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  1. Squad and new players

    Not sure why people are gutted Berra's not in there. It's blindingly obvious why he's absent, and it's nothing to do with McLeish not ever wanting to pick him ever again. We know full well what Berra can do and when competitive games come around, then he'll almost certainly be back in the fold. These two games are about finding out what other options are available to fill out the squad and cover if there are injuries. I don't understand anyone crying about Berra's absence at all. Why would you not want to blood new players in friendlies?
  2. Players we will never give up on

    He'll probably move to Spain at 12 and end up playing for them. ;O
  3. Players we will never give up on

    Alejandro Maroto
  4. Players we have given up on

    So.. Gauld.. Had broken into the Avez side, scored a good goal to win the game against Belenenses, then got injured. Since getting back fit he's struggled to get back into the starting line up, with the management perhaps reluctant to change much as they're just skirting above relegation at the moment. When a club is doing that the manager usually doesn't risk changing things much. Gauld's been 'around' tho.. while almost all have been of the bench, he's played in 15 of the 22 games since he got back fit. He's hardly 'washed up', and still looks a quality player. I think there's a bit of "we dont see him every week, he must be terrible now" going on. I kind of expect him to leave Sporting at the end of the season, Jesus is still in place and he bought 2 central midfielders in the summer and another 2 in January. Carvalho's still there, despite West Ham's half-hearted attempts.. so it doesn't seem like there's room for Gauld in the Sporting squad. He'll need to move to play, but i wouldn't expect him to rush back to the uk. Harper.. Seems to be the main man at Malagueno right now. Scored 11 goals so far, helping them to top their Spanish 3rd tier table. The latest was just a few days ago, where he got the opener in a 3-2 win over Velez. So it seems his move from Brighton is paying off at the moment. Parent club Malaga look certain to be relegated from La Liga this season, so it seems likely Harper would move up to that side to play in the 2nd tier next season. If he can establish himself at that leve, team that go down are usually in the mix for promotion, so he could be starting in La Liga in 2 years. Fingers crossed. Burke.. Just started against Leicester in the Premier League and laid on West Brom's only goal. He's played in their last 6 games, so seems to be finally breaking into the side. He's had a lot of established premier league players in front of him , so no surprise he didn't walk into the side. Only just turned 20, so he's got time, just need to play regular football, which he certainly will at West Brom next season, albeit back in the Championship. In terms of writing any of them off.. I think it's far too soon to even be thinking about that. Having recently seen them play a bit, I think its quite reasonable to suggest that all three would be leading lights at 11 of the 12 Scottish Premiership sides. So no, don't write them off. But don't be desperate for them to suddenly be in the squad either. Caps need to be earnt (unless you're Cummings), and these three are well about that task right now.
  5. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    That seems to be where Barnsley have been using him lately, but that might just be more to do with the personnel they have available. They splashed out on Moore in January in the hope his League One goals would turn into Championship goals, and they don't really have a decent wide left player. Looking at the highlights, I think all McBurnie's goals have come from central areas, where you'd expect a center forward to be. I'd use him as a center forward, let him come a bit deeper if he wants, with likes of Armstrong/Cairney, Fraser and Forrest going past him, so he can then break into the box.
  6. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Got to say.. credit to McBurnie. 6 goals in 7 starts for Barnsley now. Some different goals too.. some nicking in in the 6 yard box, some from the edge of the area, using his head and his feet. pick of the bunch is probably this one tho.. https://youtu.be/8gtcPQLlYwY?t=55 He's got weirdly long shins it seems, that make him look a bit out of control when running, but he's finding the back of the net, which is all that matters at the end of the day. Fingers crossed he can do it for us as well.
  7. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    True, but we're in a transitional period.. so it's somewhat expected. It would have been a shock if McLeish had picked all 4 and gone "right, we're starting from scratch". It makes more sense to bring in one or two along side an established, experienced, steady player like Mulgrew and ease the new guys into international football. I'm with you, I'd have bought Lindsey and maybe given him and McKenna a game each.
  8. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Scored in each of the last 3 games, playing in central midfield.. If he keeps doing that then it's going to be impossible to not play him there and we're going to need a new right back. Especially with Cardiff very much looking like going up and him potentially producing it from midfield in the Premiership.
  9. Kris Boyd

