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  1. Royal Baby

    On that note, I wonder if Harry’s dad will be at the waddin’
  2. Royal Baby

    True, but I’d take a punt that they’ve no done you any favours either
  3. Digs

    Where we all staying? Where’s the best area? Ive reserved a couple on the promenade as I’m guessing that’s where the nightlife will most likely be . It doesn’t look like the cheapest place for digs though but don’t fancy wandering around half jaiked at night getting home
  4. Train.

    Glad I’ve seen this. Most of the transfers I’ve seen online are coming in at around £40-£45 from the airport to Tel Aviv
  5. Songs you hate.

    My personal favourite is “Pour Que Tu M’aimes Encore” it’s a proper 90s ballad, the English translation is “If that’s what it takes”
  6. Songs you hate.

    ^^^ Team Barlow type post 👍🏻 We should go for a pint sometime hun x
  7. Songs you hate.

    You’ve obviously no heard her French stuff
  8. Songs you hate.

    Don’t Stop Me Now and Bohemian Rhapsody genuinely must be two of the worst songs I’ve ever heard
  9. Royal Baby

    I never knew she was pregnant. That’ll be another scrounging little bastard we’re going to have to pay for
  10. Heard Elton John very clearly from my house a couple of years back when he was at Meadowbank. He's certainly went downhill lately, he’s absolutely gash
  11. Songs you hate.

    They won’t be half as perky as yours though
  12. Songs you hate.

    I’ve probably got bigger tits....
  13. Songs you hate.

    Did he touch you when he presented TOTP?
  14. Songs you hate.

    The Winner Takes It All by ABBA