAD lenses...
  8. Aye, this has been conformed to me by my Dons mate..... Jack Ross as replacement.... £800 compensation,.. for MacInnis no Ross..
  9. World Cup Draw,,

    I am sure Slanj will be doing their A.B.E. Shirts again...
  10. World Cup Draw,,

    I read today Last time England won a group game was 2006......or a non group game maybe . Is this correct? Pretty Shite if it is. Better than us , i know, but still shite.,...
  11. World Cup Draw,,

    Group A Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UruguayGroup B Portugal, Spain, Morocco, IranGroup C France, Australia, Peru, DenmarkGroup D Argentina, Iceland, Croatia, NigeriaGroup E Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica, SerbiaGroup F Germany, Mexico, Sweden, South KoreaGroup G Belgium, Panama, Tunisia, EnglandGroup H Poland, Senegal, Colombia, Japan Thoughts and Comments
  12. World Cup Draw,,

    AT 3pm Today The 32 teams who have qualified will be split into eight four-team groups, drawn from four pots. The groups will contain one team from each pot. Teams have been placed in the pots according to their position in the Fifa world rankings for October. The exception to that are the hosts Russia, who are automatically in pot one. So Pot One contains the seven highest-ranked teams plus Russia, pot two has the next eight teams in the rankings, and so on. England are in pot two. England can face only one other European team as there can be a maximum of two European sides per group. No other football confederation can have more than one team in a group, so no South American sides will go head-to-head in the group phase for example. The lineup of the pots is Pot one Russia (hosts), Germany, Brazil, Portugal, Argentina, Belgium, Poland, France Pot two Spain, Peru, Switzerland, England, Colombia, Uruguay, Mexico, Croatia Pot three Denmark, Iceland, Costa Rica, Sweden, Tunisia, Egypt, Senegal, Iran Pot four Serbia, Nigeria, Australia, Japan, Morocco, Panama, South Korea, Saudi Arabia View image on Twitter The four pots will be emptied by drawing the eight teams they each contain one by one and placing them in the eight groups of four teams (Groups A to H). Russia, as hosts, will occupy the top position in Group A, while the seven other seeds will occupy the top spots in Groups B to H. The positions of all the other teams (from pots two, three and four) will be decided when they are drawn. As is customary at final draws, a ball will be drawn from the team pots and then another from the group pots to determine the position in which the team in question will play. England’s worst-case scenario Based on the latest Fifa rankings Germany, Costa Rica and Nigeria. Guardian verdict Brazil, Iceland and Nigeria. Best-case scenario Based on Fifa rankings Russia, Senegal and Saudi Arabia. Guardian verdict Poland, Tunisia a