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  1. Our shared Pound ( ie the current one) to be used for up to a period of 10 years,before we use our own currency Bank Of England to set interest rates during this time.
  2. Richard Leonard being one of them...
  3. Aye, and i get to do Distilleries, Castles, Wildlife tours and the like my work in the last 3 months has involved Going to St Kilda, Grading Raasay Distillery, watching baby Eagles on Mull, Dolphin , puffin, and whale Watching off of Skye.... This month i am off to Ulva, Iona and Islay .... But dont tell anyone, im meant to be incognito......😎😎
  4. Actual - Hotel Inspector for Visitscotland. But i mainly do Visitor Attractions/tours etc, I give out the stars.... Prefer.- Love my job actually. so Same Job- Loads more money....
  5. u got that the wrong way round surely..
  6. Wonder why Inverness have been refused a UEFA Licence.....
  7. Aye, just heard that on the news........not that i give a shit, would be interesting if he came to Glesga tho......
  8. Rooney to Rangers.. Wayne, not the Aberdeen guy ..... Surprised there has been no comment on this... Bookies Favourite..... http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/16215094.Wayne_Rooney_one_of_the_bookmakers__favourites_to_join_Gerrard_s_Rangers/ .
  9. 😰 Your definition of Cool differs from mine..... I am sure its a misprint!!!!!
  10. Yesterday i saw Welsh, Palestinian, English, Catalan, Basque and Quebec Flags, Saw a Cornish and Brittany one as well....... I would guestimate 50,000 yesterday, and one of the funniest things i saw. was a Bus Full of Supporters heading to Ibrox ,frothing at the mouth as they were held up just as we entered Glasgow Green..., No trouble seen at all. 200 yes Bikers were impressive , they did a roar past at the Green.
  11. stocky

    Champions League

    Would i be right in saying only 1 Scot has won the English Premier League this Century... or in last 20 years? an even worse statistic Darren Fletcher..... anyone else?
  12. stocky

    Champions League

    Aye, even the guy in Nottingham Forest who won the Champions Cup and we didnae know he was Scottish.........
  13. stocky

    Champions League

    When did Paul Lambert win it? 97?
  14. stocky

    Champions League

    well the whole Celtic team and the Whole Rangers team have played in a Final of European Competitions in the last 20 years. So i would say more than 3. do you mean champions league?