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  1. Strikers for next campaign

    To be fair, he starts in the position he plays for his club, a position he's played for much of his 12 year career, which spans two dozen champions league and europa league games, 2 titles, one cup , and english championship playoff and numerous internationals where he's done well. it seems a bit unfair to equate that to taking a guy who's barely kicked a ball at a competitive level and playing that guy out of position.
  2. Strikers for next campaign

    " McKay is one of the top performers in the championship " has turned into "well thought of by fans of a very average championship side" Got nothing against McKay, but up to now he's flattered to deceive. His end product has been very poor for years and that he's had a decent first 10 games is great.. but it shouldn't earn him a call up tho.
  3. Scott McTominay

    Gilmour: 4 games for Chelsea u18s. 3 Goals, 1 assist.
  4. Strikers for next campaign

    Umm is there any actual evidence to back that up? 11 games, 2 goals, 4 assists. Jota has 7 goals, 4 assists.. he's one of the best performers in the championships. The likes of luke freeman (never heard of him) has 2 goals, 5 assists.. so does jamie paterson (who? possibly eligible for us). So if 'one of the best' in your book is "worse than a couple of nobodies" then aye, i'm right with you.
  5. Scott McTominay

    Gilmour seems to be doing ok at Chelsea. This is from last month, and while it's pretty bad defending be Swansea, it's quick thinking and a good hit.
  6. Scott McTominay

    Solanke switched to Liverpool and seems to have had a good start there. Looks a handful when he's played. Chalobah was a regular for watford until getting injured. Ake went for 20mil after looking like a very capable premier league centerback last year. Traore now a starter for Leon after leaving Chelsea in the summer for 9mil. Lewis Baker, regular starter for Middlesboro, out on loan. Ola Aina, regular starter for Hull, out on loan. Jamal Blackman, number 1 for Sheffield United, out on loan. Jeramie Boga, regular for Birmingham, out on loan. Tammy Abraham, starter for Swansea with 5 goals in 10 in the Prem, out on loan. Tomas Kalas, starter for Fulham, out on loan. Ruben Loftus-Cheek, regular for Palace, out on loan. All young players doing well (on the whole) from Chelsea right now. I think they're actually doing better than most in terms of how many players they turn into actual pros at the level we draw our squad from. I have no worries about the quality of Gilmour's football education. It's very likely he'll be capped for Scotland in the future, given the raw material that went in and the ability of Chelsea to bring players thru. The problem is we're not likely to see him for several years, while he's in those Chelsea youth sides. In 3-4 years he might go out on loan to a Championship side and that's the first we'll see of him, and that's frustrating as someone who wants to see how he develops. I guess we're lucky we have a strong central midfield and can afford to wait a few years for him.
  7. Strikers for next campaign

    I find that to be a bit of a silly statement. Joint 2nd for highest number of goals scored in a Championship season. 3rd in the all time Championship scorers list (only 24 behind the leader despite having played over 100 games less). Highest goals per minute of any of the top 10 all time Championship scorers. He's a quality player, questioning that is a bit pointless. You mischaracterise his time at Middlesboro a bit. After he moved there he took a little time to settle, but finished the season with 5 goals and 2 assist in his last 8 games, a big factor in ensuring they got automatic promotion, ahead of Brighton on goal difference. Once in the Premier League he was benched in favour of Negredo (who has 1 goal every 2 games for Spain), which is hardly shameful. I'll give you that he's not as good as Negredo.. but then neither is Griffiths, so it's again a bit pointless to compare. He moved to Wednesday and they just don't play a style that suits him. They essentially have no wingers, so the supply of crossed that he fed off for much of his career just disappeared. Wednesday have also, since the start of last season, played a very slow, deliberate style, something that despite making the playoffs twice in the last two years has the fans largely wanting rid of the manager. You can look at his most recent game (he came on for the 2nd half) against Bolton as a decent representation of how he's doing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPhESfMMYIU He gets 4 changes. Two are basically half chances where the keeper's done well, one he should probably put away at the far post (tho it's rising and he's had to jump just to get to it, it's not easy) and the other is stopped by a handball but results in a goal anyway. He's had a few like that where he's shot, and it's been saved but someone else has put away the rebound. Luck's not with him right now, but if he can get in regularly (which could have been possible right now, if not for Rhodes injury, due to Fletcher's form) then I think he can get firing again. Current manager, Carvalhal, seems very much in love with Hooper and Fletcher right now, but Fletcher's 2 goals and 1 assist in 11 must be making it hard to carry on with that, regardless of how well Hooper is playing. A new manager would likely make Rhodes a priority given his history.
  8. Strikers for next campaign

