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  1. DoonTheSlope

    Russia 2018

    It looked like the Swedes were playing with a flat pack 4 and had no IKEA how to cope
  2. You just know that Jeremy Corbyn is the type of cunt that still wears the same corduroy blazer that he bought in 1992. He'll be one of those types that tries to make small talk at the urinal, puts one hand on the tiles and holds his cock the other way round with the other when he goes for a pish
  3. DoonTheSlope

    Russia 2018

    First minute or last minute, a goals a goal
  4. DoonTheSlope

    Russia 2018

    Thank fuck for that! This four team coupon has produced two last minute winners so far. All I’m waiting for is the Nigel’s tomorrow
  5. Martin O’Neill talks some shite too. Thankfully for his sake he was a better manager than he is a comedian He’s a creepy wee cunt tae
  6. DoonTheSlope

    Russia 2018

    Don’t care if he’s black Don't care if he’s white We hate Neymar Because he’s a diving wee shite
  7. DoonTheSlope

    Russia 2018

    Saudia Arabia and Poland. I’ve not seen enough of Panama but from what I did see and I’ve heard they were rank rotten
  8. DoonTheSlope

    Russia 2018

    Did hear about the dyslexic England fan in South Africa? He got arrested for blowing a Zulu’s vulva
  9. Appologies 🙈 No idea how I ended up on here 🤨
  10. What’s this wanker all about with the throw in?
  11. DoonTheSlope

    Russia 2018

    Excellent decision VAR should have been brought in years ago
  12. DoonTheSlope

    Europa league qualifiers

    Hibs could potentially face a trip to Greece
  13. DoonTheSlope

    Europa league qualifiers

    Some things never change 🤠
  14. Looked more than that on the tele. The 2,500 will just be the official England allocation
  15. England fans getting excited winning a World Cup game. Who’d have thunk it Its proper Roy of the rovers stuff. Maybe one day we’ll be the same