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  1. Not gonna lie, it looked like McInnes was coming to Ibrox and I was hoping he would as I do think he would do well. But staying at Aberdeen, what else can he achieve? You don't get any prizes for second place.
  2. Get in there. Have to laugh at Aberdeen fans that were expecting at least 4 points from this double header. Aberdeen are awful.
  3. Short arse though only 5ft 5. quite happy with my weight, it's healthy.
  4. So wit? Still got pumped oot ? Resort to personal attacks about someone's weight you have never even seen? I can laugh it off right enough because I'm only 10 stone. I'm balding though so you could go for that love ?.
  5. Hiya Parkie, hiya pal ??? think you boys are missing Union Jack
  6. We will always be going for 55 until we win it ? Strip the titles
  7. Rangers beat a strong Watford 2-1 in London.
  8. We rightly got slaughtered for ours so should they.
  9. Rangers and St Johnstone start their campaign tonight. Home win in both fixtures I would say.
  10. That sounds riveting. IRA love in much?
  11. I seen that too, was wondering what it was about?
  12. I seen that too, was wondering what it was about?