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  1. Celtic vs St.Johnstone

    And your limited toolkit comes to the fore again.
  2. Do you mean The High Life?
  3. Celtic vs St.Johnstone

    You're still flogging that dead horse, which is more sad than laughable. But if your only tool is hammer I guess that all you can use.
  4. Belfast

    Bus station is now behind the Europa the last time I was there the Days/Holiday Inn was surrounded by an open air car park which might have been a bus station at one time (look at it on Google earth and you'll see it).
  5. Belfast

    That's the Europa but it's only a couple of hundred yards away, the Holiday Inn is right at the beginning of Sandy Row itself.
  6. Belfast

    I did use my get of jail free card then left after one pint though I've also been to pubs in the Falls, Shankhill, and Lagan Village (I like a wee explore when I travel), got the odd look nobody bothered me. I should have mentioned the Milltown cemetery in my earlier post it's interesting.
  7. Belfast

    I was in Robinson where the Northern Ireland game was on in one room and the Republic game on in an another but it's a good pub as is the Beaten Docket which is close by as is The Crown. There's a huge Holiday Inn right in the city centre (though it used to be a Days Inn so it's more Holiday Inn Express) which is fine though just watch when you leave or you end up in Sandy Row which is very, very Unionist and I did get asked in pub where I was from, though the Northern Ireland supporters' club which isn't far from there is good for a pint. Falls and Shankhill are interesting, I used to visit a factory up the top of the Falls go there but bus and then get one of the Black cabs back down in to the centre. Getting out if the city is worthwhile with the coastal route being wonderful. As for eating out in my trip there (which for the avoidance of doubt were all work related) I can't remember a meal in a restaurant where I thought I'd go back so can't help with that.
  8. Brendan Rodgers

    You should try to pick a drink you can spell.
  9. Gigs 2K18

    ABC, tickets just went on-sale today.
  10. Brendan Rodgers

    Are you going to fight him or interfere with him?
  11. Gigs 2K18

    Thinking about The The but just bought tickets for Peter Hook and the Light doing Technique and Republic, not 100% sure why I did this as these were my favourite New Order albums but hope he'll be giving his as opposed to Barney's (almost bassless) version of Republic
  12. John Mahoney RIP

    I've been watching Frasier episodes recently, they've stood the test of time and Mahoney was brilliant in it