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  1. Jai Quitongo

    The sun? Aye very good
  2. Oliver Burke

    Sud tribune, been to Cologne many times but first time to a football match there. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience
  3. Minute of Applause - 39th Minute

    Does anyone know if tescos, Morrisons, sainsburys etc are having a tribute for the Asda driver killed in Saturday? Where do we draw the line, if an Irish Chelsea fan died in his way to a game do you think Wembley would or should have a tribute? Sorry but not for me, stuff like this is more for the people participating than the person that died.
  4. Oliver Burke

    Was at the Cologne v liepzig game and as well as a decent game it was a cracking atmosphere. Also I kept a keen eye on Burke and he had a really good game and off the ball his movement was great, which you don't always see watching on telly. Hope he continues to improve as he could be a great player for us for many years.
  5. Minute of Applause - 39th Minute

    He was in his way to a football match involving Rangers. If I was a Rangers fan or it happened to a Motherwell fan on the way to a have then I'd expect my club to have a minutes silence/applause before or during the next home game. Same thing if it happened on the way to a Scotland hand I'd expect the Sfa to organise something as well as the club he supported. Someone on Facebook Tamb said they'd be taking a Northern Ireland flag to Saturday's game to pay his respects. To whom does he think he'd be paying them to? Also when I asked if the guy was from the Republic of Ireland and a Celtic fan or an England fan of he'd take a flag of any of those he never replied. We are becoming a nation of attention seekers and grief junkys, leave the grieving to his family and friends and leave any football tributes to his club.
  6. Minute of Applause - 39th Minute

    What about the two people killed in a car crash in Dumfries and Galloway on Saturday? I think they were 49 and 55, we could applaud then two. In fact there was probably people of all ages from one to ninety died somewhere on Saturday, so we could just have applause from the 1at to the 90th minute. I was slated for being disrespectful because I didn't support a minutes applause for the Rangers fan that died. But the ones ( IMO) being disrespectful are those that put one life above others. Unless you know him or have some attachment then there's no need to show any more respect to him than any other person you don't know.
  7. Season tickets

    Spoke to sfa today and they said within the next few weeks
  8. Did I hear a new song ?

    An adaptation of this
  9. Did I hear a new song ?

    Sounds nothing like either of those.
  10. The 0 Pointer

    Report them then. As for the myth about 10 points and never going to a game, come on you're not that gullible. I have I doubt there are people with the odd point more than they should have, there may even be a couple of people with a lot more points than they should have but there are not thousands or even hundreds with a lot more points. I think it's an issue, just not that big an issue. As I asked earlier, how do you catch the ones that are abusing the system
  11. The 0 Pointer

    Do you think it's an issue?
  12. The 0 Pointer

    I assume you've reported people for this
  13. The 0 Pointer

    So who should miss out? How do you catch them?