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  1. Talks have apparently taken place between the representatives of Gerrard and ..........the Huns 😂
  2. killiefaetheferry

    Avici dead

    Not this pish again . The only 'enemy of the cross' we should be talking about on here is James Forrest in a Scotland shirt.
  3. killiefaetheferry

    This Weekends Matches 2017/18

    Clarke must go. Not good enough.
  4. killiefaetheferry

    Scottish cup weekend

    We will, but dreading the impact of ANOTHER total reassembling of a squad for next season....oh wait !
  5. killiefaetheferry

    Scottish cup weekend

    Not according to Coisty and big Lee.
  6. You. Cannot. Be. F. Serious.
  7. killiefaetheferry

    David Bates

    What's his background in football ? Just wondering where Hamburg or their scouts know him from ? Just his brief stint at Ibrox or via youth football, or has he been in the international set up ? As has been mentioned, looks like a good move where he is going to get that technical and tactical education that we seem to be missing out on in Scotland. Hamburg a big club but looking likely to be in Bundesliga 2 next season, so roughly similar to English championship level for him ?
  8. killiefaetheferry

    For Killie fans

    We was pwoppa naaawwty in them days me old son !
  9. killiefaetheferry

    For Killie fans

    Aye but he had an afro back in those days (and it's Provan).
  10. Gonnae hold my hand when they open fire ?
  11. The likes of you are first against the wall come the Tribulation ya heathen fucker
  12. P.S. - the Kool-Aid really ISN'T going to transport you as part of the rapture. Or maybe it is........
  13. I presume you are referring to the 'rapture', when the church is removed from the earth leaving the rest of us to our horrible fate ?
  14. killiefaetheferry

    This Weekends Matches 2017/18

    Also last 10 games and last 20 games. Leading Celtic by 2 points over the last 20 😮