    To be fair to Rhodes, he's being kept out the side at teh moment by Lucas Joao (who has 5 goals, 2 assists in the last 8). Rhodes has mostly been on the bench of come off it for a cameo. Played barely 4 matches worth of minutes this year if you add them all up. But given we have zero strikers in the English Premiership currently, taking a guy with 98 Championship goals seems sensible to me.
  10. Kris Boyd

    Kris Boyd i'll give you, he's 34. It's a bit premature to start writing off 28 year olds as "yesterday's men" tho, no? I'd be all for Cummings if he'd shown any notable level of goalscoring at any notable level of football. He's never really scored goals outside the Scottish Championship, and every single team from that league would finish dead last by a long distance in the English Championship, and which you're dismissing Rhodes' scoring record for that league. If there was another player who had actually shown they were halfway capable then i'd be all for it. Cumming went to the English Championship.. scored 1 goal in 6 months, bottled it and scampered back to Scotland where he's got more league bookings than league goals. Cumming is a bit of a joke cap imo, he's really done nothing to deserve it.
  11. Kris Boyd

    I think you're overstating the if. Rhodes is currently 28, and in 3rd place, 22 goals off the top. Ross McCormack is top and he's off sunning himself in Australia already. Everyone else in the top 10 is at least 3 years older than Rhodes, except Chris Martin, who's still older and is 16 goals behind. It's almost nailed on tbh. As for not being a Premier League striker.. that's as may be. But do we have anyone who is a premier league striker? I'm not sure Griff would cut it there tbh, and McBurnie's too early to tell. Jason Cummings? Seriously? Fact remains we only have 2 strikers who are natural goalscorers, Griffiths and Rhodes. McBurnie might become one.. we can hope. But when you only have 2 proper goal scorers, I don't think you can afford to neglect one of them, especially when Griff seems to have dodgy calves, being out (i think) 5 times with them in the last 3 years. We need to support our options, and our options are few right now.
  12. Squad announced and what it tells us.

    I saw this: https://scontent-frx5-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/29103737_10157212714764377_762974508905660416_n.jpg?_nc_eui2=v1%3AAeEZzjOSHWmYSdPvJ3iiO_9naNQZ9DBRVgdjXPP5RKIHZDMZUTk7wXS99AS-BaR3MYYBOv2BZusIGCCtdeu5PnBy4zKeZZQSEvPY_QrjpMZj9A&oh=6437b467871bf9696911181ddc82eebb&oe=5B442806 If they said forwards somewhere, then sack the lot of them!
  13. Kris Boyd

    Rhodes will almost certainly finish up at the all time top scorer in the english championship. So he can score, we know that for certain. For us.. he's barely been picked. but 3 goals in 455 minutes. So a goal every 152 minutes. No one in the squad gets anywhere near that. For reference, Griffiths has a goal every 226 minutes. So yeah, I think there is an evidence based position to say we should be getting Rhodes in and trying to make the most of his talent. Feel free to bat me down with evidence.. Maybe show why Cummings, who is a pretty bad striker outside of the Scottish Championship, should be in ahead of Rhodes. For me we need to look after the National side.. and Rhodes is an asset we can't really sideline much longer given that what was our mainstay strike force is all but gone now.
  14. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Could well be. Part of me hopes not tho. There's so much redundancy in the squad that there's a high change that both games will be filled with rotation and tonnes of subs. To me, if you take fringe players, give them time on the pitch. Chopping and changing the side around them or only giving them 45 minutes is no use. Better to see 15 players over 90 minutes than 22 for 45.
  15. Kris Boyd

    I thought about 352 or 3511 with Ryan Fraser roaming in behind McBurnie. That could work. Or we just play Armstrong or Cairney right up in a number 10 role. I think we should have gambled on Rhodes tho. With the state of things we can't afford for him to be off form long term. Griffiths and McBurnie will likely end up the first choices, but we need depth beyond them, so anything we can do to help Rhodes get some of his mojo back is worth doing. Those three seem to be the only real goalscorers we have.