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  1. 1ANDYP

    Squad for Mexico and Peru

    Griffiths has hardly played so cant understand how he needs a rest. And he wanted to go. A couple of humpings in both games i think.
  2. 1ANDYP

    Albania v Scotland

    Sorry its friday to sunday. Sure he arrives at 1ishl
  3. 1ANDYP

    Albania v Scotland

    Mario goes from Frankfurt on thursday. And back sunday
  4. Independence march in Glasgow today. Kelvingrove to glasgow green. I might head along.
  5. 1ANDYP

    Summer holiday's.

    Turgutreis in turkey for 2 weeks in august for me. Albania and most probably israel..counting the days already.
  6. 1ANDYP

    Albania v Scotland

    No. We leave around 5pm with aegean..so got an evening and early afternoon to see a bit of athens.
  7. Going to the clyde game today, hoping we can sneak into the play offs after a dreadful start to the season.
  8. 1ANDYP

    Davy Bus

    5 of us at moment. But will probably be more
  9. Sorry not against ivf. I have many friends who have had to go tbrough tbe ivf process but just dont think its right that same sex couples should have kids made for them.as i said im a traditionalist but accept times are changing. Doesn't mean i have to agree
  10. yes, I also don't think its fair on kids to be brought up in same sex relationships. Maybe I,m a traditionalist
  11. I Don't agree with this kind of thing. Its just not right, and im no homophobe
  12. 1ANDYP

    Albania v Scotland

    Finally booked after a few days looking at every flight, out thur edin to Athens. 1 night there then 3 in Albania. back to Athens mon morning then BA back to Glasgow via heathrow. 280 all in, not bad with great flight times
  13. 1ANDYP

    The Weemin

    A few crackers amongst them
  14. 1ANDYP

    The Weemin

    The poles were on my ryanair flight on monday from bydgoszcz. 6hr delay. So we didnt land till 9-30. Little wonder they tired at the end.