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  1. If i was you I'd be more concerned about the possibility of my own team not getting out the championship.
  2. Dundee United fail to capitalise on one of their games in hand losing 1-0 to the sneckie tonight.
  3. Pretty much what the game will entail. Need to stay away from the East end that day. The IRA fest will be in full swing 😂
  4. Good gesture for Liam Miller but aye don't think he's short of money. Out of interest, why are Celtic playing ROI, what's the significance there?
  5. GRBear

    Sevco vs Celtic

    If Sevco play to their strengths, I fancy them to beat Pacific shelf 595.
  6. Not sure but I bet if the player giving out the sucker punch was wearing a Rangers jersey, I'd put my house on an early bath.
  7. 4 or 5 nil to the Govan galacticos today.
  8. I'll take a stab in the dark that if the games go ahead this weekend the semi finalists will be; The mighty Glasgow Rangers Celic Sheep Hertz
  9. But you still tar all Rangers fans as hun zombies. Walloper.
  10. Hmm don't think I've ever used the word obsessed on here. But okay I'll answer your standard spfl rival of Rangers response which is zombie/deed etc. Every judge and authority who has spoke on the matter put Rangers down as the same club apart from those who try to rile Rangers fans with the above. As we just laugh it off because it's nonsense and doesn't bother us one bit 🤣.
  11. Ahh the seethe in your post after a first half pumping is beautiful.
  12. Why the hell did Kane not get a red for that assault? 🤣
  13. Pour me one, love a Guinness. Did you know, Arthur Guinness was a staunch protestant and a unionist.