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  1. Huns new gaffer

    Murty's had two blips but doing a reasonable job and should easily secure us second place.
  2. SSC Renewals

    You're right, it's relatively cheap TV that has constant advertising even on the BBC.
  3. SSC Renewals

    I'm the same, whilst Scotland (team, stadium and governing body) are a shambles overall I think I've passed peak football there's too much of it, the big countries/teams get preferential treatment, the coverage on TV is mind numbing, it's too expensive with too much of the money going to arsehole players and agents. In the past couple of years I've enjoyed junior football far more than the professional game.
  4. Huns new gaffer

    You overestimate Rangers.
  5. Great Covers

    When they were good they were good
  6. That's who I'd go for.
  7. SSC Renewals

    After a very long time I think I'll be chucking it next year.
  8. F*ck me three posts in row when you haven't mentioned Chicago, that must be record.
  9. No, I didn't think there would be.
  10. Is there no end to your constant stream of tedium?
  11. I don't necessarily think you can blame Celtic for their current position, the Champions League is skewed towards the big counties but it is also skewing competition in the domestic leagues in the smaller countries. As it stands Celtic are "doomed", in a good year, to get humped in Group stages then parachuted into a competition that's devalued because none of big teams (and their fans) who are are in it give a f*ck about it (with Man United last year being the exception) so it can allow Celtic to generate more money but not enough to make the jump to the next level.