    Rhodes is currently injured and has been very much off form since joining Sheffield Wednesday in January. He's notched 5 goals in 31 games, and while more recently he's been used off the bench, he did have 3 solid months of being a starter. The general view is that his confidence is utterly shot at the moment as he's missing chances you would really have expected him to put away with ease. If that's the case, coupled with the fact that he's not a first choice player anymore, it might be a while before he actually finds some form and starts challenging for a call up again. A shame, because he is a massive talent, and he still has the fantastic movement that gets him in the position to score goals.Just going to take some time to get his head right, I think.
  9. Squad for Netherlands game

    Earning a fraction of the wage you could get sitting on the bench in the english championship is probably a significant deterrent. End fo the day, it's a short career and they need to make sure the bills get paid in years to come.
  10. Squad for Netherlands game

    Got to be something forward looking. Just to give people a chance of getting into the squad before the new fulltime manager is appointed. To play the Strachan squad again in this friendly would be pointless and not benefit us as a team. This wouldn't be my regular squad, but this is an unusual event where we have nothing to play for and no manager, but a need to prepare to transition some of the players. Very much a case of offering fringe player an opportunity to show what they can do. GK: Gordon, McGregor, Archer - Seem the best 3, Archer seems the most likely future custodian of the gloves right now. RB: Paterson, Ralston - Paterson should be back fit in a week or two. Ralston is worth taking a gamble on to help him develop. LB Robertson, Tierney, Douglas - Obvious 2 and Douglas to let us be more flexible with how we use the two. CB: Mulgew, Berra, Hanley, Lindsey - The current 2 to keep the boat steady, but agian involving a younger player who's doing well. DM: McDonald, Shinnie, Bridcutt, Fleck - Assuming Fletcher and Brown are over. We desperately need to blood these 4 and find out which can work well together. McDonald & Shinnie for a half, Bridcutt and Fleck for the other. RM: Ritchie, Christie - Ritchie in of form, and Christie is probably worth a change to see what he can do. LM: Fraser, Mackay-Steven - Got to try our other EPL winger and GMS looks like he's got a bit of his swagger back. AM: McGregor, McGinn - The obvious backups to Armstrong. ST: Griffiths, Cummings, May - Griff is too important to leave out. But a chance to give one of the others a run out as well. Probably playing the usual 4231. I like 3421 as well, but since its a 'new' team, probably best to go with something where everyone knows the roles well.
  11. End of the Road for.....

    Nope, but what does my ability to instantly recall what everyone's doing at a freekick have to do with anything? I went and looked, he's marking the number 5 who makes a run well under the ball and isn't involved in the goal in any way. Maybe worth noting that Berra's on his toes, expecting a run, while Fletcher is flat footed, weight on his heels, and that's why he gets beaten by the runner. It's basic stuff. Anyway, what was your point?
  12. End of the Road for.....

    Fair enough, you've obviously seen a lot more of him than me. I've only seen bits and he looked ok for a 20 year old who's just been chucked in.
  13. Strachan's gone

    Which Vogts match was it where about 10 minutes in the players were coming over and shouting at the bench to try and find out where they were supposed to be playing? Anyone thinking Strachan is the worst since Brown has a very short memory. McLeish is probably the one that's done the best, but Strachan actually has a case for being 2nd. Undefeated in a year is something that's not been done in a long time. It's between him and Walter, and people shouldn't forget the 1 point from 6 against Belarus. Everyone's had their bad moments, even McLeish in Georgia.
  14. Strachan's gone

    I think they would, but it'll be a championship club. Premier League is unlikely due to other available candidates. So depends if Moyes sees Scotland as a preferable stepping stone back to the premier league, rather than chancing it in the championship, which is so competitive it's a lottery right now. Got to be going for Klinsmann or Hiddink for me. All the 'regular names' feel like they're no better that what we had, possibly worse since we know the players were behind Strachan. Would they all be behind Mackay?
  15. End of the Road for.....

    It feels like our weakest position in terms of depth, that's for sure. There's young guys around who could come on in the next year or so; May, Cummings, McBurnie, even Burke. I guess the best hope for reassurance is.. we haven't seen Fletcher or Martin up front on their own with a decent midfield behind them. We've seen Griff like that, and he's benefited from it. So hopefully, the other two senior strikers can reap the benefits as well if they're called upon.