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  1. Future stars

    Fraser Stockton- Houston Utd ,2011's only been playing for around 10 weeks, Dad has high hopes for him...
  2. Aye, first one was burns night, was OK ,, then the Colon Op. that was funny, last week was the break in, also funny but no as guid as Colon.... IMO.....
  3. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    call him up for Costa Rica, Eck
  4. Two Doors Down has been brilliant this year... Honestly ,give the second episode a watch, the one with the Colon Operation, and i guarantee you will have a laugh yir socks off minute ....
  5. Celtic vs Zenit...

    I thot it was funny and well done, Congratulate their opponents on their Biggest ever win, And also have a wee dig at their rivals... Thats what fitba is about..... nae politics or sectarianism here, just a wee cheeky wind up ....
  6. Aye, could have been so much better.. Killie should make it thru Tho.....
  7. Belfast

    In my defence I was 15....... . Not their biggest hit either... ;-) Man check out his flares......
  8. Belfast

    That was the first single i ever bought.........
  9. Aye, i think thats the case. May will carry on till Brexit is finished( another year?) then a new tory leader will emerge, not Gove or Johnston etc but a more Cameron/Blair like guy who will drive forward the 'New better Great Britain ,'the new world Order , The new Reich .... Labour are behind in the polls just now...( FFS how can that be possible ,) and they will be annihilated at the next UK election I believe, it will be Foot all over again Where it leaves Scotland in the next 5 years , I dont know, I dont think there will be a referendum before Autumn 19 but Spring 20 is more likely. However thats just my opinion, and its probably all havers
  10. Could we get him to change his name to Mc Lumbo as well so Steve Clark can cap him when he takes over the Scottland Role..
  11. Leanne Dempster

    Prestos no heard o them for years...... Welcome to 1990.....
  12. Leanne Dempster

    Seemingly this lady is favourite. That would shake things up a bit . http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/ also in the national..
  13. Costa Rica Game

    Thought i would start a thread about our next game Anyone got any ideas where this might be played? or any preferences... Unlikely to be Hampden so is it up to Aberdeen or Easter road? A Friday night game could have a healthy crowd..... Or could there be a join the SSC and get a free ticket.......