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  1. Match Day Meet Uo

    I wasn’t in the area near the ground but according to others on here and FB there is nothing there.
  2. Match Day Meet Uo

    I was in Lima 10 years ago. Most of the pubs were in area around Kennedy Park in Miraflores. Elsewhere it’s was hotel bars or cafes.
  3. Have the tickets been posted yet?

    We got our tickets a couple of weeks ago. Get in touch with the SSC on Monday morning.
  4. Boozers

    Have stayed in Vilnius 3 times. One of the old SFA travel guides recommended a basement (bunker) restaurant. Food was great. Full of Scottish fans. Would appreciate if anyone can remember the name.
  5. 10 of us interested in seats. Thanks
  6. The Most Gutted At A Result..

    Cried on the way out after we lost to Belgium in Brussels in 2001. Was getting used to going to finals - Italy, Sweden, England & France.
  7. May 1966 Scotland 3 England 4 Age 12 Had to stand on 3 cans of Lager under each foot to see.
  8. Memories Of Your First Scotland Game

    First Scotland memory v England in 1966 Hampden North Stand. Standing on 3 Lager cans under each foot. 12 at the time. Heading home from Warsaw early tomorrow. Dipped in and out over the years but not missing a game at the moment.