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  1. adamntg


    I mean the country is full of half finished buildings. 4 Evergreen Tower in Tirana has been half built for about 15 years now.
  2. adamntg


    My experience was that nothing ever gets finished in Albania.
  3. adamntg


    “You don’t speak Spanish to me”?
  4. We haven’t got much of a hope against any of the possibles, but I’m only being honest when I say I think Hamilton are maybe our best chance. Just my opinion.
  5. 1-0 over two legs is a funny definition of a gubbing. I'm just being honest, United are rubbish, but I think they'd have the best chance against Accies. We'd be unlikely to win, but then we're unlikely to beat Livi so it's academic. However, Accies or maybe Ross County are our best chance of promotion, if by some fluke we get that far.
  6. adamntg

    Welcome to Scotland

    They were winning last time I checked. 5-0 I think it was.
  7. Look absolute hammer throwers first half. Think I’d like Utd to get them in the play off if we get thru.
  8. It surely wasn’t a dislocated knee. He got up and played on for a few minutes so I’d say it’s probably just a sprain or twist. How Collum got thru that game without booking anyone is beyond me. He’s changed, man.
  9. Some worse than others - how bad can we actually get? If we keep Csaba till next season get your money on relegation again, but get in quick cos the odds will plummet once we start playing games.
  10. adamntg

    Bids to replace Hampden

    Newton Mearns is at the top of a hill though.
  11. adamntg

    Bids to replace Hampden

    Cathcart is down from Hampden by any measure going - it’s south, it’s heading out of town and it’s even down a slight hill.
  12. adamntg

    Bids to replace Hampden

    Mount Florida, Kings Park, Crosshill and Cathcart stations are all within a mile of Hampden, all go into Glasgow Central. Hampden is one mile from the M74 at Polmadie. Haymarket is a mile from Murrayfield. The fact is that both are pretty well connected.
  13. adamntg

    Bids to replace Hampden

    Not really just emotions. Went to the egg chasing at Murrayfield once and from the front few rows couldn't see a thing, and that was at the side of the pitch. Took forever to get out on the trans, despite taking a drink after the game as well. I was back in the house 25 minutes after the Costa Rica game. Ok, I live in East Kilbride, but nearly one and a half million people live in Greater Glasgow.
  14. adamntg

    Bids to replace Hampden

    I prefer Hampden to Murrayfield. And at least the roof doesn't leak at Hampden, unlike some other large stadia in Glasgow *cough* Celtic Park *cough*
  15. adamntg

    Match points change con

    Any half decent computer program would be able to handle this very simply.