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  1. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    That's not something anyone hears very often.
  2. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Playing up front. Big lad, looks pretty mobile. Good touch, just link up play so far. Just made an intelligent run to unselfishly leave his partner free to score at the back post.
  3. Huns new gaffer

    Should the BBC sack Chick ? Not based on him being an asshole, but admitting being involved in tapping up ?
  4. Huns new gaffer

    Chick Young just admitted what we all knew - he tapped up over decades in return for a story.
  5. Huns new gaffer

    As in a specific date I suspect.
  6. Huns new gaffer

    Wow ! Did the wee man not want to write something as well ?
  7. Aye that's not going to cause any problems. It's almost like he is trying to encourage terrorism......
  8. This Weekends Matches 2017/18

    He certainly did. Maybe an element of self-protection but aye, he’d decided to leave his foot in once he’d played the ball. Maybe didn’t intend to actually catch May exactly in that manner but was certainly reckless and dangerous.
  9. Next Scotland Manager ?

    I would differentiate between a support that has a load of drunken nonsense, and one which has a violent casual/hooligan thing.
  10. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Cooper looked pretty decent as well.
  11. Rugby Autumn Tests

    I would try that McGuigan guy up front beside Leigh Griffiths after that football tekkers try
  12. Netherlands match thread

    So we have a midfielder at right back, and a winger as our lone striker..........or 4-6-0. Either Malky is a genius who will become a candidate again, or we are away to get pumped. Wonder which ?
  13. Netherlands match thread

    Hahahaha.......we're going 4-6-0 again
  14. New jerseys?

    What, it criticises you ? In a non-constructive manner ? Complain to HR. No kit should get away with that kind of abuse.