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  1. Ryan Hardies a decent wee player eh? 🤣 How sweet would it be if this result kept Dundee United in the championship 🤣
  2. Indeed we are tractor boy 😁
  3. 😂 aye I did at the retail park cheers. Had only been to NDP twice before and was on the train both times.
  4. Hamilton – 1,718 Rangers – 3,688
  5. The actual state of this post 😂
  6. Hamilton had about 2/3 of the Main stand the rest of the stadium was Rangers fans.
  7. Parking suggestions for New Douglas park anyone?
  8. Next Scotland Manager ?

    The comments on this thread are absolutely hilarious 😂 WATP
  9. St Johnstone as a team don't really bother me, just another mediocre Scottish team. More your attitude on here towards Rangers that I would take great pleasure in seeing you go down 😁.
  10. Just had a look at STJ remaining fixtures, it's not looking good 😂
  11. What was Tav playing at kicking the Hibs boy when he was at the side of the box facing away from goal? Frustrating and cost the game.
  12. That will be Fox who did similar to let Morelos score in Dingwall. Seems like a bit of a numpty that keeper 😂
  13. I didn't say i expected anything. It is what it is.
  14. Very much a scrappy game with this tattie field at Fraserburgh. Lets get the win and back down the road Gers.