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  1. Scott Brown Getting His Excuses In Early

    Scott Brown can gtf with his “Can I be arsed playing for Scotland” bullshit. With the way he treats turning out for his country.
  2. Next Scotland Manager ?

    You’re too sensible for this place.
  3. Hungary

    Ditto, even though I’m no’ going.
  4. Next Scotland Manager ?

    As far as Scots go, he’d be the only one I’d be genuinely happy to see in the Scotland job.
  5. Has Brant Grebner hacked your account?
  6. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Limavady, Ballymena and Lisburn. Won the League Cup with Lisburn. He won 31 caps for NI remember? He knows International fitba’
  7. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Wright was an International player too and played at the top level in England. I’d say he’s earned his stripes with regards to tactics, formations. Saints are actually the 4th club he has managed also. He’s no flash in the pan
  8. So, who is going?

    Who’s on the Interjet flight at 4.55pm on the 30th from Lima to Mexico?
  9. RAH Ward 15 closure

    This is why Black won’t get to the top. Not towing the party line and it’s sad as she is so refreshing.
  10. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Fair enough. But I see Wright as being a suitable candidate to turnlesser players into an over perfoming team. Not just for a few games either. That’s the key. Consistency.
  11. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Why Clarke before Wright? Just curious. I like the way Clarke goes about things too. I’d be happy with Clarke.
  12. Next Scotland Manager ?

    You’re correct but we both know it won’t happen.
  13. Next Scotland Manager ?

    My country needs him.
  14. Next Scotland Manager ?

    If it was just winning the cup it could be put down to one wee run. But Wright has proved year after year after year he can have consistency over seasons. Not just half a dozen games in a cup. Unfortunately Scotland suffers from a major cringe where we have the “He’s pish as he’s at a diddy club” attitude. The same eejits who shout for guys like Souness or Dalglish. Judging them on their playing career instead of looking at who can coach nowadays.
  15. Next Scotland Manager ?

    What’s ironic is that when O’ Neill joins a club, T. Wright will get his job at NI. Scotland could do worse than Wright. People are shouting about Clarke but Wright has had better spells in charge of Saints and he’s done it consistently for years on an absolute pittance.