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  1. Leon Bailey

    Depends why his grandparents have British passports. If they were born in England then he can play for them.
  2. Aye, but that's on the horror channel.
  3. Club vs Country

    Ask a stupid question....
  4. Club vs Country

    Represents the country?
  5. Who's a big club

    I didn't realise until right there just now that although they were scudded 7-0 at home by Malmo in 2013, Hibs had previously beaten the same club 6-0 back in 19-oatcake.
  6. Who's a big club

    Maybe if there are a lot of very big, very rich clubs in your domestic league?
  7. That is very true. Our young players have gone from the best in the country to just a load of shite. Where is the next Gauld or Armstrong? At feckin’ Hearts with Levein I expect. What I wouldn’t give for Sir Craig and Cathro back to where they were.
  8. I'm not sure we can blame Thompson for some of the horrendous decisions made by our managers in the last three years. He's culpable for the debacle and timing of the GMS/Armstrong but since then he's thrown good money after bad at an increasingly incompetent, unmotivated and slovenly bunch of rotten players. And now it looks like Laszlo is as clueless as McKinnon and Mixu. In fact, his win/loss ratio is substantially worse than Ray's.
  9. Well, we made a stack of money from players and then used it to repay all our debts. If we're doomed, then at least we're doing it without dicking anyone else over.
  10. United are not getting promoted this year, play-offs or not. We've followed the worst result in the last 50 years (6-1 at Falkirk) very quickly with the second worst. We've filled the gaps in the squad left by Fyvie and Fraser with guys who couldn't get in the team at Colchester, a guy released from Iceland and a couple of French amateurs. Our manager talks more shite than Ivan Golac. God knows where it goes from here. Not up, anyway.
  11. Well, I profer today’s first home defeat to Morton in 40 years as evidence for my drivel. However bad you think we are, we are far, far worse.
  12. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Steve Clarke.
  13. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    We can’t have any players called Harvey I’m afraid. Includes Harvey Dailly.