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  1. jcs

    Davy Bus

    Hi Davy I asked for 4 seats n I’ve noticed u replied to guys further down the topic to confirm with them but not me I’m sure it’s an oversight anyway still looking for 4 seats please mate
  2. No the Germans anyway
  3. Mexico beating Germany 1-0 n it’s not against the run of play Mexico look a decent side
  4. What the fuck was umtiti thinking about
  5. jcs

    Davy Bus

    Can I get 4 seats please Davy
  6. jcs


    I thought over the piece it was a good we holiday for the also rans other than that we learned nothing let’s be honest that will be the only time those guys will play as a Scotland team together
  7. Brilliant mate 7 n countin HAIL HAIL
  8. Well said n long may it continue
  9. Strathclyde polis dress down day 😀
  10. Hun upset shocker behave yourself you can only beat whats in front of you hail hail ma man 😀
  11. and the nominations for best of a bad lot are 😂
  12. 7-1 to Celtic in the league cup in 1957 hence the song “ oh Hampden in the sun the Celtic 7 and the rangers 1”
  13. Best Celtic 1st half ever against the huns I’ve ever seen, if it’s only 10 in a row i’ll be disappointed against shite like that CMON U BHOYS IN GREEN
  14. He’ll mend them sleekit shower of huns with their we are the people, laughing at Celtic after all the shite Celtic fans endured throughout the nineties n naughties, at the time i hates David Murray now I know we couldn’t compete with the money rangers were spending n neither could they 😀