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  1. Larky Masher

    Liverpool vs Real Madrid..

    I agree what Ramos did was a deliberate attempt to injure Salah and he succeeded, hopefully he'll be punished retrospectively for that and his assault on the Liverpool goalie.
  2. Anybody who used the term "simples" should be sectioned.
  3. How would quoting "How about, 'Sevco come on all Billy Big Baws and fall flat on their face?" have given any insight into the fucktard's article that you thought was a good source to cite?
  4. I think you'll find I quoted ScottyCTA.
  5. Anybody who quotes this f*cking idiot should be sectioned.
  6. Larky Masher

    This Board Needs Tunes

    I've always though that's a great cover as is
  7. Larky Masher

    This Board Needs Tunes

    I heard this for the first time at the weekend and thought it was quite wonderful
  8. You are beyond tedious.
  9. If I need to apologise I do, in this instance it was a valid comment so there's nothing to apologise for
  10. Someone who offering an opinion, if you think that opinion is offensive report it.