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  1. March 2018 friendly rumour.

    So much for the plonker posting on his Tartan Army facebook page that we were playing Senegal in London on the 26th March. That's what you get for trying to pretend that you're in the know....
  2. Performance Director

    He's probably stalled a bit and I imagine he'll leave us when his contract expires at the end of the season. He reminds me a bit of Scott Arfield. Brilliant at times, but maybe getting a bit stale due to being too many years with us. Hopefully he'll get a good move to England and then kick on from there, just as Scott did.
  3. Performance Director

    Interesting quote from MacKay in that article: "Kids playing against kids all the way right up stops the flow of an 18,19 year old ending up in a first team and playing 200 games before he's 21". You mean like Craig Sibbald? Who was an ever-present in the Falkirk first team at 18 and completed over 200 appearances earlier this season, at 21? He should be a perfect example to support the argument of the new Performance Director. He ticks all the boxes in that he made his debut at 16, has been playing against men ever since and has smashed through the 200 barrier. There's only one problem. He couldn't get near the Scotland Under 19 or Under 21 sides. Why not? Because regardless of his form, he was continually snubbed in favour of Old Firm players who'd never played a competitive game for their clubs. You couldn't make it up. FTOF.
  4. Why no friendly?

    International fixture dates are usually about a week long. There are spaces for two internationals in each date. Strachan has NEVER played an away friendly in the same week that we’ve had a competitive game. For example: · November 2016 competitive game V England. No friendly. · October 2016 doesn’t count as two competitive games V Slovakia and Lithuania. · September 2016 competitive game V Malta. No friendly. · End May 2016 no competitive games. Away friendlies V Italy & France. · March 2016 no competitive games. Friendlies V Denmark & Czech Republic. If you look through the historic fixtures, the same pattern was repeated in 2015, 2014 and 2013, right back to his first game in charge against Estonia. He played a home friendly against Northern Ireland four days before a competitive game against Gibraltar in March 2015 and did the same against Qatar 8 days before a trip to Ireland, but has never done an away friendly in the same week as a competitive match. The reason I bring this up?? We have competitive games in each period of international fixtures dates next year: Slovenia in March & England in June. Which means that while we might slip in a home friendly before one of those games, it's unlikely the TA will be going abroad again until we play in Lithuania in September.
  5. Under 21s & Under 19 Squads

    Falkirk's Kevin O Hara called up to the Under 19s. Amazing what setting up the winner against Sevco can do for your career.
  6. Scotland Players In Action

    Get both of them in. The more Falkirk Bairns in the Scotland squad, the better.
  7. Scott Arfield Wanted By Canada

    Aye, he was so mediocre that he played in the first Falkirk team to win at Pittodrie in over 50 years.
  8. March/ May Friendlies

    BBC Radio Scotland just announced it as an away game in Prague on the 24th.
  9. March/ May Friendlies

    Effin hope not. I see Internationals as an additional treat over and above club football and I hate when I have to choose one over the other. 3pm Saturday KOs are fine only when there is no club football on.
  10. Scottland Player Transfer Gossip

    Inclined to agree. If the OP has any information to back up his claims then let's hear it.
  11. New Strip Launch

    If we're playing a team in white (like England, Slovenia or Slovakia) would the ref deem our sleeves to be a colour clash? Two players go up for a high ball, one of them does a Joe Jordan V Wales, and all the ref can see are two longsleeved white arms. Who does he penalise? Dark blue and black socks are too close together as well. I can see us having to use different socks like red or white for some of the games.
  12. New Strip Launch

    No, that was the tagged price.
  13. New Strip Launch

    For those of you who're as stingy as I am, now is a good time to be buying the old strips or training gear. I got the pink and yellow away top today in JD Sports Falkirk for £20.
  14. U21S Tonight

    Nothing wrong with anti-Paisley threads. We shouldn't be playing there anyway, as it's a proven fact that in 2015 the home team never win in Paisley.
  15. Bosnia In Playoff

    I just had a wee gander at various online images of the Bilino Polje Stadium in Zenica. It looks a dump. It wouldn't have wanted to go there tonight so I'm glad we didn't finish third. Really I am. Honest guv.