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  1. you're not crossing a picket in my view in this instance. In the private sector it's a shame there are little to few unions left really. a lot of folk in office job positions getting shafted year on year... hardly any union representation left. Public sector still have it but Private has been lost to dog eat dog. A lot wrong with Unions but absolutely imperative nonetheless.
  2. Only an Excuse. There literally cant be a single person now that thinks it's funny. tons of material to use too but Watson's lost it. Don't think his hearts in it anymore.
  3. russia poisioning

    as much as we shouldn't always trust our own secret police... for what reason would they fake all of this? lizard people? Even if they did, for some convoluted reason, is it likely be contrary to the UKs interests? Folk are questioning why Russia would do it? There's far more credible reasons why they would do it than us. I think some folk would argue against anything the UK does. I started the thread because i don't see why we haven't followed convention but some of the theories are madness. A Falkland's fillip!!? bit contrived that.
  4. russia poisioning

    It may of course be the case that we can't say for sure who did it. They think it probably is Russia. What's worse ? Going strong on a good bet or telling the international community you don't have a clue? I can't think of any credible reason it's not originated in Russia, to be honest. That Chemist doesn't prove anything. Hits out with some graphs but doesn't answer the blogger's question and basically 'triangulates' using the same info everyone else is going on. I happen to agree with him but it's not necessarily provable.
  5. russia poisioning

    exactly. I don't for a minute believe if they did it, they would own up to it but why give them the obvious get-out response? For all people laugh at the Brexit negotiations, Britain has long been a diplomatic power. It's inconceivable to me that they would miss leaving the easy answer. But I have no idea why.
  6. russia poisioning

    Definitely one of the weirdest parts of this story. folk are going on as if they're already dead. if it was a state assassination on the qt, what a complete balls up. on the other hand, they may be sending a message not to cross them.
  7. russia poisioning

    i'm more than willing to believe the Russians have done this. I just don't see why we're not following the convention...which would surely demonstrate it to be the case. Corbyn asked the question I would have. What is the response to the Russians request for the evidence and to follow the convention route to resolution? I don't think there's anything to be gained for the SNP to not fully back the UK government on this though. There's some things you have to back the state on. Even if we have issues with the intelligence services it's not a good look to basically call your own liars in an inter-state argument.
  8. why are we not following convention and; -allowing independent and collaborative testing of the source - unilaterally deciding a deadline for answers - failing to give Russia any of the evidence i'm not saying for one minute that Russia aren't as guilty as hell but if national conventions are there for this very thing why are we not going down that route? We're basically saying to another state they have to accept any of our findings on the matter. All on the eve of an election. Again no fan of Russia Today but our own BBC doesn't rebut the reasons the Russians give here... just goes onto say our politicians say we should "hit them hard." http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-43394699
  9. Agree with all of that. All I would add is I don't think much happened to the scale we're talking about without Franco's involvement. Vast demographic change did help his goals in that region. Neither would I suggest 'the Catalans' were the masters in all of this. Like all places; a few take advantage of the many.
  10. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Steve Clarke maybe? Seems to so wonders with what he has and has the ability to work with players of a higher reputation than any Scotland player. Would get the respect I think is most important for a Scotland manager.
  11. Next Scotland Manager ?

    why on earth would Michael O'Neill take the Scotland job when offered a lucrative 6 year contract. It's madness it's even a talking point. Renewing or not renewing SSCs means bugger all to what happens on the park. Get over yourselves. Neither does who sponsors us or how pricey a pie is. It's a not a football club, it's the national team. Why be in the SSC at all? Makes no sense.
  12. The kids are definitely sent out to collect money from strangers (or its part of their culture for kids to just do this). Either way its a bit sad if you ask me. I think the sex thing is a smear though. Hope i'm not wrong and it's fully investigated. I cannot agree using children to gather money in any circumstance is good behaviour and I don't care what anybody says. I know what I am and what I am not. It should be called out. I would say, the backs in Govanhill are far better than they were so something is being done in that regard...but you can't always blame the council for poor standards.
  13. still no real clue what this guy is meant to have done. I think if it's so bad constituents should know.
  14. Aye i don't know to what extent this was done deliberately to dilute...but seems a good bet. My Catalan friends suggest it was..while the other Spanish suggest it was a way to help people get jobs.. I think the catalans resented these emigrants a bit..i suppose like we've seen in many places. I've not really read the books on it though. It does have a whiff of the plantations about it but I think it was more poor workers than wealthy landowners.
  15. ive not verified this in any great detail but anecdotally from my catalan and spanish friends, it seems during the franco era he banned catalan language in places of work and encouraged large scale immigration into the Catalan area from other parts of Spain. The people there now a product of that policy.