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  1. How many points required?

    Just received an email saying tomorrow is off now and Friday is now the sale date.
  2. How many points required?

    Yep. All members allowed to apply tomorrow. Have they given prices yet though?
  3. Royalties

    and that’s why you keep quoting me. Keep up the good fight Gaz.
  4. Royalties

    Us being you and a couple of your Rangers pals. I wouldnae call them daily either. But, if it keeps annoying you then it can’t all be bad.
  5. Royal Baby

    Let's hope they don't call the kid Nigel or there’ll be rivers of spunk around the Express offices for months.
  6. Ads

    It’s now just continually loading the page again and again mid-way through typing a post.
  7. Karaoke tune of the fat ugly fuckers that naebody will shag.
  8. Regan Gone

    Decent enough player at Saints.
  9. Royalties

    @Redz just told me that they’d better not start quoting me on Rangers threads.
  10. Royalties

    The eejit journo has Cumnio instead of Kumnio.
  11. Royalties

    How do I go about getting them? https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/949477/scotland-latest-kilt-ban-machu-picchu-scottish-football-fans
  12. Rangers Fans In Rugby Jerseys?

    Absolute cretins they are but is what they did illegal?