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  1. World Cup Draw,,

    Group B looks good - Portugal, Spain and Morocco - local derbies.
  2. Rangers beat result and performance of he season apparently, and the place is almost deserted with five mins to go.
  3. Hopefully the SFA take note and he’s banned for a couple of games.
  4. In strictly technical terms that would be a free kick to Motherwell and a yellow card for simulation. There’s no way Sinclair fell to the ground for any reason other than he chose to.
  5. Why won’t it last forever? It will unless they change the rules to make the sport more equitable.
  6. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    I don’t feel sorry for them in the slightest little bit. They revel in this brave new world where footballing success means those with the biggest chequebook win every single time. When they meet even bigger chequebooks it makes me smile.
  7. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Poor Celtic. You have to feel sorry for them floundering so badly in a competition where the opposition have many times the resources.
  8. Michael O Neill

    Scotland is a country by almost all measures. Northern Ireland is a country by very few.
  9. Michael O Neill

    Also, Northern Ireland isn't really a country.
  10. Approach for O'Neill made

    I think O'Neill would be a fair choice.
  11. Approach for O'Neill made

    Gordon Strachan
  12. italy

    Cannae agree with that. Italy barely had a decent chance all night, Sweden defended out of their skins. I think all these 0-0 draws are showing that at the very top of international football the players are so fit and so well organised that scoring goals is approaching impossible. I was told this morning that someone had described Denmark attacking Ireland's defence as like trying to open a can with your fist. It might not be great to watch, but it's effective and you're doing them a disservice to call them "rank rotten". A "very poor side" doesn't go to the San Siro and get the draw they need against an Italian team that has to win.
  13. Project Brave

    So - what are the ramifications of not being a Project Brave club? Less funding, or just more difficult to attract the best young players? I don't suppose it really matters for United as since Stevie Campbell left under a cloud our youth development seems to have just stopped entirely, but I'm still a bit surprised that they didn't make the best eight academies in the country.
  14. Changed the whole team from St Mirren game. Five young boys and the rest fringe players, plus Fyvie who’s been injured. Quite happy to be out to be honest.