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  1. Random ticket pick ups

    That’s not what you were asked, I wasn’t mentioned by the previous poster, you don’t have an answer so you answered the question like a politician 😂
  2. Random ticket pick ups

    😂 away n argue with somebody else it’s happened to me at away games loads of times n I didn’t care less your arguing for arguments sake
  3. Random ticket pick ups

    What your goin on about is a separate issue, if I buy seats together I expect us to be seated together. I wouldn’t go to a restaurant n have us sit at 4 separate tables
  4. Random ticket pick ups

    It’s not about needing to sit with anybody it’s about choosing to sit with somebody as friends and family and then being told no that’s not allowed
  5. Random ticket pick ups

    According to people on here there will be plenty of empty spaces, it sounds like it’s only us 4 who are going 😂
  6. Random ticket pick ups

    Or think myself lucky I’ve got a ticket 😀
  7. Random ticket pick ups

    This has to be the most unfriendly friendly ever is it a football match or a concentration camp we’re going to. the Hungarians have not sent the tickets because they want to make sure that the people who bought the ticket are going but u may or may not be sitting with your mates/family, aye right they can go fuck themselves, i’ll Be sitting beside my mrs and ours mates end of
  8. Random ticket pick ups

    Anybody received an email as to where in Budapest the pick up will be yet ? 4 of us to pick up and not had any notification yet, just wondering
  9. I have know doubt he’s probably a nice guy, but my comment was about his wooden performance, he is ambassador after all (he should be used to public speaking), it made me cringe, TAMB seems to have lost its sense of humour, by they way for people who didn’t read from the top I wasn’t the 1 who called him a bellend
  10. Cheltenham 2018

    Michael O’Leary Wins Ryanair chase, 1 think you can say racing’s not crooked 😂
  11. Is this real, I thought it was a clip from only an excuse “PURE DEAD BRILLIANT” oh my 😂
  12. What is it with the morons on both sides who do these things if Sinclair or Martin thumped 1 of these idiots they would be the 1st to shout assault, fuckwits
  13. Just realised what you were on about, I’m a bit pissed, 😂 having just watched 10 men win the league at the huns ground blue gaz is hurting , of course he is, he just watched his team run close n still not good enough😒,aw well better luck next although I just can’t see it 😂